traeger pro 780 vs ironwood 885

Grills. How to Make Beef Brisket Jerky: Good Eats and a Fun Trick! I just bought the 885 at Costco today after getting the run down from a treager rep, is a up grade from the pro 780. in. The high-end Timberline series is the current Traeger flagship and combines all of the advanced tech we’ve discussed, with up to 1300 square inches of cooking space, and a rugged double-wall stainless steel interior. Angel, Oregon, the prototype was based on wood pellet burning stoves made for heating. If the RT-700 is the largest of the REC TEC pellet grills, then the RT-590 is the medium option. Traeger patented the first pellet grill back in 1986 and put it into production in 1988. I got the century 885 at a the roadshow in early March. And it comes with hooks on the back to hang the top rack when you’re not using it.

The Super Smoke mode is available when the Ironwood is at temperatures between 165 and 225F. This upgrade attaches directly to the side of the grill and looks like a small safe. The coolest add-on from REC TEC, though, is the smokebox for the RT-700. & 198 sq. “D2 is the reinvention of the wood pellet grill and the future,” said Michael Colton, Traeger’s VP of product. GearJunkie hits the road to get out of office for a new content series with Go RVing. Primary Cooking Grate: 22 x 19 inches (575 model), 30 x 19 inches (780 model), Secondary Cooking Grate: 22 x 7 inches (575 model), 30 x 7 inches (780 model), Grill Capacity: Five Racks of Ribs (575 model), Six Racks of Ribs (780 model), Grease Management: External drain to bucket, Primary Cooking Grate: 22 x 19 inches (650 model), 30 x 19 inches (885 model), Secondary Cooking Grate: 22 x 10.5 inches (650 model), 30 x 10.5 inches (885 model), Grill Capacity: Five Racks of Ribs (650 model), Seven Racks of Ribs (885 model), MSRP: $1,199 (650 model), $1,399 (885 model).

Traeger grills use a similar numbering system, with the model number corresponding to the size of the cooking space. Definitely not. This is an area in which Traeger has really stepped up its game. If you want to sear on a pellet grill, try putting a skillet on the hot grate and let it absorb a ton of heat. I am as pleased as can be with the purchase. This isn’t really surprising given that the RT-700’s fully stainless steel construction is much more durable than the lighter powdered-steel of the Traeger. Not sure it will fit without some spacers. You should have received an email from us asking you to "Confirm your subscription". Not that you can go too far wrong with a Traeger, of course! Traeger only offers stainless grates on its high-end Timberline series grills. It also features the Turbo Temp system that rapidly heats the grill back up after the lid has been opened. Prices can and do vary, so I’m reluctant to put an actual price here, as it will potentially be incorrect within days or weeks. Unlike a rugged kettle grill or charcoal smoker, a pellet grill is a high tech piece of kit. in. The Pro Series are nice grills and if I wanted to spend less than $1,000 bucks then these would be fine choices. Now that you know the basics of both manufactures and both models let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and compare them head to head. Another subtle addition, but adding a second temperature probe to their already impressive temperature control set up makes the RT-700 that much more consistent. Remember, though, that includes both the primary and secondary grates – and in the case of the Timberline grills, the third grate too. Powder-coated steel is rust-resistant, too, but if the coating starts to chip off, rust may become an issue. Now, many sources say searing is not possible on a pellet grill. What’s the truth? I give a slight edge to stainless steel for its higher resistance to rust. It lets you control your grill from afar with Traeger’s app, a feature previously exclusive to the Timberline. See full disclosure. REC TEC is a garage startup out of Augusta, Georgia, that hit the pellet grilling scene back in 2009. There are two other models of Traeger grills that could be considered as alternatives to the Silverton, the Pro Series 575 and the Ironwood 650.

The finish just screams quality, from that solid stainless-steel build to the bull horn handles. Although you get the same 418 and 570 sq. Check out how they did in this article: Weber Smokefire vs Traeger: The Reviews Are Shockingly Awful! 1:40. The lid has a high-temperature powder coat for a flashier appearance. The biggest reason I want the upgrade to the 885 is for super smoke, which seems ridiculous to pay the extra money for but I find that a decent amount of their recipes call for it.


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