planet minecraft medieval castle
We tried our best to make this castle impregnable and I think we succeeded.

Old Castle Cinematic: We have been away for a few weeks but we are back with another video! In this video we also talk about the many defences of this castle. In the next episode we will be uploaded when the interior is finished.------------------------------------------------------ Minecraft Server IP: great Medieval Minecraft channels:►Madnes64:► TheBello123:► FMT Minecraft:►IBawb:► PlanetMineCraft - (Medifault) by Lyezare: the Medifault texturepack:♬ Music:© If by chance you are the copyright holder of any of the footage or material used in this video and do not want me to re-use this content and are able to prove it is indeed yours please tell me and I will kindly take the video down or modify the way I credit the content if that is what you wish. In this video we show our new castle.

Old Castle Cinematic: have been away for a few weeks but we are back with another video! ------------------------------------------------------


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