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Download the Certifier Agreement Form here. %���� For registered users, MiWaters is the portal to several types of actions: The MiWaters application is a permitting process, allowing Michigan to fulfill federal electronic reporting requirements and providing an online component for access to public information. Terms of Use|Privacy Policy|Disclaimer|GGTM Law LinksWeb Design & Development by Envigor. To access the public notice page online, search for the public notice by location or applicant name, and view by clicking on the "Documents" tab. Entity Selection, Organization, and Planning, Environmental Insurance and Claim Reimbursement, Transactional Advice – Business, Real Estate, Due Diligence, Elder Law / Long-Term Care & Medicaid Planning. Receiving too many emails from MiWaters? For web page technical issues contact:

MiWaters (pronounced “My Waters”) is a new web-based information system recently rolled out by the DEQ’s Water Resources Division (WRD), designed to manage all of the WRD’s compliance and permitting activities in the groundwater, NPDES, aquatic nuisance, Part 41 wastewater construction, and water resource permit programs. After finishing the steps, look in your email for the account activation notice.

If you need to reset your password click the forgot password link at the log in screen for MiWaters.

Upload the requested documents including location map, a detailed site plan and cross-sections with dimensions, an authorization letter if you have an agent and/or proposed work (including access) is taking place on property that you do not own. Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy The Water Resources Division (WRD), within the Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE), has responsibility for processing NPDES permits under the authority of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act and Part 31 of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, 1994 PA 451, as amended.The purpose of … <>

Comments received during the public notice and/or the public hearing may result in changes to the proposed permit.

EGLE has 90 days to determine if a re-issuance application is complete or request additional information from the applicant. Treatment Works Treating Domestic Sewage MiWaters also interfaces with EPA’s NPDES database and provides updates of information/data required by EPA.

2100 West M -32 . MiWaters is a one-stop portal for submitting permit applications and service requests to EGLE's Water Resources Division.

Click on your name and it will take you to your User Profile.

Attn: Audrie Kirk – Environmental Quality Analyst Grand Rapids District Office 350 Ottawa Avenue N.W. The permittee must submit a complete application for re-issuance by the date specified in their NPDES Permit. Online payment of permit application fees is also submitted through MiWaters. Many are accessible electronically. Grand Rapids, MI 49503-2341 Fax: 616-356-0202 Or E-Mail: and Reference the Permit Number Permit Number: 70-771 Application: #2AV-FDR4-RHKZ Project Name: Loves Travel Stop You can update your notifications to be delivered to MiWaters instead of your email.

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stream Title 40 Code of Federal Regulations, Part 122, EPA Administered Permit Programs: The National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System, Michigan Administrative Code Implemented by Water Resources Division, Water Resources Protection -- Part 4.

Based on a review of an application, EGLE may determine that the proposed discharge can be authorized using one of Michigan's NPDES General Permits.


The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy, Water Resources Division (WRD), has posted the following notice to the MiWaters home page. 1251, et seq. ��z�����}v�����C���/����h�Kg��T-K�Yǒ \�M�u��%y�+o��cSDױ�k,��hY�� ~�/�˘E The MiWaters application is a permitting process, allowing Michigan to fulfill federal electronic reporting requirements and providing an online component for access to public information. A regulated facility creates an online account and can then access various DEQ documents related to its activities, as well as see any violation(s) associated with its site. Conditional logic allows us to ask the questions specific to your proposed project type. Instructions on how to fill out the JPA form online can be found here. User accounts must represent an individual and name changes should only result from legal name changes, or change in place of employment of the user.

The status of applications as well as current Public Notice and Hearing Notices can be searched and viewed in MiWaters. If you received a letter with a verification code Enter in the code you received to have your user account associated with the site, project or facility you represent. You will need to click this link before you can start using your account. The MiWaters site can also be utilized by the […] You will be asked to verify your identity.

You will need to click this link before you can start using your account. The MiWaters site can also be utilized by the public to gain information on WRD’s permitting program, keep up with public notices, hearings, and other related events, as well as access documents related to permit applications submitted under one of the WRD programs. To be granted certifier rights it is required that users submit a Certifier Agreement Form that must be approved by the department and an administrator for the site must request certifier status in MiWaters.

• MiWaters can be found at the following web address • General MiWaters information can be found at • WRD administered permits applications processed through MiWaters o NPDES permits must apply through MiWaters o Resource program permits may apply through MiWaters o MiWaters accepts payment by credit card or by mail • …

In WIMS, design a monthly report with the parameters in the same order as shown on the website. Under federal rules, certifier rights are needed to submit certain types of forms and reports.

Site data from each connected source system is presented as a single record, combining information from multiple program areas to create a holistic view of site activities that have an environmental impact. ), System password glitch during submissions. Notification of a public hearing must be made 30 days prior to the hearing date. DEQ Launches MiWaters — New Online Water Resources Permitting and Information System. Submit your payment.

�&�4�h�h� ��I�-��JȰ`9��e�Fm�W@R۟+ÃH�ž3 !������ ��H���9�1L��r4�v;�rS��02�[SL�}x���4o�8�D�H�)�)^U^A't�b��uƗ7e � Facility documents are available to the public when DEQ has completed processing of that record.

WEB Support. Open the form in MiWaters and provide the requested information.

The purpose of this permit is to control the discharge of pollutants into surface waters of the state to protect the environment. Applications are reviewed and, if administratively complete and the proposed discharge meets the criteria for coverage under a general permit, staff will contact the applicant and explain that the proposed discharge can be authorized under a General permit.

This form is appropriate for TWTDS that do already have an NPDES permit for the facility in question. The correct choice of NPDES application depends first upon type of facility, and second upon whether or not the applicant is applying for reissuance of an existing NPDES permit for that facility. If the form is available electronically,a web site address is included.

This form is appropriate for CAFO facilities that do already have an NPDES permit for the facility in question.

����:Y����c C� K�}"3�F�z����KZ�g��PY���L��D�*}w*h�VYN�Z5��=V}��������a�� ž�dn/kW��0�]��G�F���U�C�w�|%�So��� K^T����{S\hW�������)w�c AߛJ�"�7���'�(�dZ�笄�@�ڨPc���=s�Y�3�t%V�s�ڨ��'��I��'���0��5���]A�8� This form is appropriate for industrial/commercial facilities that do not already have an NPDES permit for the facility in question.

In MiWaters on the upper right you will find a symbol of a person and your user name. If the form is available electronically,a web site address is included. 2 0 obj Environmental Calendar, Events and Training, Department of Environment, Great Lakes & Energy, Leaking Underground Storage Tanks Program, Soil Erosion and Construction Storm Water, Hazardous Waste and Liquid Industrial By-Products Management, Office of the Clean Water Public Advocate, Floodplain Management/National Flood Insurance, How to comment on a MiWaters Public Notice, Instructions on how to fill out the Joint Permit Application, Updating User Name After Legal Name Change, Obtaining Certifier Status (to submit compliance reports, schedules, permit renewals, etc. The link to the MiWaters Site Explorer and instructions can be found here:,9429,7-135-3313_72753-386945--,00.html. Please note: Shared Accounts are not authorized within MiWaters.

<>/Metadata 69 0 R/ViewerPreferences 70 0 R>> Several users have reported receiving a “certifier” error at point of submittal on reports. k�q^���F�/��yћƮ�i��P�I\Q����� B�e V�b�|~�꤆rF�����C�����Ttcc�*?:?Z. You will be prompted to enter the name, email address and role you would like the person to have. To view a specific topic, type in a "Keyword" and click on the "Search" button. If applying for a projects in a critical dune area or high risk erosion area choose “Individual Permit”.


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