garter snake eggs
Science Trends is a popular source of science news and education around the world. I see them most often in the spring out sunning themselves on large flat rocks. Submitted by Bklyn Cowgirl on October 10, 2018 - 7:01pm. Do any other snakes besides King snakes eat other snakes? The thing about the situation that scares me the most is the fact that I know he has brothers and sisters that aren’t far away!!!

I'm happy to have them...they help keep the mice population under control. Learn to identify snake species as well. In the summer, I hear them slithering beneath the landscape fabric and black plastic that we use for mulch in some of the garden beds. I can tell the difference between a venomous and non-venomous and encourage children to learn all they can about them. Do you find them beneficial or harmful? The wide variety of regions and climates snakes have evolved to live in means that they also have a wide variety of diets. We’ve had a pair of King snakes around our house for several years. Boa constrictors refer to members of the Boidae family, and they are distributed mainly throughout the Americas. The smallest snakes often eat things like earthworms and insects. Best not to touch the eggs as they need to stay "upright" to maintain their air pocket so the baby can breathe. Found a LONG skin at the bottom of our steps last week. One of the toughest points that I have to make is that you should not just kill every snake that you see. They are opportunists they play a key role in their respective environments and ecosystems. Guess my neighbor killed one in his yard last year and put it in my flower bed. Submitted by Tracy on October 17, 2018 - 2:05am. You may think of a snake swallowing a mouse whole and alive, but not all snakes eat their food live. Smaller snakes frequently subsist mainly on insects and other small animals like small frogs and mice. Submitted by Nancy on September 5, 2020 - 10:27pm. Due to their threatened status it is illegal to kill either snake. All Rights Reserved. I really believe they know we are not going to harm them because they just crawl around where we are working in the yard; not paying us any attention. The jaw of a snake is very flexible, and the two halves of it are very loosely attached. They produce a mild venom, not dangerous to humans. While you're checking out what venomous snakes are in your state, I would also read up on the laws concerning killing them willy nilly. Submitted by Heather on July 27, 2020 - 9:05am. When I’m picking cucumbers or squash, they will swiftly slip out of the way—and it can be startling—but I am happy to have them, especially if they are eating the cucumber beetles, slugs, and squash bugs.


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