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He also hired writers, including Jeffrey Goldberg and Andrew Sullivan. [18], The magazine has published speculative articles that inspired the development of new technologies.

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The Atlantic Wire rebranded itself as The Wire in November 2013,[59] and was folded back into The Atlantic the following year. The above named were the only ones invited, and they were all present. [44] According to a Mashable profile in December 2011, "traffic to the three web properties recently surpassed 11 million uniques per month, up a staggering 2500% since The Atlantic brought down its paywall in early 2008. Harkening back to its abolitionist roots, in its August 1963 edition, at the height of the civil rights movement, the magazine published Martin Luther King Jr.'s defense of civil disobedience, "Letter from Birmingham Jail". [citation needed] Editors have recognized major cultural changes and movements. [46] has also expanded to visual storytelling, with the addition of the "In Focus" photo blog, curated by Alan Taylor. [48] Initially created as an aggregator, The Atlantic's Video component, Atlantic Studios, has since evolved in an in-house production studio that creates custom video series and original documentaries. After experiencing financial hardship and undergoing several ownership changes in the late 20th century, the magazine was purchased by businessman David G. Bradley, who refashioned it as a general editorial magazine primarily aimed at a target audience of serious national readers and "thought leaders".

Read more about it! covers transportation, environment, equity, life, and design. [9] In 2016, the periodical was named Magazine of the Year by the American Society of Magazine Editors. ", "Media Talk: This Summer, It's the Atlantic Not-Monthly", "Exclusive: Ex-Gawker Guy Snyder to Head Atlantic Wire, New Manhattan Staff", "The Atlantic Debuts", "Inside The Atlantic: How One Magazine Got Profitable by Going 'Digital First, "The Atlantic Launches a Video Aggregator With a Twist", "The Atlantic Adapts: A Legendary Magazine Meets Online Video - Streaming Media Magazine", "Science Has a New Home on", "The Atlantic Launches Politics and Policy Expansion", "The Atlantic Launches New Subscription Plans and Introduces A Metered Model", "Introducing The Atlantic's New Subscription Model", "Atlantic Hits the Wire With Lots of Opinions", "More on The Atlantic: Wire They Aggregating? September 7, 1892 Sullivan loses his heavyweight title to Jim Corbett. It dropped "Monthly" from the cover beginning with the January/February 2004 issue, and officially changed the name in 2007.


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