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He is a former Navy SEAL, powerhouse podcaster, and co-author of The Dichotomy of Leadership: Balancing the Challenges of Extreme Ownership to Lead and Win with our former guest, Leif Babin. Already in incredible physical shape, Jocko could coast. While we’re sitting at the restaurant, he receives an email on his phone. He’s breathing heavily and his shirt and shorts are drenched in sweat. “It’s a lot of running and pushups and eating a lot of food and watching other people quit,” he says. Helen Willink is the spouse of ex- USA navy seal lieutenant commander. His guests have included a nutritionist, a Vietnam War veteran and a war photographer. Hellen is the perfect example of what we call a family woman.

His military service saw combat actions in the war in Iraq where he went ahead to command the SEAL Team 3’s Task Unit Bruiser. However, they tied the knot secretly because the ex-Navy Seal wants to get away from the limelight. After Jocko retired, he was invited to speak to corporate America about leadership and eventually decided to go public in 2015 with the book Extreme Ownership, which became a number one New York Times best-seller.

He’s worried it’s recognizable and, as he says, “I’m responsible for a lot of dead bad guys.”. His third book, slated to come out later this year, will be a “field guide,” a compendium of Jocko-style wisdom that addresses workouts, nutrition, sleep schedules and his thoughts about martial arts. So get it away from me!” He yells: “Get it away from me!”. He rarely grants interviews. I’ll accept that. Especially, but not exclusively, men. Charles is 5 feet 11 inches and 215 pounds of lean muscle.

Posted by 11 months ago. Willink also served as a Navy SEAL instructor during his career. He could take the easy route and maintain his physique. Fans also have the chance to meet and listen to Jocko in person at Extreme Ownership MUSTER, a weekend-long leadership seminar his company puts on that features former Navy SEAL officers—with a minimum price around $2,300 per attendee. Despite the explosion of SEAL-related movies, books and businesses in recent years, every man in the SEALs takes an oath of “quiet professionalism.” From Jocko’s perspective, he’s “just a regular guy, getting after it.” He was hesitant to write a book, resistant to the idea of his own podcast and website. Each episode is roughly three hours long and begins with Jocko reading from a notable memoir, poem or great work of literature he admires. Besides gym and MMA workout life, her husband sells his own brand of tea, which expects nearly worth $3 million. “This light must be destroyed. The communities coming together to expel their ruthless occupiers. Helen Willink hitched to the handsome hunk, Jocko Willink. Press J to jump to the feed. I worked out super hard. Editor’s Note: The following is based on Jocko Willink’s HYPERGROWTH 2018 presentation. How much leadership capital will you use one small argument? Grab one HERE, Download a free chapter from: THE DAD’S EDGE on UNLIMITED PATIENCE HERE, Check out this free resource on: CONNECTION WITH YOUR SPOUSE, Download this free resource on:  CONNECTION WITH YOUR KIDS, Your email address will not be published. Some SEALs are great people. He’s also six years younger than Jocko.

He says that when he works out, he’s either thinking of the things that make him angry in the world and using that anger to strengthen himself, or his mind is completely blank—“nothing but hollowness”—as he’s subsumed in the moment. 9. I will smash it. [6], Along with Leif Babin, Willink formed Echelon Front, a leadership consulting firm. But a friend, an executive at a big company, asked him to give his management team a leadership talk. John Gretton "Jocko" Willink (born September 8, 1971)[2] is an American retired naval officer who served in the Navy SEALs. 251: Set The Standard.

Jocko says he was a rebellious as a kid, and once he grew up, he joined the military to challenge himself and channel his headstrong personality.

In the sparing interviews he’s given. That’s it. He says these days he writes about 1,000 words an hour—which is incredibly fast. Jocko Willink is a fearsome beast of a man—235 pounds of hulking comic-book muscles packed onto a 5-foot-11-inch frame. Helen says their oldest daughter’s boyfriend is always happy and laughing, but quiet and serious anytime Jocko’s around. The children’s book is roughly 30,000 words, so he estimates it took about a month to write, because he was working on other things at the same time. It’s about 9 in the morning, but Jocko has been awake since 3:58 a.m.—when he posted a photo of his worn Timex wristwatch on Twitter. He needed to make sure each man knew the mission and the tasks at hand, but he didn’t want to micromanage either. He interjects if he needs an explanation, usually when Jocko is using military jargon. Jocko, now wearing a black T-shirt and cargo pants—what he calls his “business tactical” attire—tells the photographer he thinks the pose is “lame.” He explains that he isn’t known for being emotional, but, if the photographer wants to get him gesturing he can, but it has to be natural. The mere fact that he’s still breathing is proof he thrived in the most stressful situations imaginable. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

He walks through the living room, where his youngest daughter’s My Little Pony toys are pushed into a corner. Here he learned the many paradoxes of leadership.

Jocko shakes his head. (Jocko’s sense of humor is dark and dry.) I earned them.

Similarly, the tea corporation is itself a profitable business where the couple earns $100 thousand dollars on average. He also talks about raising kids with the dichotomy of leadership so that they can become more resilient, independent, and make the smartest choices for themselves. “If you really want to get on the disciplined path, start waking up earlier in the morning,” he says.


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