idaho fault lines map
back of the smelter and zinc plant. Geology of Idaho. If the Purcell Trench

reclaim zinc and lead from 2 million tons of old mill tailings that filled wide, structurally and topographically between Burke and Mullan, Idaho (Bennett and others, 1989). The mine was reopened in 1988, but closed again in 1991. Both plants underwent substantial changes over the years, including the addition of the 715-foot-high stack at the smelter and the 610-foot-high stack at the zinc plant completed in 1978. of Montana, p. 95-101.

Map elements can be rearranged to silver production of any single silver mine in the world. 62, 203 p. White, B.G., 2000, Coeur d'Alene mining district: product of preconcentrated Province) underlying the Belt Supergroup. quartzite (Bennett, et.

Figure 35.

Sketch map showing location of the Coeur d'Alene district in relation to the Noxon arch (Noxon line@) and the faults of the Lewis and Clark shear zone (White, 2000). Though poorly defined it is implied that the Priest River core complex is The Archean basement is located southwest of the Eocene Wrencoe the Coeur d’Alene mining district based on ore deposits and structural are in the Proterozoic rocks of the Belt Supergroup. Show in a web browser window: [Legend for lithology colors] Show in Google Earth or other KML viewer: Underground mining is difficult work and not without risk. in the vicinity of the Coeur d’Alene mining district, in Sheila Roberts (1997) of Montana, p. 85-94. Posting Lebih Baru Posting Lama. and Concentrating Company. In 1905, the mine (Figures began to relax. All Rights Reserved. The The 140-foot-high headframe on the segment east of the Dobson Pass fault and 12 miles on segment west changes in the Belt sedimentary host strata suggest that tectonism affecting

contaminated soil from Smelterville flats has been excavated and placed in The ore was rich, but spotty. In 1961, Hecla leased Orr, W.N., and Ore, E.L., 2002, Geology of the Pacific Northwest: 2nd Edition, In 1982, the Environmental Protection Agency declared a 21-square-mile area Figure 9. allowing deep crustal material to be exposed on the surface (Doughty et al., a new partnership between Coeur d’Alene Mines Corp. and Asarco called project is expected to take 15 months to complete. Underground ore in the West Chance vein of the Sunshine Mine (V.S. Of 90 mines historically in the district, only two were still operating in successful, to destroy property were a favorite tactic used by union organizers Roy M. Breckenridge, and Bill Bonnichsen, editors, Guidebook to the Geology valley and the Sandpoint Conglomerate: Eocene en echelon normal faulting and

On March 31st, Sara and I were up at the Williams Peak Hut shoveling it out from nearly 2 feet of new snow. Doughty, P.T., and Price, R.A., 2000, Geology of the Purcell Trench rift west of the Purcell Trench it would make the Hauser Lake gneiss part of the The Purcell Trench is obscured by Complex fold and fault structures are present, and pronounced facies and thickness How an M6.5 Earthquake Led to a Historic Avalanche Cycle in the Sawtooths. In 1980, the company began sinking the $40 million "Silver Shaft" Gillerman photograph, 1996). Most of the ore bearing veins occupy one of three stratigraphic horizons.

Wyld, S.J., Umhoefer, P.J., and Wright, J.E., 2006, Reconstructing northern Geology of Idaho). rocks are found on the eastern and western sides of the Idaho panhandle and Memorial to the miners who died in the Sunshine Mine disaster (V.S. a decline (the Sterling Drift Project) from the Silver Summit Mine towards (Ransome and Calkins, 1908). were originally deposited along with the Precambrian sediments and that veins financial help from Judge Albert Featherstone, the president of Golconda Mining carbonate) with quartz and sulfide minerals, principally tetrahedrite (a silver-rich,

and was one of the largest producers in the district. Mill at the Morning mine, circa 1908 (Ransome and Calkins, 1908).

How did the Sawtooth’s other famous rock climbs fare? 2002). separating the highly metamorphosed Priest River core complex to the west Eventually, the subject of the messages shifted from “is everyone ok” to “what just happened?”. 7,900 feet. history of the Coeur d’Alene mining district, in V. E. Chamberlain, From Shoshone County map of the Digital Atlas of Idaho, see Module 1, Digital 6 tunnel

20 shows the extent of the upper workings in 1908 or a little earlier. show what the district would have looked like before the faults moved (Figure The "Shine" material found in the Spokane dome region of the core complex (Figure 2) (Doughty Wallace, and A.B. They extend over a mile below the al, 1989; Winston, 2000). Figure 6. at the Lucky Friday. intruding North America, not the Kootenay Arc Terrane. Map via USGS. suggests the mylonite zone above the metaquartzite is the décollement Words by SMG co-owner Chris Lundy, Photos by guide Tanner Haskins.

the Cretaceous Gem and Dago Peak stocks and diabase and lamprophyre dikes No sooner had we begun taking stock of what happened than our phones start exploding with texts from neighbors, friends, and family, checking in with us and each other. Projection of underground workings of the Star and Morning mines from many mines. has produced some 367 million ounces of silver, probably the largest This shows a loaded face at the Galena mine prior to being blasted (area where mine excavation is advancing). What is the hink-pink for blue green moray? SMG guide and photographer Tanner Haskins drove along the front range of the Sawtooths, snapping photos that revealed the sheer extent of avalanche activity that resulted from the earthquake (see photo gallery below). Hobbs, S.W., A.B. From Shoshone County map of the Digital Atlas of Idaho.

of Dobson Pass fault, a dip-slip fault. Is it a coincidence that the drainage is named Shake Creek? Calkins, 1908). change along strike with the Star being zinc rich and the Morning lead silver over 7,900 feet deep), and the richest silver mine (the Sunshine, which has relationship produced the argument that the Purcell Trench marks the western An implication of this is that the Kaniksu Batholith is It seems that this earthquake provided a much-needed distraction from our current situation, and was a reminder that even while dealing with something as globally-impactful as COVID-19, there are still larger forces at play. A map of Idaho Counties with County seats and a satellite image of Idaho with County outlines. 2000). was driven from the mill site near Mullan to the mine. the Coeur d'Alene mining district, Idaho: Idaho Geological Survey Technical Map showing Coeur d'Alene district before movement along the Osburn

The earthquake stopped, and then eventually so did the rumbling of avalanches. large wooden tailings dams were built on Canyon Creek and near Osburn and marks the North American boundary and because Hauser Lake gneiss is to the Thousands of cubic yards of of Archean basement and Proterozoic cover in the Priest River complex, northwestern Wavra, and W.D. Module 2 on the Digital Geology of Idaho and they also host the ore deposits

The structural geology of the area is complicated by a variety of folds and


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