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We include soundproofing suggestions for high noise level areas such as music rooms as well as areas where privacy is a concern such as in counseling and psychotherapy offices. Advanced users can convert STC files via command-line interface in manual or automated mode. Simply put, it measures how much sound a wall, for instance, will block from getting through the other side. STC equals the 500 Hz band of the reference curve with 0 dB, While RW sets the 500 Hz reference value to 52 dB, equaling a standard separation between houses. STC stands for sound transmission class and is measured to calculate the effectiveness of soundproofing materials in reducing sound transmission between rooms. If you are an architect, designer or OEM, contact us to set up a commercial account. STC is part of a larger group of extensions called Gerber, which is used as a standard in this industry. To make matters worse, the technical terms don’t end there. rating, the more likely it is to be compromised by site OITC or Outdoor-Indoor Transmission Class describes the sound transmission loss properties of building exterior components like windows and walls against noise from traffic, trains, or low flying aircraft. Click to Show or Hide Citations & References, Best Practices Guide to Residential Construction, ARTICLE INDEX to BUILDING NOISE DIAGNOSIS, HOME INSPECTION EDUCATION COURESES (Canada), HOME INSPECTION EDUCATION: HOME STUDY COURSES, [1] Marpac, produces white sound generators, a product that they identify as the Marpac sound conditioner. Apologies for the delay. lower than in laboratory ratings due to variations in workmanship - General Steel Corporation [4]. The positive change in the sound was phenomenal.". For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. P.O. Like a sponge absorbs water, an acoustic product absorbs sound and the NRC tells us just how much sound those products can soak up. Chat with one of our Acoustic Specialists and receive FREE ASSISTANCE, "Great product! Other noise and sound diagnosis and control articles are found at NOISE / SOUND DIAGNOSIS & CURE. With talk about decibels, transmission loss, and frequencies, it is easy to get lost in all the jargon. So, for example, a 50 dB noise on the other side of an STC 35 wall

assembly rated at least 5 points above the design goal. In the USA, it is widely used to rate interior partitions, ceilings/floors, doors, windows and exterior wall configurations (see ASTM International Classification E413 and E90). For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. airborne sound is measured by STC ratings (sound transmission So, for example, a 50 dB noise on the other side of an STC 35 wall will sound like a 15 dB noise to the average listener (see our Table of STC ratings and noise reduction left). An STC file contains image data related to the top solder mask of a printed circuit board (PCB), and it is typically created using Eagle — a specialized piece of software for the PCB industry. InspectAPedia tolerates no conflicts of interest. STC is decibels (dB) reduction in noise a material/ partition can provide. Calculating the NRC for an acoustic product is no small task. Sound Transmission Class (or STC) is an integer rating of how well a building partition attenuates airborne sound. reaConverter is a highly efficient STC batch conversion software that makes it easy to convert millions of files and folders in a single operation. Highly efficient batch STC converter that makes it easy to handle huge number of files and folders in a few simple operations. Sound Transmission Class (STC) is defined in the ISO-140 standards series. Walls and floors in the field often measure

Box 560 Rocky Point, NC 28457 Phone: 800-999-6962 (USA and Canada) Fax: 910-602-1435 1-910-602-1421 (worldwide), 800-999- or email:, [4] General Steel Corporation, "The Facts About the Acoustical Performance of Metal Building Insulation 2", Sound Transmission Class, General Steel Corporation, 10639 W. Bradford Road, Littleton, CO 80127, web search 4/3/11, original source:, Our recommended books about building & mechanical systems design, inspection, problem diagnosis, and repair, and about indoor environment and IAQ testing, diagnosis, and cleanup are at the, Decks and Porches, the JLC Guide to, Best Practices for Outdoor Spaces, Steve Bliss (Editor), The Journal of Light Construction, Williston VT, 2010 ISBN 10: 1-928580-42-4, ISBN 13: 978-1-928580-42-3, available from This test will need to be repeated for different frequencies. Or use the SEARCH BOX found below to Ask a Question or Search InspectApedia, Questions & answers or comments about noise & sound transmission through building walls - sound transmission pathways and how to control noise or sound in buildings. Note: appearance of your Comment below may be delayed: if your comment contains an image, web link, or text that looks to the software as if it might be a web link, your posting will appear after it has been approved by a moderator. This article discusses methods for controlling sound transmission through building walls. The sound would be reduced by 20 dB instead of 40dB. we’ll keep you updated on the latest tech & trends. STC is decibels (dB) reduction in noise a material/ partition can provide. NRC is measured on a scale that ranges from 0 to 1. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. This topic has been moved to SOUND CONTROL for WALLS. class). Higher STC numbers mean higher resistance to sound transmission to the building interior, or as acousticians would describe it, higher STC means greater sound transmission loss between outdoors and the building interior. Table of STC ratings and noise reduction left). Highly efficient batch STC converter that makes it easy to handle huge number of files and folders in a few simple operations. Try the search box just below, or if you prefer, post a question or comment in the Comments box below and we will respond promptly.

will sound like a 15 dB noise to the average listener (see our The decibel (dB) is a unit used to measure the intensity of a sound or the power or amplitude level of an electrical signal by comparing it with a given level on a logarithmic scale. Once the initial measurement is taken, the product being tested is placed in the same test lab, and the sound absorption is measured at four different frequencies. The STC rating figure very roughly reflects the decibel reduction in noise that a partition can provide - Wikipedia 10/21/2013 [3]. By taking the transmission loss values and testing them at 18 of the most common frequencies (between 125 Hz-4000Hz), a curve is created, which is then compared to the standard STC curves of reference. … An NRC of 1 means that the product absorbs all sound. If you have a door with an STC of 20 and wall with STC of 40 then the doorway would be the path of least resistance. Very well made. conditions. A special sound test lab room specifically designed for measuring sound absorption is equipped with a microphone and fancy equipment that measure sound frequencies. These are currently (2012) defined in the ISO - 140 series of standards (under revision). How effectively a wall or floor reduces -- Adapted with permission from Best Practices Guide to Residential Construction.

An NRC of 0 means that the product absorbs no sound.

Roughly speaking, the STC rating equals Our building sound control articles begin at SOUND CONTROL in buildings. This article series discusses noise and sound control in buildings, and includes excerpts or adaptations from Best Practices Guide to Residential Construction, by Steven Bliss, courtesy of Wiley & Sons. Our job is to help you find the solution that meets your needs - acoustically, financially, and aesthetically. Whichever curve of reference your curve most closely matches is the STC rating for your specific fixture. For that reason, it is best to select a building What is STC? Other formats included in the group are SOL, CMP and DRD. Sound Reduction Index (SRI) is defined in ISO-140 (2012). The higher the STC We also provide a MASTER INDEX to this topic, or you can try the page top or bottom SEARCH BOX as a quick way to find information you need. We delete uploaded stc files instantly and converted dbf files after 24 hours. As you will soon realize, reaConverter will help you avoid spending countless hours trying to figure out how to convert multiple STC files as once. The quick and simple way to handle your files is to get a quality piece of software, such as reaConverter. Marpac can be contacted at or contact the Marpac Corporation, STC Results may not be compatible with Rw (the weighted "apparent" sound reduction index) as a different range of frequencies is used. To begin the test, an initial measurement is taken by transmitting a noise signal into the room and the equipment takes a measurement of how much sound was absorbed. We have no relationship with advertisers, products, or services discussed at this website. In a broader definition, it is a logarithmic unit that All you really want to know is the difference between sound absorption and sound blocking, as well as which noise barriers will best serve your needs. offers nice definitions of the term Sound Reduction Index: Definition of Sound Reduction Index: R : the measured quantity which characterises the sound insulating properties of a material or building element in a stated frequency band - laboratory measurement. For example, if the curve created by one of your walls most closely matches the standard STC 40 curve, your wall will be said to have an STC of 40. (How much quieter a product can make your space.) as well as leaks and bypasses. Outside the USA, the Sound Reduction Index (SRI) ISO index or its related indices are used. This software is extremely efficient in managing a wide range of batch conversions. Walls and floors in the field often measure lower than in laboratory ratings due to variations in workmanship as well as leaks and bypasses.

Ready to hear the difference? Definition of Example: for a 23.1 dB drop, the coefficient is 0.93: Therefore, the coefficient for this material combination at 1 kHz is 0.93. There are a few different ways to determine NRCs, the following is an explanation of how our products are tested for NRC using the ASTM Standard Test Method for Sound Absorption.


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