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Perhaps the huge number of aftermarket hard tops coming on the market made it non-competitive. Login ]. Find parts for sale. from a military jeep. See also a rear view photo (30K JPEG) showing both a Willys-Overland cab and a Koenig body extension. We can't tell much from these images, but the added length apparent on this 500L mule would seem to dispel the recent speculation that the new entry-level Jeep model would be sized closer to the Ford Fiesta - since the 500L is already considerably larger than the Fiesta. in 1996, the seller explained to me that it was originally purchased new from In 2016 The Journal, brought to you by ClassicCars.com, was celebrated as the SECOND MOST INFLUENTIAL automotive blog in the world by NFC Performance. If you’re into off-roading or just want a

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taller grill and hood, which only increased the rugged and tough appearance of Like the Jeep it was a serious utilitarian instrument designed to complement the variety of farm and industry uses imagined by Willys … Sometime in the early 1960s, Kelly Manufacturing altered the design of its angular full and half hardtops.

The first hard top produced for the civilian Jeep was a steel half cab made by Willys-Overland itself, and offered as an option from the beginning of civilian Jeep production. this bare bones vehicle around, especially with the dual range gearbox which The significance of this canvas extension to the Willys steel half cab may be that every unit Willys produced to cover the early civilian Jeep was designed to interchange with any other Willys system. power take off (p.t.o.) It was owned previously by a family in Costa Rica for 20 years before being legally imported to the United States.Equipment includes a two-speed transfer case, auxiliary lights, modern radio,and a fully reupholstered interior. Acquired by the current owner in 2010, the car was sold new in Florida, andsubsequently spent time in Ohio andNorth Carolina before being relocated to Virginia in 2007. The reality of restoring a jeep can be quite different, expensive and overwhelming without the right tools and resources.

This CJ3B is listed with a

Their next mission was to find a company with the competence to configure it to win. tackle. Here are the four types of hardtops of this style identified so far.

He was viewing the launch-brochure for the DJ-3A when he noticed that the Koenig-manufactured hardtop was illustrated with a small rear window. It This Jeep may not be as High-Tech as its descendants, and it is obviously not I know I have had a blast with The DJ3A in our fleet #56337 12838 had the small rear window(slightly larger than the artists depiction on the ads but much smaller than the later models) and the cutdown door openings. In 1964, when the model numbers changed for the DJ3A 8202 was for the open or hardtop model and if the hardtop was equipped with side windows, the number became 8203. This 1953 Willys CJ3B is almost completely original and has with some patina. this bare bones vehicle around, especially with the dual range gearbox which Automakers work very, very hard to keep their new vehicles under wraps until they can present them in exactly the way they want it - typically choreographed under the bright lights of an auto show, or perhaps with photos or video in an idyllic location. After WWII, the car morphed into a civilian Jeep, or CJ, and inspired both an entire category of recreational 4-wheel drive vehicles and several generations of military light utility vehicles. by Allied forces during WWII.

This photo of Don Dill's 1946 2A with original Willys hard top shows the wide windshield and additional knee room. This tough old Jeep can Previous early hardtop models used the same door openings as the CJ3A/CJ3B, but the cutdown door openings made entry and exit much easier. Originally there was a canvas rear soft top which could be used to cover the rear cargo compartment and turn the top into a hard/soft full top. Does need some attention, small rust holes and broken glass on side panels. This 1975 Chevrolet Corvette is finished in Medium Saddle Metallic over Saddle interior. CJ Jeep to use the Willys Hurricane F4-134 4-cylinder engine. This exciting new feature will now allow Jeep … Note the location of the door handles. Some of these jeeps are for sale and others have been sold. After WWII, the car morphed into a civilian Jeep, or CJ, and inspired both an entire category of recreational 4-wheel drive vehicles and several generations of military light utility vehicles. starting bid of $1,000 and a reserve well below what it is worth.

Welcome, visitor! The names of most of the small companies have long been forgotten. It’s amazing how easy these details are to miss until someone points them out. Click on email button. Set an alert to be notified of new listings. Equipment includes pop-up headlamps, a black soft top, power steering, and an upgraded stereo.

Your email address will not be published. All hard top manufacturers had to deal with the slight tapering of the Jeep body as it narrowed toward the cowl and windshield frame.

Details remain scarce, but our spy photographers have managed to capture the upcoming Jeep B-segment crossover for the first time, testing in both the Alps and in the US. Top is off Jeep with the 2 side doors off. Early sales literature never mentions that the Jeep is really fun to own and drive, yet the customers knew it instinctively. Especially with the DJ-3As, with their lack of side windows, that small window would have made backing up difficult, as it would have been hard to see anything behind the driver.

Mike raised a question the other day, which resulted in us learning something new. There are thousands. Try this site for a pre-recession valuation, 1993 The Total Performance Jeep Engine Book, CJ-5 Renegade Stripes from the Early 1970s, Unusual Dualmatic Hubs (Possibly for a Ford? The windshield is hinged at the top and swings outward to ventilate the interior of the cab. At a 1949 Jeep rally a Willys … Our Standard JK Jeep Wrangler hard top is now available with new innovative side opening bay windows. The vehicle has resided in Quebec since being delivered to its original selling dealer in April 1991. The 1945 factory photo is from Fred Coldwell's Preproduction Civilian Jeeps. Must be picked up. their hunting and fishing ventures in Colorado during the ‘50’s and 60’s.

Front and rear off-road bumpers were bolted in place, and AEV skid plates were added to provide additional undercarriage protection. Enjoy eWillys and want to contribute, but aren't sure how? var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(po, s); VIA paypal. A hard panel and a large window has replaced the original canvas rear panel. The CJ series was the civilian version of the famous Willys Military Jeep used Located in Atlanta, Georgia, this Land Cruiser is now offered with a clean Georgia title in the seller's name. You must be logged in to inquire about this ad. so that it is ready for a new owner. In 1945 Willys viewed the civilian Jeep as a utilitarian work vehicle. Power is provided by a 2.7L inline-6 cylinder engine with Bosch fuel injection, backed by a ZF 3-speed automatic transmission. 2040Cars.com © 2012-2020. The most interesting feature is the rear panel, which opens for greater ventilation and much better rear visibility while using a three-point lift in plowing or other machinery requiring visual access to the rear. the manufacturer in 1953 by his retired parents who used it extensively for We can sense the remarkable visual field available for the driver, especially important when plowing snow.

This may be the only metal half cab with this rear-opening feature. Like most steel aftermarket hard tops, the Willys halfcab was much too heavy to casually remove and re-install, so many of these impressive half cabs have been scrapped, making this a rare and very desirable hard top. has low enough gear ratios to pull you up any incline you are brave enough to acquired some battle scars over the years. it over the past 18 years cruising around my property high in the Colorado 2016, 2017 and 2018. They still own the 2A with its Willys half cab. Top came off a 1957 CJ5 Jeep, might fit other years. There is nothing more

Power is providedby a3.2L 6-cylinder engine paired to a ZF 5-speed manual transmission. Located in Orlando, Florida, this 1955 Thunderbird is now offered with a clean Florida title in the seller's name. reference. -- Bart McNeil. (I can include Features include BBS basket wheels, 4-wheel disc brakes, leather seats, and air conditioning. [ lengthened back end was also made to hold a couple of spare gas cans. snorkel for fording streams, and they added a winch onto the front end. Top is off Jeep with … There are a variety of large and small new and used parts sellers both online and offline. This prestigious accolade represents the continued growth of the company, and ClassicCars.com's dominance as the world's largest online marketplace for condition as it was when they used it back in the 50’s and 60’s. The Willys still runs })(); Powered by Wordpress, theme based on the Simple Grid Theme. taller grill and hood, which only increased the rugged and tough appearance of Ultra Bond Windshield Repair & Replacement, 2014 Jeep Cherokee gets official in a hurry, Fiat-based baby Jeep spotted testing in US and Europe. At the time I bought it Great article and comments. Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the 2040Cars User Agreement and Privacy Policy.


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