reginald samples coaching career
They, too, were told not to go into coaching. I can remember when Sam Harrell was the $100,000 man then Art Briles and Randy Allen,” he said. His first salary in Arlington was $68,000.

Connect to local news for just $4.99 a month for 12 months. But, of course, they take after their fathers.

Anthony and Zachary Criss took their parents out for their 56th anniversary not too long ago and, like any good sons, picked up the tab. He’s helping meet the academic expectation here and is a great positive leader. Anthony’s first salary was $24,000 in 1987 at Wyatt when he was an assistant coach for football and baseball. The mission of Duncanville Independent School District is to provide each student with the necessary skills to achieve lifelong success and contribute to a global society.

“I’ve known Coach Criss for 18 years and the amount of work he’s put in to better the kids just speaks volumes on what he’s been able to do. It’s about the job these coaches do. That prompted their father, Willie Criss, whose name is on the field house at O.D. “We’re going to turn the program around, he said. Remember, Willie made barely over $200 in his first month on the job in 1961. In six seasons at Dallas Skyline High School, Samples’ football teams won 19 playoff games and six straight district titles. It’s more than the wins and losses,” Hill said. “What people don’t understand is I didn’t just become the head coach. “It’s what Anthony has done for the community, coaches and players. In six seasons at Dallas Skyline High School, Samples’ football teams won 19 playoff games and six straight district titles. Get the week's most popular posts straight to your email inbox. It’s the struggle. Duncanville ISD’s head varsity football coach has done a tremendous job of rebuilding the Duncanville football program in his four years with the district. This group also holds general monthly meetings. Reginald Samples 972-708-2358 Grade levels are divided into elementary, serving students in Pre-K through four; intermediate, serving grades five and six; middle school for students in grades seven and eight; and high school for students in ninth through twelfth grades. I just so happen to be the oldest and have been doing it the longest.

Please inquire at your child’s school for specific meeting dates, times,  and locations. And it’s not all about how many plays you played or how much you participated,” Samples said. “And by cutting those young men I [would have] denied them an opportunity to learn about some things they need to be better men in life, and I won’t do that.”. “I love seeing the kids and the coaches every day. Our graduation rate has gone up the last six years and Coach Criss is a big part of the team effort here at Sam Houston.”, “He was a big impact on me,” said his son Dominique, who is an assistant at North Crowley. The amount of money I’ve made has just grown over time. When I leave, the next coach isn’t going to make $123,000. “He’s a leader on campus and has done a lot to change the culture here,” Sam Houston principal Fernando Benavides said. “The students will always thank him. Samples said there is a reason he can get through to some kids when others cannot. “It’s the ups and downs. “The money isn’t being dropped out of the sky. “This is not because they’re all needed to complete the squad, but because being a part of the team is necessary to complete them,” he relates. “How much more did [Highland Park’s] Randy Allen make for winning two state titles, how much did [Carthage’s] Scott Surratt make for winning six state titles in 10 years? People assume he’s going to make $120,000 at Carroll. DUNCANVILLE—Coach Reginald Samples is a winner. You have to work your way up. Nearly 60 years later and “the family business” is still going strong. The number of kids going to college has risen too. “But it’s the thing we do, it’s the family business. During Samples’ time there, the Skyline football team participated in the state playoffs every year accumulating 19 playoff wins in six seasons. “He was this big time recruit and I was a student, but we’ve continued to keep in touch,” Criss said. “Just seeing dad’s interaction with the kids and parents, I wanted that same approach and to follow his footsteps in coaching. I started as a math teacher with six classes at Wyatt, and one year I had no off period,” Criss said. Something else most people don’t know is coaching salaries are non-negotiable. Duncanville ISD’s head varsity football coach has done a tremendous job of rebuilding the Duncanville football program in his four years with the district. Check out the Fort Worth area’s top high school volleyball leaders in kills, assists, digs, blocks and aces for the 2020 season. In addition, Panthers head football coach Reginald Samples was also issued one-year probation and will be suspended for the first game of the 2020 Texas high school football season. Again, though, it truly is about more than the game for him and his family. 972-708-2358 Sam Houston’s graduation rate has improved each of the last six years. That’s what has meant the most to me,” he said. “I came back and my uncle needed some help so I helped out for a week and loved it,” Dominique said. Samples has been a head football coach for 25 years, but he said “coach” is not the primary position he plays on his team. The Duncanville ISD Council PTA is made up of presidents over the campus PTA programs, campus principals, central office administrators, and PTA members who serve as Council Board members. “To see a glimmer of hope through athletics and a chance at a future – with some of them not even thinking about college before – now to help them and have an impact on their lives, it’s a great deal.”. It’s a going rate for us.”. Prior to arriving in Duncanville, Reginald Samples served as head football coach for 25 years in the Dallas Independent School district including nine years at Skyline High School.


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