halmahera vs irian jaya blue tongue skink
Dry substrates should not be used at all, including paper, aspen, or hay as these would inhibit humidity, natural behaviors and cause ill health such as dysecdysis, and behavioral issues. Our website is compliant with GDPR and adverstising laws of United States. But they are one of my favorites, distinguished by their unique freckled appearance that extends to the head. Heavily build, broad bodies set on small legs with delicate toes. You don’t want the substrate to get wet, so that’s a good way to prevent that. Thank you so much, everyone! Their preferred habitat includes shrublands, desert grasslands, and sandy dunes. Halmahera blue tongue skinks come from the Halmahera island of Indonesia. Shingleback skinks are also known as the stump-tailed skink, bogeye, pinecone lizard, and sleepy lizard. We try our best to keep up, but sometimes things slip through the cracks. They can grow to 50 cm in length. This is the biggest and heaviest skink in the blue tongue family. Calcium is required for healthy bone structure and muscle movement as well as many other uses, D3 is a vitamin that allows the use of calcium within the body. All meals should be supplemented lightly with calcium without D3 as UV is provided.

The ideal substrate types include coir/coco fibre, peat, sterilized top soil, orchid bark and sphagnum moss. This is often seen in skinks via kinks, dips, growths or abnormal movement.

You can even also use a fan in the room. They are characterized by a short body with a large head, a slender tail, and can grow up to 45 cm in size.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'uniquepetswiki_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_14',117,'0','0'])); The coloring is primarily pale brown to gray with a series of nine or more orange-brown bands along the body and tail, while the color of the belly ranges from pale cream to white. They possess very distinct black bands behind each eye, but banding along the length of the body tends to be thin and yellow, orange, red, or light brown in color. Similar to Western skinks, they have bold black bands behind their eyes, but their banding along the body is less distinct. To create proper air flow in the tank, make sure to have an air screen on top of the tank, which is often a mesh top.

If discovered the skink should be treated with an appropriate reptile mite treatment. Australian species of blue tongue skink are more difficult to get in the United States, as extremely strict laws all but prevent export. A bite from these is also extremely powerful, and thus painful! Being tropical species, and very often burrowers, their substrate should replicate this. I just have one question. I mix a big batch up at once and freeze weekly meals for my skinks. I got a captive bred/born Merauke from snakes at sunset. In this forum all are welcome to ask blue tongue skink-related questions, share information, ideas, tips, experiences, and pictures with fellow BTS enthusiasts. This will only harbor bacteria and cause various infections in your skink. The easiest way to tell between a Merauke and a Halmahera is by looking at the belly; Halmaheras have a patterned black and white or black and pink belly. Thanks so much everyone! When you’re perplexed about what kind of blue tongue skink morphs to raise and how to care for it, investing in a book that advises and guides you should be one of your top priorities. You can find a full list of good and bad substrates for your blue tongue skink here. Blue tongue skinks are a genus of diurnal, ground-dwelling lizard found throughout Australia and parts of Indonesia.All Tiliqua species (except the Adelaide pygmy skink, T. adelaidensis, which will not be covered in this guide) can be easily recognized by their triangular heads, heavy torpedo-shaped bodies, short legs, and distinctive blue tongue. Should symptoms be noticed seek the advice of an exotics vet immediately, who will determine the severity of the infection. What substrate is that? The enclosure material can be any that is able to withstand the simulation of a tropical environment, such as heavily sealed wooden vivaria, glass terraria with limited ventilation to retain humidity, closed top aquaria and finally plastic/acrylic enclosures with adaption for overhead heating and UV equipment fittings. Like the Western, they feature bold dark bands behind the eyes, but the banding along the body is less distinct. ReptiFiles’ overall goal is to provide credible, up-to-date source of information for reptile keepers of all stages. Meraukes also tend to have the longest abdomen and tail of all Tiliqua species. The information available on the internet about blue tongue skinks is relatively limited and less detailed than a book. The rest is explained here. All Tiliqua species (except the Adelaide pygmy skink, T. adelaidensis, which will not be covered in this guide) can be easily recognized by their triangular heads, heavy torpedo-shaped bodies, short legs, and distinctive blue tongue.

Aside From this, blue tongue skinks do change color as they grow older. Should an animal be found with severe shedding issues, then an exotic vet should be seen to determine the next step. When picking up ensure to always support all four legs, as they will panic and often flail about if they do not feel secure! Congratulations on your new skink to come. Blue tongues are very susceptible to obesity, thus they should be monitored, avoid overfeeding them! They’re definitely blue tongue skinks, but they’re taxonomically incomplete at the moment. Due to its large body size with relatively short legs, the skink is not very agile. He/she will come tomorrow, I can't wait. Most subspecies of blue tongue skink have a blue or bluish tongue. What sets us apart from the rest? This combination leaves the morph with a shiny silvery look. Irian Jay and Tanimbar blue tongues also need higher levels of humidity. Few of the methods to increase humidity in a cage are: With blue tongue species that need higher humidity, please choose filtered aspen wood shavings or coco fiber. While there’s most probably won’t be a need to use a dehumidifier, it’s still an option. Therefore, when we used terms such as Albino, Hypo / Hypermelanistic, or Axanthic to describe the blue tongue skink morphs, we are simply referring to the genetic traits that can mean recessive, co-dominant, or sex-linked. The vegetables can include a massive range including spring greens, bok choy, beet greens, kale, mustard greens and collard greens, this is easiest offered chopped up finely and added to the fruit and protein sources. One of the ways to distinguish Halmahera from Merauke skink is by looking at the belly.

Endoparasites are internal, it is common practice to have your reptiles faecal tested to determine whether treatment is required, in the UK this is commonly done via PALS, the results can be used alongside exotic vet advice to determine treatment.

If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. What sets us apart from the rest? What about other things for it to hide under? They do not shed in one piece as snakes do, doing so in patches and sections, rubbing against décor. New to blue tongue skink? This article has made it clearer to know the morph of your blue tongue skink.

Halmahera Blue Tongue Skink (Tiliqua Gigas Gigas), 4.)

What is ReptiFiles®? These skinks are very unique for their calm disposition. If you have found something that is out of date or information that needs citing, please contact us at reptifiles@gmail.com so we can fix it.

Just got a BTS and want to introduce yourself? If UV is not provided for whatever reason then D3 supplementation is required, however this situation is not advised due to the risks of over and under-supplementation and the ethical, biological and behavioral implications of not providing a reptile access to UV. My skinks like meat source of Natural Balance canned dog food (Gobbler Cobbler or Chow Down Chowder), lean ground turkey, quail, chicken hearts/gizzards, eggs, and snails. Snow – this morph is created by a combination of albino and black-eyed anery. It is a good practice to note when sheds occur, and then check that the shed has fully come off, checking the toes, legs, head and tail for retained shed. Classic Indonesian Blue Tongue Skink (Tiliqua Gigas Gigas), 2.) Meruake all the way. In this post, we will cover ideal humidity for various blue tongue skink species, how to measure them, keep them optimal, as well as how to raise or lower humidity in a blue tongue skink tank. Baby and Adult Iguana Food and Water, digital hygrometers with a probe like this. These two subspecies are rare to find. Morphs is one of the most widely studied areas of blue tongue skinks. Don’t shut off ventilation, because it will create stagnant air and very temperatures. Depending on species, blue tongue skinks generally measure between 15″-24″ (38-61 cm). This blue tongue subspecies has not been scientifically classified, although it exhibits the physical characteristics of both Australian and Indonesian blue-tongue skinks. Bands can also be deep auburn, orange, or gray, and there have been confirmed Irian Jayas with unpatterned forelimbs. Because of this, they are often not recommended for families with kids.


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