pruning white pine bonsai
Weak trees and weaker species (such as Japanese White Pine) should not be pruned as hard as healthy, vigorous species such as Japanese Black Pines and Scots Pines. Please consult our species guides for information per tree species.

Join our Bonsai forum to ask your questions. Pruning a Bonsai tree illustration; grey branches can be removed. Pine Pruning Bonsai For Beginners. This natural mechanism encourages trees to grow higher to prevent them from being shaded out by competing trees. In this case, we’ve removed about 20% of all leaves. All articles and images by Harry Harrington unless otherwise indicated. Without a doubt, the most important way to train a Bonsai is to prune it regularly. This very strong, apical branch has a great number of new shoots (and needles) emerging from its tip and it needs pruning to balance it with weaker lower branches as well as ensuring that no branch divides into more than 2 sub-branches.

Take a look at the Bonsai styles page for some additional tips and tricks. Knowing the natural growth patterns of trees tells us how we can use pruning techniques to counter the effects of apical dominance. according to their position on the tree. Not grafted but on own roots. Weak trees and weaker species (such as Japanese White Pine) should not be pruned as hard as healthy, vigorous species such as Japanese Black Pines and Scots Pines. A healthy tree should have no problem coping with the pruning of up to 1/3 of its foliage. Hi everone This is just a quick note because I have been asked about pruning pines by several people this week, there seems to be some confusion as to what to do with the newly forming candles on most pines at the moment. Once that’s done, take a close look at your tree and decide which branches need to be removed to create your desired design. The basic principal behind needle plucking is that the more foliage or needles a branch has, The new Bonsai Book for 2019 by Harry Harrington. more on the weaker, lower and inner shoots. As opposed to deciduous trees, pine trees and some conifers should be pinched by hand.

The exact timing differs from species to species. Combined with pruning of the current years growth on a Pine bonsai, needle-plucking is also the best way of prompting backbudding as well as controlling the size of a pine bonsai. There are four main techniques for achieving this. numbers of needles that are removed will depend on the needs and the health and vigour of inner shoots and branches.

Pruning a Japanese White Pine bonsai tree is relatively easy too. For example, if you structure-prune this spring, you should wait to do any repotting or root cutting until the next spring when the tree has fully recovered from the structure-pruning. In late Summer, the current years' growth is pruned. These stubs are now potential sites for new buds and shoots to emerge next Spring.


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