dactyl manuform pcb
Much faster with this build! Seems to help me. I decided not to mention each Ergodox design -- as far as I know, Ergodox / Ergodox EZ is pretty much the same thing. Why is there not an ergonomic keyboard with trackball or some other cursor device built in, so I can use the cursor and mouse buttons without moving my hands out of place?

I much prefer the Iris. I was just jealous I couldn't get my hands on one at the time! But that's a. I work in IT for 25+ years and had all kinds of keyboards. That helped me with fore arm pain so well that I can sparingly use normal mice again. I am seriously considering putting together a tiny trackpad to have it located someplace between the two halves of my Sinc. https://imgur.com/a/oSrPyDB. When wiring the LED strip (consider one of the pics at the top of the build log where the keyboard is flipped), I like to wire each side with 5 LEDs with the strip split into two segments so that I can get better coverage over the thumb clusters. 4) Rather than one central location to check for the status of *lock, I have to look at keys scattered across the keyboard (including in non-intuitive locations such as "not on the num pad" for num lock). I wasn't one of those people, it was a rapid accommodation and I don't consciously notice switching between ortholinear and staggered.

I really like the aesthetics of an acrylic plate; much better than printing a bottom that matches the outline of the rest of the case. Believe it or not, I was an Advantage II user but switched to Moonlander because I find it easier to type on. I also recently got a windows laptop and put pop_os on it, and after a few days was able to context switch between OSes with different keyboard and different shortcuts without a problem. There's the Tex Yoda and other Tex keyboards -- I suppose if nothing else there's buying one of those keyboards and repurposing the TrackPoint and its PCB if necessary? By the time I was done, the case doesn’t look like it’s been printed, and it’s quite smooth to the touch. There's been some tries in that area, using basically the blackberry trackball. Even that's not too bad, but there is a noticeable 'switch over' time - maybe 5-10 minutes or so. That's definitely my only complaint. The laptop to mechanical isn't so bad, but in particular, the Dell and Lenovo keyboards have different orders of the Function and Control keys, and I constantly enter the wrong key combos if I'm coming from the other laptop. For me, the thing that makes the most difference is a low travel switch and a compact layout. It's interesting to see how much room there is for personalizing and optimization once you lift the lid on the first change. Quefrency / Sinc are simply leagues ahead of any of those, I can’t imagine using anything else. Typing on the Dactyl Keyboard, by creator Matt Adereth [image source reddit] Dactyl keyboard is the best. I really just want to be able to scroll up / down left right and drag things. Hi all, I gathered all the material to build the Dactyl Manuform and want to use Amoeba single switch PCBs with it.

I have a kinesis freestyle. You can also check the "J joystick" idea implemented on some really old laptops, where a regular key is turned into a joystick. I also see another problem: lock-in and loss of productivity in other environments. As long as it was saved in a plain-text config that they could move around, this would be a win, just like it is in text editors. Left Shift is my pinky’s biggest pain. https://www.littlekeyboards.com/. I also look at the keyboard when doing so, so I am slow. And it's actually great for mouse+kb gaming too.

I'm very much looking forward to having PCBs like this (from HidTech.ca) that will allow builds to be made a LOT faster. They're stored in plaintext and publicly visible. I think all you would have to do is find an unused pin on the uC and then wire that pin to the foot pedal and recompile the firmware. "this key is _press laptop localized key here_ that non-english char") but once programmed, it works as expected. It lags and stuff typing Alice. I honestly have my doubts. :) It is quite comfortable to type on. Strong disagree on the second: Photoshop should absolutely not move controls around on some kind of magic guesswork basis.

In the finished version, I managed to close a couple gaps. It's not a cheap keyboard either, so getting one for work and one for home is a hit to the wallet.

You can see in the picture above that some of the keys didn’t even fit on the board, let alone with enough clearance to actuate. I moved around my Elite-C wiring after the wiring pic was taken, but that’s a good representation of the right side; the left side simply has an extra row for the bottom two switches. Then I used a traditional-layout split keyboard. I think it's likely my natural arm position is wider than the Kinesis. Still use a laptop on the couch at home for casual stuff. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

I still think they should just have a big red warning instead of limiting it, though.


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