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[70] Once Cárdenas consolidated his position and supremacy, he expanded the responsibilities of Los Zetas, and as years passed, they became much more important for the Gulf Cartel.

[346] Among these gangs, that range from street gangs to prison gangs, are the Texas Syndicate, the Latin Kings, the Mexican Mafia, the Tango Blast (Vallucos), the Hermandad de Pistoleros Latinos, and the Tri-City Bombers—all based in the Rio Grande Valley and Webb County, Texas. Prostitution circles are believed to be used by the Gulf Cartel to persuade journalists to favor them in the media.

if(s[i].indexOf(">")!=-1){ [260] El Universal released an article which said that the National Public Security System (SNSP) has condemned the cops' salaries, and demanded the state and municipal authorities to create better paying programs for the policemen so they can have a "just wage" for themselves and their families. [60] In response to the rising power of the Gulf Cartel, the rival Sinaloa Cartel[74] established a heavily armed, well-trained enforcer group known as Los Negros. [38] During the four-week trial, 84 witnesses, ranging from "law enforcement officers to convicted drug smugglers," confessed that García Ábrego smuggled loads of Colombian cocaine on planes and then stored them in several border cities along the Mexico–United States border before being smuggled to the Rio Grande Valley. “Estamos viviendo una situación terrible. [94] Lieutenants that were once loyal to Cárdenas began following the commands of Lazcano, who tried to reorganize the cartel by appointing several lieutenants to control specific territories.Morales Treviño was appointed to look over Nuevo León;[95] Jorge Eduardo Costilla Sánchez in Matamoros;[96] Héctor Manuel Sauceda Gamboa, nicknamed El Karis, took control of Nuevo Laredo;[97] Gregorio Sauceda Gamboa, known as El Goyo, along with his brother Arturo, took control of the Reynosa plaza;[98] Arturo Basurto Peña, alias El Grande, and Iván Velázquez-Caballero alias El Talibán took control of Quintana Roo and Guerrero;[99] Alberto Sánchez Hinojosa, alias Comandante Castillo, took over Tabasco. [325] One leader of the Gulf Cartel confessed after his apprehension that "drug trafficking is their main business, but due to the difficulties they have been encountering, oil theft has been an important financial cushion" for the cartel. Con la voz distorsionada, el hombre sentado lanzó un temible mensaje en contra de sus enemigos que se pelean el territorio estatal. if(strx.indexOf("<")!=-1) var img = div.getElementsByTagName("img"); [254], On 9 May 2011, the Mexican government, along with Sedena, disarmed all police forces in the state of Tamaulipas, beginning with the cities of Matamoros and Reynosa.

border. To increase the ranks of their cartel after the deaths or arrests of their members; To exterminate members of their rival gangs; To kidnap people for money and other ransom. [142], The Guardian newspaper mentioned that in a YouTube video, a convoy of SUV's filled with gunmen and pickups packed with marines were seen in a chase through the streets of Matamoros, Tamaulipas. blogdelnarco camargo tamaulipas zetas cartel del golfo cdg narcotrafico el chapo.

Tamaulipas.- Habitantes de Camargo, Tamaulipas, confirmaron que esta población fue escenario de un cruento enfrentamiento entre zetas y miembros del Cártel del Golfo, que dejó decenas de casas y negocios quemados.

[175] When the Rojos turned on the Metros, the largest faction in the Gulf cartel, firefights broke throughout Tamaulipas and drug loads were stolen among each other, but the Metros managed to retain control of the major cities that stretched from Matamoros to Miguel Alemán, Tamaulipas. Cárdenas Guillén eventually let them go and threatened to kill them if they ever returned to his home turf. [247] Consequently, the federal government did not hesitate to assign the Mexican Army and the Federal Police to vigilate the prisons until further notice; they were also left in charge of searching for the fugitives. There is a circle of experts who believe that the start of the Mexican Drug War did not begin in 2006 (when Felipe Calderón sent troops to Michoacán to stop the increasing violence), but in 2004 in the border city of Nuevo Laredo, when the Gulf Cartel and Los Zetas fought off the Sinaloa Cartel and Los Negros. } De acuerdo con los informes de la Sedena, Los Zetas dominan con claridad en seis demarcaciones: Valle Hermoso, Ciudad Mier, Río Bravo, Miguel Alemán, Camargo y Gustavo Díaz Ordaz.

The incident escalated as Cárdenas Guillén threatened to kill them if they did not comply and as his gunmen prepared to shoot. “Lo que nos han dicho es que nadie sale de sus casas. [349] The Gulf of Mexico also presents a danger to the flow of drugs to Texas; the Port of Houston and the Port of Brownsville enable traffickers to use small vessels and pleasure craft to transport illicit drugs into and from southern Texas. [298][299][300] Investigators believe that more unreported kidnappings have occurred in nearby locations. La pasamos sin dormir y tirados en el suelo por miedo a que nos alcanzara una bala perdida”. [341] The products sold can be clothing, TVs, video games, music, computer programs, and movies. [356], In May 2013, Aurelio Cano Flores (alias El Yankee) was sentenced to 35 years in prison for conspiring to import multi-ton quantities of marijuana and cocaine into the United States. It is clear, however, that after the capture and extradition of Osiel Cárdenas Guillén, Los Zetas outclassed the Gulf Cartel in revenue, membership, and influence. The rupture from Los Zetas left Jorge Eduardo Costilla Sánchez and Antonio Cárdenas Guillén in full control of the Gulf Cartel. Categories: News & Events.

Entre las casas quemadas, dijo uno de los entrevistados, estaría la de la mujer que puso en Youtube el vídeo de una balacera ocurrida el pasado 27 de febrero, precisamente en Camargo, que fue ampliamente difundida en los medios de comunicación nacionales.

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[353][354][355], On 21 July 2009, the United States DEA announced coordinated actions against the Gulf Cartel and Los Zetas drug trafficking organizations. They also fought for coastal cities Acapulco, Guerrero and Cancún, Quintana Roo; the state capital of Monterrey, Nuevo León, and the states of Veracruz and San Luis Potosí. De acuerdo con los pobladores de Camargo, camionetas del Cártel del Golfo ingresaron durante la madrugada a esta localidad y se enfrentaron durante más de dos horas contra Los Zetas. [92] And while his brother Antonio Cárdenas Guillén led the Gulf Cartel, Cárdenas still made vital orders from La Palma through messages from his lawyers and guards. [187] In 2013, high ranking Gulf Cartel member Aurelio Cano Flores became the highest cartel member to be convicted by a U.S. jury in 15 years[188] In January 2020, high-ranking U.S. Gulf Cartel member Jorge Costilla-Sanchez pleaded guilty to an international drug trafficking conspiracy to distribute cocaine and marijuana into the United States. [81], The standoff triggered a massive law enforcement effort to crackdown the leadership structure of the Gulf Cartel. Stealing oil from PEMEX and selling it illegally has been one of the many funding activities of the Gulf Cartel. [179], Some experts have found it difficult to argue that the Gulf Cartel does not impose a direct threat to the state since they "do not seek political change," and that they only want to be left alone with their business. "[60] Consequently, Guzmán Decenas deserted from the Armed Forces and brought more than 30 army deserters to form part of Cárdenas' new criminal paramilitary wing.

In addition, he was under observation and was widely known, since his surname meant more of the same. Authorities believe that González Pizaña reincorporated in organized crime and decided to join with the Gulf Cartel to end the war with Los Zetas, and bring back the "old school" ways when they were together.

The area that Mejía González wanted was given to Samuel Flores Borrego, suggesting that the Metros were above the Rojos. Reports indicate that gunmen from the Gulf Cartel often impersonate law enforcement officers, using military uniforms to confuse rival drug gangs and move freely through city streets. Derechos de Autor 04-2005-011817321500-203. section = politica Critics say that the strategy of capturing drug kingpins often resulted in the increase in extortion, as the cartels look for other sources of money. Miguel Alemán es también zona de disputa, aunque el cártel del Golfo ha perdido el control de la región, y por lo que hace a Ciudad Mier, los informes oficiales refieren que, con el éxodo de familias, Los Zetas tomaron el control de la comunidad. [265], The Sinaloa-Juarez alliance ceased to exist as well due to an unpaid debt in 2007, and now the Sinaloa and Juarez Cartel are at war against each other.

[308] It operates primarily on the Tabasco–Veracruz–Tamaulipas corridor. Copyright © 1996-2018 DEMOS, Desarrollo de Medios, S.A. de C.V. [250], According to CNN, more than 400 prison inmates escaped from several prisons in Tamaulipas from January 2010 to March 2011 due to corruption. "[20], García Ábrego's ties extended beyond the Mexican government corruption and into the United States. [51] His luck ended in November 2000 when he was captured in Tampico, Tamaulipas and imprisoned in La Palma. [58] His goal was to protect himself from rival drug cartels and from the Mexican military, in order to perform vital functions as the leader of the most powerful drug cartel in Mexico. [183] The U.S. National Drug Threat Assessment mentioned that the drug trafficking organizations like the Gulf Cartel tend to be less structured in U.S. than in Mexico, and often rely on street gangs to operate inside the United States. ", "Dozens killed in Matamoros; Tony Tormenta dead", "Dozens killed in Matamoros; bridges closed", "Head of Gulf Cartel killed in Matamoros shootout", "Shootings in Matamoros Kill "Tony Tormenta" and Nearly 100 People", "Los Zetas tienen el plato servido tras muerte de 'Tony Tormenta': Expertos", "Gulf Cartel leader killed, 55 others in Matamoros, Mexico", "Death toll mounts in Matamoros shootout as sporadic fighting continues", "Narcobloqueos y Balaceras en Tamaulipas tras muerte de 'Tony Tormenta, "600 militares llegan a Mier, una ciudad abandonada por sus habitantes", "Zozobra en Tamaulipas luego de caída del líder del cártel del Golfo", "Zetas celebran caida de "Tony Tormenta" con narcomantas y narcopintas", "Barack Obama expresa su apoyo a Calderón por la muerte de 'Tony Tormenta, "Killing of top Mexico drug lord 'Tony Tormenta' may boost rival Zetas cartel", "Authorities Say Cartel Leader's Death Won't Curb Violence", "Los Escorpiones, temible escolta de Tormenta", "Identifican a nuevo grupo armado del cártel del Golfo que protegía a Tony Tormenta", "Tony Tormenta, el capo que 'cuidaba' las fronteras de Tamaulipas", "New details released about Gulf Cartel leader's death", "Tony Tormenta escapó en 2 ocasiones: Marina", "Internal struggle in the Gulf Cartel could weaken the organization", "Major Arrests Expected to Shake Up Gulf Cartel", "Death of Gulf Cartel 'Finance Chief' Sign of Internal Strife?

img_thumb_width = 210; [305], Before 2010, it was not clear whether the Gulf Cartel controls the human trafficking business in its territory or whether it simply taxes operators for using their smuggling corridors. On 18 August 2013, Gulf Cartel leader Mario Ramirez Trevino was captured.

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