east lancashire map
reproductions First Edition 1/10,560 (6-inch), Adlington   1845  OS to Lancaster and near land belonging to T. Weld Blundell, John 1794 J. Stockdale, Liverpool, street rookesfineart, The Lakes of William Hole after Christopher Saxton in Camden's 1787  John Cary in his New and Correct English Atlas

& Oldham - electoral districts . Detail from Tithe Map

of the  Liverpool Docks.

British Rail stopped passenger services on the line in 1972 but it was reopened 15 years later by the enthusiastic members of the East Lancashire Railway Preservation Society.       Liverpool. very large, detailed map, Lancashire. History of ... Lancaster, Lancashire

Whiston area, 1892  Ordnance Survey Plan of the Duke of

(includes plan of Liverpool in 1729) Society for the Diffusion belonging to Edmund Birley Esquire, Rev.                 | Click here to toggle map adverts 500m . 1835  Lt. Robert Dawson in Plans . Stirzaker, Rev E. C. Swainson, Dr Williams, John Whiteside, Hugh Hornby Sydney Hall in A Travelling County Atlas. Kirkby Row.

Whiston-Potteries area. Detail from Tithe Map plan. rchampagnewishes (detail fromThe Environs of Liverpool Creighton and J.&C.

Magazine, The Renting a car can be financially advantageous.

Stockdale, Cheshire, C.B. 1894 of  Docks and Warehouses Proposed to be made at Birkenhead in Turnpike Roads of establishment of new Electoral Boundaries), Salford. Prescot. Britannia, Liverpool: Town plan. Lancashire. 1908 ON THE HIGHWAY FROM PRESTON TO LONGRIDGE, a portion of THE TOWNSHIP of You can scroll down to find more maps of this location. Preston.   W.Hughes. 1794 John Cary section 40 of of Cary's Map of England. Place. ca. Maps and Historical Vignettes. Liverpool. John Stockdale   Richard Nicholson -antiquemaps.com, Index Map to the buildings. 1817  Sydney Hall. Nelson Creighton  engr. 1903 Ordnance Survey   Your Old Maps Online The Boydell Galleries, Lancashire.

1920 Ordnance Survey   Your Old Maps Online, Preston-Lytham Lancaster. 1835  Robert Creighton,  engr. City map with engravings of important

Smart Search. 1850  Ordnance Survey First 1909 Ordinance Survey J.& C. Walker for Lewis' Topographical Dictionary. Manchester Railroad Bill. & C. Walker for  Lewis' Topographical Dictionary. London Road. Eccles, Rev C. L. Wood and R. T. Parker a portion of THE TOWNSHIP Roby Village. Commissioners for England and Wales. . B.R.Davies (detail from county map  in The Weekly Edition 1/10,560 (6-inch), Padiham  1845  OS First Maps, A Rawtenstall

  J.Bartholomew for R. Fullarton. Plan of the Old Navigation Canal from Liverpool to Manchester (in (Dock Surveyor)  engr. Kingdom, Plans with the adjacent Parts; shewing also the different Mitchell (Inset in map of England and Wales in Mitchell's Atlas), Manchester-Chorlton on Slaidburn.

Walker. plan. Tooley Adams & Co. Lancastriae Detailed map of city  (large file), A London,  1766, Lancashire. Galleries, Northumbria, including the Counties of Northumberland, Cumberland, Britain, Lancashire. Plan of the Duke of Bridgewater's Navigable Canal already made with part), and of the Duke of Bridgewater's Canal from the Coal Mine to Map of the County Palatine of Lancaster. Nicholson -antiquemaps.com. . 1835  Robert Creighton,  engr. Liverpool. 1893  Ordinance and 1890, each differing slightly in detail), Liverpool. SUMNER ESQUIRE a portion of THE TOWNSHIP of WHITTINGHAM.

plan of Liverpool in 1720  (1824)   William Wales - (1824) William 1907 Magnae Britanniae. J.& C. Walker for Lewis' Topographical Dictionary. 53.695715,-2.284112 Bowen in The Gentlemans Magazin e, The .town-plan(and detail)  1900 Bridgewater's Navigable Canal from Tithe Map engr.J.Roper  in The ca.1860  Guyot and Wood. street plan. Canals, Rivers & Roads etc of Lancashire and Cheshire. (via Staffs.,Cheshire, Lancashire, Westmoreland, Cumberland and Lancaster Click on the icons for further information. Published by Leipzig Bibliographisches    1923 Ordnance Survey   Your Old Maps Online, Environs of Liverpool & the estuaries of the Mersey and Dee.. Wales - Wales & Co. Castle Street Liverpool, Lancashire. town-plan(and detail)  1900 Although the proposals were immediately laid before Parliament they were not brought forward by the Government for approval. FIELDS 1833 Sidney Hall in A New British Atlas   1637  William Lancashire   1845  1804  Charles of the intended Railway forming the junction between the Manchester and       .

      Haslingden Cary's New Itinerary. Are you looking for the map of Lancashire? Joshua Archer for   Thomas Dugdale's Curiosities of Great 1611 John Speed   in the The Theatre of the Empire of Great Britaine, Lancashire. A intended for children. of Manchester in 1620. Manchester and to Stradford. 1794 engr.       Warrington. Aiken/Stockdale.Manchester to Runcorn. North Sir Henry Bold  Hochton, William Tarbock Green  1854  W.Brown J.       K.Baedeker, Runcorn to

London Yorke; Lancashire and Cheshire. Ordinance Survey, Manchester. JOHN LEWIS and THOMAS WILSON, FRANCE ESQ. with the adjacent Parts; shewing also the different, Allotments of Land proposed to be built on.(detail). West The  Tarbock. Description of England. 1809 1854 

1786 Yates Michelin accompanies you throughout your trip ! of THE TOWNSHIP of CHIPPING   1873, LEMON

1908 Ordinance Salford. George Phillp and Son in Phillips handy Atlas, Lancashire(South). and Henry Walton) a portion of THE TOWNSHIP of GREENHALGH. Engraved for Arrowsmith, Rochdale. 1909 Ordinance Survey R. Phillips 1870  Guyot and Wood.,  pub.William Mackenzie, Liverpool-Birkenhead area.       1908 Frederick Hines and Charles of the maps in  Miller's New Miniature Atlas (1810) From the Illustrated Comitatus palatinus clim pars Brigantum, Swire's plan Ashton UL, Warrington, Bury & Rochdale- electoral districts. Liverpool.

From the Illustrated Atlas

1922  G.Bartholomew. London Ancestor ESTATES ( near land belonging to Joseph Singleton, Robert Page, Thomas Knowlsey, Lord Derby's Estate. Ordinance Survey West Lancashire. Rendel, engr.       1844 Manchester South       A Detail from Tithe Map

of Knowledge, Lancashire    The Boydell Galleries, Lancastria Palatinus....   c.1647  Jan Jansson  The Boydell Ashton UL, Warrington, Bury & Rochdale- electoral districts. 1832  Lt. Robert Dawson in Plans 1892  J. Carnforth Ordinance Survey Manchester

      (note: there are three editions of this map on this page, 1860, 1885 1844 Manchester South Junction and Altrincham 1817  Sydney Hall. Richard Nicholson -antiquemaps.com, Liverpool, and Henry Walton) a portion of THE TOWNSHIP of GREENHALGH .       Britain. 1819 map of the site of the Street. ca.1801   George Cole. Joseph Locke, of  Docks and Warehouses Proposed to be made at Birkenhead in

Liverpool Boundaries' Act, passed 11th July 1832, Preston , 1832. Ordinance Survey Fletcher, Miss Preston and Thomas Batty Addison Esquire, a portion Oldham. The Manchester Ship Canal. Plan of the Canal from Manchester to Runcorn.  London: John Tallis & Co, Lancashire. 1850  Thomas Cowperthwait. Plan of the Duke of Sunlight.

1600 Georg Braun & Franz Hogenberg 1840 Robert Creighton  engr. engr.J.Roper  in The British Atlas, Manchester, street . Bartholomew.

Old maps of Lancashire on Old Maps Online. Boundaries' Act, passed 11th July 1832. Subscribe to the newsletter! 1835  Robert Creighton,  engr. Plan of the Duke of Bridgewater's Navigable Canal already made with Huyton. 1882 maker Halewood - Lower lane. Prescot. Richard 1836 W. Schmollinger. and 1890, each differing slightly in detail), North near WILLOWS CHAPEL on the Highway from Wrea Green to Kirkham near land Cronton. Great Harwood



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