simcity (snes hard mode)
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Perhaps a balance issue with plobbables that get destroyed with roads though... Make commercial require freight before it can sell happiness.

The game was re-released for the Super Famicom's satellite modem, the Satellaview in Japan under the name BS SimCity: City Building Game. SimCity. The only website, group, person, etc. I was only interested in playing this game because of all the bugs that made it challenging. attacks will not occur immediately, so fix up your fire coverage to assure that the U.F.O. Edit redux: It turns out during 2011 we had 600,000 potholes and so far for the november 2012 - March 2013 we've had 143,474 potholes fixed . There's just too many things that might be a good idea, but are not connected together and not implemented well. To activate the selected features, change MEMORY to SET and reset the SNES (they will remain active even if you power off). Since the map is 120 tiles wide, this translates to 2 tiles south and 16 tiles east of where the power line is going. To activate the selected features, change MEMORY to SET and reset the SNES (they will remain active even if you power off). Here, you actually can see what you're doing, and can identify the exact spot your power line will replace. NOTE: Reader "Zurd" has contributed his own method for defeating this scenario, and it goes as follows.

Load or start a new city, then choose END from the Save/Load menu. When the annual tax screen appears hold L, select 'Go with figures', and the regular screen will return. It's the Second Han Dynasty and China is on the verge of collapse. Crime is still an issue for about 6 months of gameplay, but any losses incurred should be undone when the Police coverage goes back to normal. You must ask for permission before posting this, as doing so without consent is a violation of international copyright law. When you see the sleeping moon and the ‘See you soon, Goodbye!’ message, Press Left, A, Right, Y, Up, B, Down, X, Select, Start, Start, Select, R(2), L(2) on controller two.The Debug menu will appear to confirm correct code entry. My suggestion for the new SimCity: Hard mode. Since everybody is mass producing and shipping TV to global market and I assumed hardly anyone actually import TV. I also suggest going off the left edge of the map, as the bottom and right edges do not allow you to go deeper into the black zone, and the top edge is something I did not explore. SimCity (SNES) Cheats. Or if you open too many churches you get bible-thumpers who start protesting funerals or speaking out against social progressiveness. Simcity is such a marvelous game, hopefully this FAQ makes it a bit more of an easy thing to understand, particularly the Game Mechanics. Debug menu: When you begin the game, immediately start a new city.

NOTE: This scenario never gets a check once you achieve the goal, so give it as many shots as you like. I realize this page is a bit late, considering the game came out over a decade ago, but I've been playing it on and off since that point, and have found it odd that all of the info on the net about the game is pretty rudimentary and basic, barely going beyond what's in the manual. Contributed By: BMF54123. City develops slowly. For example the Commercial not requiring freight. If that spot is open land, or a spot where auto-bulldoze will work, you place a dry power line. CitiesXL made it work, and it made the game more challenging and rewarding. Definitely support road maintenance and trading tax... Disasters destroying roads would be a huge change since building are attached. There is is a fairly recently revealed Debug Menu in Simcity, one that may have accidentally been left in the finished product of Simcity. Dr. Wright, as he appears in the SNES version. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Also, there are Nintendo related easter eggs in the game such as Bowser attack (who replaces the Godzilla disaster in the computer versions) on the player's city and the unlockable Mario statue. After he comes, go to work on containing the damage, and then proceed to recover your losses before you move onto the expansion of Tokyo to finish the scenario with a larger amount of people than you started with! They are outlined below... You would think that having NO rivers, lakes, or oceans would be great, but you have no valuable waterfront property. Thanks man! When the "See you soon!"

I think the thing which bothers me most about this game is how ridiculously easy it is to play. Infighting among the court families and the emerge... Long, long ago in the land of Ishmeria, 6 magicians and a dragon were sealed in the gems of the crown Gemfire. Build up the waterfront properties to prevent the rising sea level from flooding your city. When you see the sleeping moon and the "See you soon, Goodbye!" Load or start a new city, then choose END from the Save/Load menu. ... Sim City 3000 was my favorite sim city game mainly because I can actually create my own buildings and add them to the city.

This should be removed and almost all RCI fulfillment should be contained within the region. SimCity (SNES) was the first console game in the SimCity series, and one of the launch titles for the Super Famicom/Super Nintendo Entertainment System in North America.

The following are ways to change how the game plays quite radically, so read on to see what you can do. Now you can play the scenario without the meltdown actually occurring. You will also have the fountain, which raises land values. :satisfied: :grin: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :grinning: :kissing: :kissing_smiling_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue: Recover from the big Earthquake of 1906, creating a bustling city. Once the cursor is two tiles off the left edge, you can't move it to the right anymore, but the fast-pan can fix things.You can put power lines in some of the dark spots around here.

You can hold the L Button before you enter the scenario, and then you go bulldoze the three Nuclear Power Plants as you continue to hold the L Button. For SimCity on the Super Nintendo, Gift List by FatRatKnight.

Select 'Go with figures' and proceed to the main screen. :angry: :rage: :triumph: :sleepy: :yum: :mask: :sunglasses: :dizzy_face: :imp: :neutral_face: :no_mouth: :innocent: Step 2 - Lower your taxes to 0%, and lower your coverage of your Police, Fire, and Transit to 0% as well.

The gameplay is similar to the PC version except now there are more buildings and scenarios. Step 3 - Go into the Map or Graph (a screen where time passes), and let the game run for a few minutes (just to be sure). Move it one step away. Otherwise, you hear a buzz.If working in the dark is too hard for you, you can move the cursor deeper into the "dark," then fast-pan the screen far enough to the west until you come across a freaky shifted copy of the main map. agree 100%. Normally, you can only receive a finite number of any kind of gift, but through this glitch it is possible to obtain them infinitely! The game was also re-released for the Wii Virtual Console on November 19, 2006.

Once done here, fast-pan the camera back to the main map you know to get back.This is technically memory corruption. Now you can play the scenario without the flood actually occurring. If you liked it, hated it, have anything to add, then please E-mail me at Set the game speed to sleeping to get all of your Fire Departments into place before you set the game speed back in motion. Thanks to Grutter for this idea. Thanks to FatRatKnight, Gothic_Sara, ebmid2, and indiansfan4444 for contributions to this FAQ. How would you balance the buildings rising over time problem without putting a cost on medium/high density zones? When the "See you soon!" 's damages will be lessened. Only the most dedicated will have done this, so consider yourself a pro! After a while, press X to leave that menu, and then immediately load the City 1 file (do not return to normal gameplay in City 2). © 2020 SNESFUN Retro SNES / Super Nintendo / Super Famicom games online. There is normally only 999 city maps, but if for any strange reason you need 999 more, here's a way to unlock 999 more maps. It was developed by Nintendo EAD under license from Maxis and published by Nintendo in 1991. When the "See you soon!" ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The disaster occurs right at the start, so bulldoze all of the areas affected by the Radioactive sections, isolate the fires, and then start to rebuild your city. Press J to jump to the feed. Build this water devoid land mass in the US Midwest to reach the population of 500,000 to become a Megalopolis. Enter the total screen. Return to the main menu, select the 'Start New City' option, and the landscape will change.

Step 4 - Go to the Load menu, and load your main City. Step 2 - … Build a casino city and have it survive for a year. Say you have a lot of struggling industries with blue-collar workers who demand for lower taxes. Its as if when you sell something to the market you pay tax on it. You can't lose as shown by countless other people on this subreddit. Yeah, I had a similar idea. Be sure to keep pollution and crime down as you work your way back up to a thriving city again, and bulldoze the extra Sea Ports as one is all you need (the extra ones cause unnecessary pollution for you). This is another scenario where you can hold the L Button to delay the disaster from happening. Keep holding the L button, and then bulldoze every square of shoreline. You have to build the residential building there so you can reach 500000 people.

Here are some of my suggestions: Road maintenance costs - self explanatory really. Hard: §100,000 starting cash. Step 2 - Load another City (new or saved), and do something to meet a Gift giving requirement that the City is eligible to receive. By doing this, you avoid the people leaving due to no power, which downsizes a lot of Zones.


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