gazelle helicopter fuel burn

The SA 341G is the coolest helicopter ever!If I could afford one it be suede black exterior with white leather seats! and rotors as the Alouette. At one Army base I was stationed at (with mostly Cobras and Hueys) our refueling rig didn’t supply fuel fast enough to hot-refuel (fill the tanks with the engines running) a CH-47 in a reasonable amount of time, since their idle burn rate was almost as much as the system could put into the tanks. The first prototype, designated SA 340.001, was flown on 7 April 1967, and the second on 12 April 1968. The SA 341 Gazelle all-purpose lightweight helicopter began as a proposal for a new observation helicopter for the French army.

My understanding is that the lead will damage a car’s catalytic converter so I’d never put AvGas in my Jeep or Honda.) Civil versions were much more likely to end up as corporate transports or private helicopters. The length and diameter of the SA-7 are 1.44m and 72mm respectively.

The AT-3 ATGM is an anti-tank guided missile used to demolish heavily armoured tanks and fighting vehicles. It was principally designed and developed for the British Army and is equipped with an Astazou IIIN engine.

The Gazelle made its maiden flight on 7 April 1967.

A new engine / MRH are serious £££.

It is also equipped with King KX-165A NAV / COMM, a Bendix / King KT-76C transponder and a Garmin GMA-340H audio panel. The most was around $9/gallon when I needed to refuel at an airport with a fancy FBO that normally caters to business jets. The SA 341B is also known as the Gazelle AH Mk 1. rate of climb: 9.0m/s, is a non-commercial webproject. It is one of the fastest helicopters and serves several branches of the British Armed Forces including the Royal Air Force, Royal Navy, Army and Royal Marines in various applications.

What they fail to understand is that fuel is only a small part of what it costs to fly. This first aircraft utilises the tail rotor and skid of the Alouette II and the engine and transmission system of the Alouette II Astazou, but the second prototype (F-ZWRA, first flown on 17 April 1968) was representative of production SA.341's in having the Astazou IIN2 and a 'solid' vertical fin with a circular cut-out in its centre, within which its small tail rotor rotates, so reducing the risk of injury from this feature when the aircraft is on or near the ground. Production of the Gazelle ceased in 1996 and nearly 1800 were built, but actual civil use was rather limited. (they even removed the engine type approval). We teach and learn by sharing what we know with others. Especially the huge F-1 engines that powered the Saturn rockets for the Apollo moon missions,

(And what about the $14,000 I need to spend later this year to install a radio altimeter that I’ll never need?). - The SA 340 prototype flew on The Gazelle started development in response to a French Army requirement for a new light observation helicopter, a role that the Alouette III had been fulfilling up to that point. I would also be interested to know! Hi all i am looking for high skids on a 342 and a engine. ... Gaz fuel burn is a little less than 2.5kg per minute flat out - don't know what that is in gals/hr. Can you help, I'm looking for approved maintenance training center for SA 341 /342. I’d say that 1 out of every 10 adult passengers wants to know how many miles per gallon my helicopter gets or gallons per hour my helicopter burns. Fuel currently accounts for less than a third of my operating costs.

Gazelle related info & photos at!

Thanks in advance for you help. Everything is dismantled up to the naked body. SA 342K Gazelle: military export version for 'hot and dry' areas; 649kW Astazou XIVH engine with momentum-separation shrouds over air intakes; first flown on 11 May 1973; initial sales to Kuwait. The SA.341, whose SA.340 prototype F-WOFH flew for the first time on 7 April 1967, is a light observation and general purpose helicopter in the tradition of the ubiquitous Alouette, which it is intended to supersede in the early 1970s.


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