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They took advantage of cheap drinks, with pints costing just 99p at Wetherspoons after the pub chain decided to sell real ale at cut prices to avoid pouring them away. MailOnline - get the latest breaking news, showbiz & celebrity photos, sport news & rumours, viral videos and top stories from MailOnline, Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday newspapers. The crew - who are normally poor fishermen - are paid £10,000 each to smuggle the drugs across the ocean. Gracing the front cover of Harper's Bazaar, Gillian told the publication:  'For our own sanity, and actually for the benefit of the relationship, we had very clear boundaries.

Sign in and start exploring all the free, organizational tools for your email. This week it's Sarah, 29, and Sami, 32, but will romance be on the cards? Thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of New York City demanding every vote be counted after President Trump falsely claimed victory amid a cliffhanger presidential election. The couple, who met when they were just 12 years old, decided to combine their surnames to create the very unusual 'White-Christmas'. Susan Lynch, 49, from Benfleet, Essex, split with her husband Kieren Lynch, 50, but he turned on her when he found out she was in a new relationship. He looks set to inherit a country wracked with stark divisions in the midst of a deadly pandemic that has so far claimed the lives of more than 230,000 Americans. Earl Spencer accused the BBC of dodging the 'ugly truth' about its interview with Princess Diana and claimed the former BBC Director General Lord Hall excluded him from an inquiry. 'To me, he deserves the death penalty, he is a monster, an evil monster. Her future surgeries will likely cost her family millions in medical bills. Every year on Children In Need, there's a moment that breaks through your reserve and touches your heart. Skoda's patent submission comes as latest figures show that almost a third of the people who died in car crashes on Britain's roads in 2018 were not wearing a seat belt. North Carolina's election officials say that 94 per cent of their ballots have been counted, but the results will not be declared for a week as postal votes can arrive as late as November 12. Mahjongg meets solitaire in this great new matching game that combines the best of both! There are good reasons for this. Gin's purple patch, Four-year-old burn victim faces TEN YEARS of reconstructive surgeries, Shocking moment man is repeatedly punched in the testicles, Developer hires craftsman to top properties with reed rooves, Car crashes through a barrier in a car park and is left dangling, CHRISTOPHER STEVENS: 40 years of plucking our heartstrings, Baby elephants slap each other over the head with their trunks, Male koala lets out a gorilla-like bellow as he marks his territory, Trump launches legal challenges in Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia as his supporters descend on polling centres across US, forcing one in Arizona to close - but Biden needs just TWO more states to declare victory, What lockdown? A scammer portraying Elon Musk launched a crytpocurrency 'giveaway' in Donald Trump's tweet replies.

Recruitment consultant Elliot, 24, and sales consultant Poppy, 19, both from the south of England, were matched with other people on BBC Three reality show Just One Night. 2 Derry Street Democrats plot to oust Pelosi as House Speaker, Dems face tough questions after coming up short in House and Senate, GUY ADAMS: Trojan horse of the hard-Left' poised to take the reins, Mark Ruffalo and others excited over Joe Biden edging forward in race, HENRY DEEDES: Blockbuster night of chaos… and drama ain't over, Biden supporters march in NYC demanding 'count every vote'. Surveillance footage captured a disturbing physical assault of two young women in a Brooklyn, New York deli over the weekend.

Crowds of protesters began mobilizing in Manhattan's Fifth Avenue late Wednesday afternoon as part of several 'Protect the Results' demonstrations that kicked off in cities across the country. ): FEMAIL reveals 20 family activities to try at home - from making art with autumn leaves to going on a nature scavenger hunt, Backlash against The Witches: Disabled people including Paralympians criticize remake of Roald Dahl classic over its use of split hands, Isles of Scilly were one large land mass before rising sea levels started dividing it into its current 140 islands around 5,000 years ago, study finds, Mother 'was severely depressed with psychotic symptoms when she used sponge to suffocate disabled 10-year-old son she had with celebrity photographer Dean Freeman', Couple with 'trust issues' say going on dates with other people on a BBC reality show brought them CLOSER together - and they've even kept in touch with their TV matches, Footballer Marcus Rashford is honoured with stunning mural in Manchester in honour of his campaign to feed children from low-income families, 'He laughed, looked at me and grabbed my hand': Diego Maradona's doctor claims the Argentine legend is showing signs of improvement after brain surgery, Young football fan, 11, raises £10,800 for UK key workers by doing more than ONE MILLION keepy-uppies, City worker, 44, was drinking three bottles of wine a day before she and her Lithuanian lover, 45, shook their four-week-old baby to death, court hears, 'Boy racer' who destroyed £1m worth of supercars including a McLaren, Porsche and Bentley is warned he faces jail after 70mph high speed smash in one of London's most exclusive streets, 'The police didn't protect us at all': Mother sues force over failings after she watched her drug-crazed stalker ex douse her mother in petrol and burn her to death before torching himself, Tragic Haydon Croucher's mother warns there's 'still a lot to learn' after her son killed himself nine months on from his sister Leah's disappearance despite 'begging for help', 'I got chills, they're multiplying': Listening to the music you love CAN give you shivers and sends your brain into 'pleasure overload', study finds, Security experts extract 75,000 'highly sensitive' files from 100 USB drives sold on eBay that could be used by hackers to blackmail sellers who did not properly wipe the devices, Snow way!

In the north, revellers hit the bars in Leeds in a party-like atmosphere, many dressed up in their glad rags. JENNI MURRAY: Have we all forgotten the dark side of Sean Connery?

Research has shown that T3, a thyroid hormone that reduces inflammation and plays a role in cells along the lining of the lungs absorbing fluids, can prevent lung failure in COVID-19 patients. One of the young animals started lightly hitting its friend's head using its trunk, who retaliated and hit back.

The show gives couples 'the ultimate free pass' and gives them permission to date other people for one night. The jury have seen shocking images of slash marks made by the edge of the steel pole in the container which carried the victims to their death from Zeebrugge in Belgium to Purfleet in Essex. Mayor Jim Kenney called the video footage graphic, violent and traumatic for viewers. As it stands, Biden needs Arizona to win the presidency, as does Trump. The polls missed a silent army again… so when will they learn? DOMINIC SANDBROOK: Should this really be the end for Donald Trump, future historians will surely judge that nothing better summed up his extraordinary presidency than the way he left it. The remains of the hunter and her artefacts were found in a grave at the high-altitude archaeological site of Wilamaya Patjxa, in what is today Peru. Recruitment consultant Elliot, 24, and sales consultant Poppy, 19, both from the south of England, were matched with other people on BBC Three reality show Just One Night. A&N Media Finance Services Limited t/as MailOnline

This week Sarah, 29, and Sami, 32, met each other. The last chance salon, This inspirational (and gloriously mischievous) interview will humble and amaze you, Aljaz tells a weak-kneed JAN MOIR about the secret skin condition that blights his life, Four-year-old who suffered horrific burns on her face and body in a freak farming accident that MELTED her skin will now have to undergo TEN YEARS of costly reconstructive surgeries, Shocking moment man is repeatedly punched in the testicles during street fight involving cyclist in east London, Would YOU pay £473,500 for a THATCHED new-build home? 'Which part of "go away" don't you understand?'. Women who stay home after a baby suffer memory decline in old age, Women also killed and butchered big game in the Andes 9,000 years ago, Dominic West's wife Catherine FitzGerald picks hydrangeas, EU's Barnier warns 'very serious divergences remain' in Brexit talks, Priti Patel warns police chiefs they must uphold freedom of speech, The mother locked in her body ...but not locked out of love, The secrets I've never laid bare on Strictly, Intensive care units are no busier than normal for most trusts, United States tops 100,000 new coronavirus cases a day for first time, Kelvin Fletcher slams lockdown stockpilers with snap of empty shelves, Thyroid hormone treatment could prevent lung failure in COVID patients, Three members of the same family die from Covid within FIVE days, People in polluted areas are 11% MORE likely to die of Covid-19, Denmark will cull ALL of its minks - up to 17 MILLION, My best friend raped me because I rejected him, How to fix health condition that gives nausea, headaches and eye pain, Rise in temperature increases risk of premature birth and stillbirth, Dramatic moment six migrants trapped in refrigerated lorry are saved, Microbiologist reveals the risks of bacteria lurking on make-up, Naked Attraction contestant becomes the first ever to WALK OFF, Showing his stripes: Ultra-rare BLACK tiger is seen in India, Ink-lovers share the true meaning of their foreign language tattoos, Skoda patents light-up seat belt buckle to remind drivers to fasten up, Campaigners who want to 'rewild' Britain will ask to reintroduce lynx, Prince William makes first appearance since secret Covid-19 battle, Duchess of Cornwall lays cross at Westminster, CRAIG BROWN: Ra-ra Rasputin and a very hard act to follow, SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE:Seeing red:Top sculptor in £5million family feud, MPs approve plans to protect British food standards, Who'll find love on our blind date?

The condition causes red and scaly patches to flare up and he says he used to be self-conscious about his skin in front of other people. Organised mum Steph Pase, from Sydney, revealed how perfectly 'resets' her home for the week ahead at the weekends, and the schedule she swears by for a streamlined week. Counting is also continuing in Arizona, which had been called for Biden - but Trump is catching up as counting continues and Trump supporters have gathered outside a polling station.

Pattern glare is a neurological disorder where people feel discomfort when looking at particular patterns or designs. The accident happened on her father Shay's ranch, where he had been burning fence lines - a common farming practice to keep fences clear of weeds. Governor Tom Wolf warned 'we may not know the results today', tweeting there are more than a million ballots still to be counted amid fears it could take until Friday. London landlords are feeling the impact of Covid-19 with many being forced to slash rents amidst a glut of available properties within the capital. In an open letter published yesterday the archbishops said: 'First, let's be calm. Best in class Yahoo Mail, breaking local, national and global news, finance, sports, music, movies and more. Here's why most don't vote online. Pictured, the moody living area (top left); opulent gold bathroom complete with wall mosaic (top right); red and black kitchen (bottom right) and gold bedroom (bottom left). Humberside police later said they had been responding to reports of an assault and Mrs Angeli was subsequently 'de-arrested' and allowed home. Frustrated motorists reported delays of more than 90 minutes in the capital, with traffic on the North Circular alone stretching eight miles. North Carolina's election officials say that 94 per cent of their ballots have been counted, but the results will not be declared for a week as postal votes can arrive as late as November 12. While the results of the presidential contest have yet to be determined, Republicans had a shockingly good night in congressional contests. There were gasps of astonishment when Remainer Mrs May asked Brexit cheerleader Mr Johnson, her Foreign Secretary, to back her. Meanwhile, queues outside a Lakeside branch of Costco stretched 1,300ft earlier this week as desperate families waited to bulk buy items. Donald Trump rang Rupert Murdoch on Tuesday night to complain furiously about Fox News calling the result in Arizona, before any other network or outlet, according to Vanity Fair. FEMAIL takes a look at a range of purple gins available on shop shelves in the UK.


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