congo puffer fish for sale
They have so much personality that it is downright ridiculous. This species can be kept in a  group of 5 or more fish, although they should be fed heavily and given plenty of cover to avoid aggression. The Congo Tetra has a very beautiful shimmer that will captivate any eyes that watches it swim past the aquarium. Puffer Size. © 2020 Aqua-Imports |, Tissue Culture, Cupped & Misc. They’re pretty much a dog in a fish’s body. A fast moving and extremely active fish, they should be provided with plenty of open space in the aquarium and do best with the addition of some salt. It’s eating Crustaceans, little fish, mollusks and worms.

Congo Puffer Fish by Alima November 12, 2018 Tetraodon miurus congo puffer congo puffer or schoutedeni tetraodon miurus congo puffer rare freshwater aquarium spotted congo spotted congo puffer Provide additional cover in the form of smooth rocks (interestingly the puffer will often attempt to mimicthese), and driftwood pieces. Puffers also have several other interesting adaptations. In the wild, they use their powerful beak to feed on crustaceans, mollusks, and even other fish. Health Care. The Stars and Stripes or White Spotted Puffer is typically found in marine and reef habitats throughout the Indo Pacific, but like several other pufferfish species it occasionally ventures into brackish water areas like estuaries and lagoons and are able to adapt to salinity as low as 10ppt. It’s a famous delicacy in Japan, but is prepared only by highly-trained chefs, and even then many people have died from eating it. These fish were collected in mangrove swamp habitat in Negombo Lagoon, Sri Lanka, where salinity ranges from 10 – 18ppt. In the aquarium, we recommend a salinity of around 15ppt with a gradual increase as the fish approach adulthood. Red Spotted Puffers are very active and full…, Green Spotted Puffer (GSP) An online tropical fish store shipping across Canada, featuring over 700 species of fish for sale. With their small adult size, inquisitive nature, and interesting group dynamics, they are deservedly popular among nano aquarium keepers and they will do well in an aquascaped or planted tank.

Mine has a very sweet temperament, to the point that he’ll lay in my hand. My two puffers arrived healthy and are loving their new home. Spotted Headstander - Chilodus punctatus In the wild, they mainly inhabit clear water areas with moderate to low current and will do best in an aquarium with similar conditions.

Where to find Puffers and Snails for sale. Spotted Congo Pufferfish - Tetraodon schoutedeni. In the wild, they tend to inhabit fast-moving stretches of water with sandy substrate, where they bury themselves with only their upward-facing eyes and mouth visible. In the aquarium they are interesting if not particularly active fish, best kept in a species tank. It is not really safe to house this species with anything else! The Spotted Congo Puffer is one the few full freshwater puffers in the fish keeping hobby.


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