ruger gp100 7 shot problems

I personally own Ruger guns and have not had any similar issues, but I am disappointed how they handled this one. I hope I'm not breaking any forum rules, but is a terrific forum for Ruger products. I have to aim for the stomach area to hit the chest (third button area)!

Required fields are marked *. I had a chance to test all three versions with various loads ranging from mild-mannered .38 wadcutters all the way up to hot .357 Magnum loads for defense and hunting applications. This adds about a half-inch to the overall height of the 2.5-inch model, and the extra height offers additional space on the elastomer grip for very large hands.

San Francisco Garter Snake For Sale Uk, I consider it a little heavy for CCW.

my 357 rounds never jammed. It may not display this or other websites correctly. The 4.2-inch revolver rides the fence between the stubby 2.5-inch and the hefty six-inch version, and it might well be the most versatile revolver of the bunch. With the OEM front sight @ 25yds, it shot a man size TQ19 target in the face with Speer 158gr GDHP: agency duty ammo. Ruger is like nearly every other company out there these days, they let the customer do the R&D work. That was where I shot my first GP100. Ruger will need to create a new cylinder that fits all compliant ammo. I use Remington 125 grain SJHP ammo, or Remington 158 grain SJHP ammo, both green and white box.

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. The guy explained how it was done but pointed out that having one more round wasn’t worth the increased possibility of the gun jamming. There are many good points considering revolvers. It is accurate, well-balanced and fast handling. then after closing the cylinder and it sits for a minute the shell extractor sticks. As an example, I have worked up a heavy load using H110 powder and Hornady’s 125-grain XTP that develops 1,628 fps from my four-inch barrel GP100.

The rims measured larger than any other brass I have. I received my replacement Match Champion yesterday. Susannah Demaree Smith, Forget carrying this pistol concealed, though. A wipe down was all that was needed to bring the Ruger back to its previous state.

Ruger's GP100 revolver features a triple-locking cylinder that is locked into the frame at the front, rear and bottom for more positive alignment and dependable Very slick, 2 3/4 lb. The revolver was returned on 2/21.

ruger gp100 7 shot problems These included the 850 fps 148-grain wadcutter, a 110-grain JHP at over 1,000 fps and the 125-grain JHP at 959 fps. The tech that made the two SW's must of got fired and went to work for Ruger. any soloutions. I also have a S&W 686 Plus 7 shot and it runs like a top and is super accurate with a great trigger. But I discovered a huge giant problem in the design and sold it about 1 month after owning it.

In this smaller-is-better universe the GP100 2.5-inch seven-shot is a behemoth, weighing in at a stout 33.7 ounces on my digital scale and measuring roughly 5.5 inches tall with an overall length of eight inches.

Now the bad news .

Really people?

Bottom line; I like Rugers I feel better carrying it than a Taurus. Ruger Lcrx Review, Is Deep In The Heart Of Texas Public Domain,

The GP100 is the fastest handling, and most controllable, short-barrel Magnum I have fired.I began my test program with .38 Special ammunition. Velocity fell from the 1,383 fps exhibited in the four-inch revolver—par for the course with short barrel Magnums. Simple, they added a sentence in the owner's manual .... something like "Do Not dry fire unless a magazine is in place." This load never sticks in the cylinder or exhibits excess pressure signs. How did Ruger fix this issue? And my dad isn’t alone in his appreciation for the GP100’s many attributes. I've done the spring kit, shimmed the hammer and hammer dog.

Gun is heavy enough to handle even 180 OUTDOORSMAN well. The 4.2-inch model also offered the best single-action trigger pull at 3.8 pounds, and double-action trigger weight was 10.6 pounds. Come join the discussion about optics, hunting, gunsmithing, styles, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more!

The two GP100s I purchased were problem free when I received them, and still are. With their high production rates, and so many models, they need it. The revolver may also be placed against an adversary’s body and fired. (Though my handloads tend to run toward accuracy, not power.)

The GP100 frame has been used from .44 Special down to .22 LR the onset of the new 7 shot GP100 .357 there will be problems such as the case rim binding not allowing the cylinder to close with 7 cartridges that's been described already........but such a simple remedy use the brand of ammo that works not such a hard thing to do!!!

It must be awful facing starving competitors, soft demand, regulatory requirements and commodity cost inflation all while trying to make a profit; any profit. Most recently, Ruger upped the ante by adding an extra round to the GP100’s beefy cylinder. At roughly 45 feet those are pretty good numbers for this class or revolver, and the 2.5-inch GP100 really shines when shooting offhand at defensive distances. I put in in two .38s and a different .357. Fueling the new trend, Ruger introduced a seven-shot version of its popular GP100. i started cranking down the rear sight & ended up bottoming out.

I asked for some time to think about it. Some of the cocking force is used to move the hand and cylinder while the rest cocks and drops the hammer. The only thing that holds me back is the cost of 327 ammo and that I would properly have to have two more types of ammo ( 327 and 32SW long) to stock. sorry, but you were supposed to check on the Rugerforum before purchasing...…..or Greybeards ruger forum, too.

They twist in the hand, and muzzle flip is uncomfortable.

thank you johnny joyner

This is a classic example of "Band-Aid engineering" and is certainly not acceptable in my book.

I do have a Taurus 65 4″ I believe may be a better shooter BUTT that gun is better than than most. I’ve had several 6 shot models and I have a Redhawk 8 round but haven’t shot it. It wasn’t difficult to make fast hits using double-action pairs. I guess I got lucky. Filed Under: Pistols, Revolvers Tagged With: .357 Magnum, Buffalo Bore, Double Tap, Federal Ammunition, GP100, Hornady, revolver, Ruger. Something is wrong with Ruger's design and they did not mention this to us.

It may aid in concealment and makes the gun look more proportionally correct, but there’s still plenty of grip on this smallest GP100.

I’ve had my 7-round 2.5” GP100 for a few weeks now with no issues at all. The 4.2-inch barrel gives the gun an overall length of roughly 10 inches, and the extra length stretches the sight radius for improved accuracy.

But perhaps the most overlooked of all Ruger’s contributions to the world of modern firearms are his developments to improve the design of the double-action revolver.

I remember seeing a video on ghost loading an extra round in a Remington 870. Each gun was subjected to the standard test protocol of five five-shot groups with five separate loads, and each of these guns has its own personality and primary purpose. The .357 Magnum’s effectiveness on deer is a matter of opinion, but many hog hunters like the round (and they’ll really like having one more shot available).

I like the heft in a revolver.

and if you pop another one out that 10:00 round will seat just fine - the problem moves around whacka-a-mole style?

Review: Ruger GP100 7-Shot .357 Magnum Any list of the top American gun designers really must include Bill Ruger.

This type of shooting has saved many lives, including those confronted by animal attack. Logged Quote from: GeorgeHill on September 20, 2015, 08:18:34 pm If you compare the S&W 4" 6-shot 686 with the Ruger 4" GP100, you'll find less than an ounce difference in mass. The best group average at 25 yards measured just 1.8 inches, the same as the 2.5-inch model at 15 yards.

You Are A Badass Worksheets, 1996 Bass Tracker Pro Team 17 For Sale, I'm in my 70s and have owned, and still do, Ruger products. She offered to return it to me, or replace it with another GP100, of my choice. the problem I am have is when you close cylinder sometimes you have to push the cylinder pin in by hand. It’s a shame. Sturm, Ruger & Company wishes to assure its customers of its continued interest in providing service to owners of Ruger® firearms. How To Plant Irish Moss Between Stepping Stones, How Long Does It Take To Get A Paca License, Home Depot Donations For Eagle Scout Projects, Frigidaire Refrigerator Side By Side Troubleshooting, Is Deep In The Heart Of Texas Public Domain, No Connection Could Be Established To The Server Farming Simulator 2019 Xbox One, Puppies For Sale Under 100 Dollars In Ohio, There Are No Tv Plus Channels Available At The Moment, Tyler Perry Ruthless Episode 1 Dailymotion, Best Power Inverters For Semi Trucks 2020. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The Last Boy Scout Script, Prefer it over the SP101 with magnum rounds. I cant get over how much I like shoulder holster and cross draw over hip carry as I am sitting a lot. Ok to do what you are saying Ruger would have to completely redesign the GP100. Has been stated by one member that Blazer Brass .38 Special …. Countyline Oval Galvanized Stock Tank, The new seven-shot revolver is certain to be popular. These included the 850 fps 148-grain wadcutter, a 110-grain JHP at over 1,000 fps and the 125-grain JHP at 959 fps. Black Boy Part 2 Pdf, When Ruger was called and questioned, customer service gave him the same answer over and over.

8th Gen Civic Problems, Twenty .38s for every Magnum is a good standard. I’ll have to learn more about these.

I started noticing trouble with my front sight coming loose. Some of Ruger’s designs—like the Blackhawk, 10/22 and Mark I—set new standards for accuracy, safety and reliability in their respective classes. Will try additional brands of ammo.

Against bears, I would load the Buffalo Bore 180-grain loading, or one of my own handloads using a hard cast 175-grain SWC. I don't understand how this interference only appears when you insert the last round. And just like the other guns in the test, the medium-sized frame offers plenty of space to keep your thumbs well away from the cylinder gap when firing. They really intrigue me. Sure, the Ruger has a solid frame and a relatively easily removed trigger group - …

Love it! Login with username, password and session length. I've done the spring kit, shimmed the hammer and hammer dog.

The .003 each over 7 rounds resulted in two rounds not seating properly, thus cylinder not closing and when forcing won’t lock properly and difficulty unloading. Frigidaire Refrigerator Side By Side Troubleshooting,


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