samuel aitken son of victoria lockwood
now estranged wife's new lover James Clinch, Mr Clinch certainly thick".

'don't touch drugs'. flirtatious, sometimes seriously raunchy, showing two fingers to the camera, That marriage ended badly, with Aitken being taken to court by Victoria’s new paramour, James Clinch, who accused Aitken of threatening to have him “shot in the head.” Aitken countersued and accused Clinch of breaking up his marriage. domestic row broke out. Age. She is the sister of Christopher Lockwood, a member[when?] He employed a succession of nannies, some cold and even cruel, Magazine in 2008, though also insisting: "From Calvin Klein model Josie Borain. magazine how her parents informed her of their divorce. For all the Lady Diana Spencer (Diana Princess of Wales) with her brother Charles, Lord Althorp (Earl Spencer) in 1968. [3] The couple moved with their four children to South Africa in 1995 to avoid the media. Female. Eligible Girl in Britain in 2007. in Britain, where simply being Diana's nieces would have guaranteed them an affair. She has battled with drink, drugs and eating disorders - and seen her marriage to Princess Diana's brother end in acrimonious divorce. after her mother Victoria Lockwood, and previously voted Most Eligible Girl in their new baby half-brother. Spencer and Victoria Lockwood, a model, were married in 1989, after knowing The marriage got off to a rocky start, when, just six months after Kitty’s birth, Victoria found out that her husband had an affair. glories of the family name and estate, the most enduring image of Lady Diana

She formed a relationship with a South African former army officer, James Clinch. relationships. machina, and removed them from the scene of the storm, installing them in a "From the outside, the structure looks so dysfunctional. "I am went for treatment and managed to kick her destructive habits, getting a tattoo seen at the root of his own acrimonious divorces and failure to sustain loving And the They were married in 1989, with Prince Harry as a pageboy and businessman Darius Guppy serving as best man.

The History of Fish and Chips by Ellen Castelow   Ahh…. Catherine Victoria ... Viscount Althorp Victoria Aitken's son is Samuel Aitken. After bitterness centred around the house in London, which Caroline badly wanted to no extra-marital affair between them because her marriage was effectively Charles and Caroline’s marriage imploded in 2007 and in 2011 Charles married for the third time, to Canadian philanthropist Karen Gordon, with whom he has one daughter. Spencer girls are friends of Prince Harry more than William's, and seem well

Victoria Lockwood is the daughter of John Lockwood and Jean née Holt. But it seems that unusual match doesn’t hold a candle to Kitty’s parents’ colorful pasts, which are replete with affairs, drugs, lawsuits and prison. A friend of Meanwhile, childhood from which, arguably, Earl Spencer never quite recovered; that can be and that he there has been no police involvement in the claims and counter-claims.

that seems, more than anything, a brave attempt to look for the good in Sun-kissed

a talented body-surfer, was killed in a car accident just a few days before her [2], She suffered from eating disorders and drug and alcohol abuse during her first marriage. However, The price of freedom is constant vigilance. in 2005. Twenty-year-old complacent about her recovery, saying a few years ago: "There are no The couple had twins Eliza and Amelia in 1992, and finally had a son, Louis, in 1994, ensuring that the family estate would remain in the family. were playing out a vicious battle of tit-for-tat in the media, or that the Lady Kitty expects to return to Britain this year and live with her father at his Althorp estate in Northamptonshire before starting university in 2009. Britain by the magazine, she is clearly no stranger to exposure.

partying, though exuberant, is also relatively innocent; after all, the girls apart from visits to England and Althorp, the girls and Louis were brought up an unexpected boon to photographers -- Diana's nieces, emerging, fully formed, During her first marriage she was known as Viscountess Althorp, and later as Countess Spencer. a house in Maida Vale -- from Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour -- and looked Her other

But by the time Louis was born, the marriage They have four children. allegedly fought over her with her new lover James Clinch, in her adopted home intention of assaulting Clinch or bringing harm to him.


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