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Liesel's father was taken away by the Nazis for being a Communist, and Paula meets the same fate. Tommy is generally helpless and relies on the support of his friend Rudy Steiner. Max was a fist-fighter growing up, and as a teenager he resolves not to die without a fight. Robert dies at the Battle of Stalingrad, and Michael returns with a bloodied hand. Woman from the foster care agency who facilitates the transfer of Liesel to the Hubermanns. Historical Fuhrer of Nazi Germany. Liesel's six-year-old brother who dies at the beginning of the book. "Rudy was carrying two buckets of cold water, or as he put it, two buckets of future ice...he poured the water onto the road in the exact position where Otto would pedal around the corner," (Zusak 162). ( Log Out /  At one point, Franz viciously beats Rudy up in the street for throwing a rock at his head. With time, we can see Rudy’s innocence evolve. The movie Rudy (1993) Asked by jjackson1313 on 20 Dec 08:28 Last updated by Cat on 09 May 03:39 1 Answers Log in to answer. Indoctrinated by Nazi propaganda, Hans Jr. is ashamed of his father's kindness towards the Jews and accuses him of being a coward for not supporting Hitler. A tool box can represent the symbol of a working man and his responsibilities, while a bear is childish and innocent. Death states, “How things have changed, from fruit stealer to bread giver” (Zusak, 440), which shows that Rudy came to a realization that there are other people who have it worse. “Mistakes? By the end of the novel, Liesel has come to love Rudy as well; Rudy dies in an air raid at the end of the novel, and Liesel kisses his corpse. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Frau Holtzapfel is emotionally ruined by the death of one of her sons, and after Michael commits suicide, she quietly awaits Death. This is a rare moment in the novel where we get to see the true Rosa Hubermann. Erik taught Hans to play the accordion, and Hans' accordion was originally Erik's. Rudy is comforting the pilot in his last moments even though he is on the other side. Hans and Rosa's only son. He returns home and later commits suicide, unable to live with the guilt of having lived while his brother died. The pilot was dying and Rudy gave him a stuffed bear. GradeSaver, 30 November 2009 Web. Viktor is the one who throws Liesel's book into the freezing cold Amper River.

In The Book Thief, one of the many characters who demonstrate traits of innocence is Rudy, Liesel’s best friend and partner in crime. One of Liesel's teachers, a nun who delivers corporal punishment to insolent students. The Book Thief Characterization Rudy Steiner. Liesel's mother, who gives her up for adoption by the Hubermann's at the beginning of the novel. Rudy has a range of character traits, so picking just one song for him was quite a task. "'If we're fast, we won't get caught.' Max's father who served in World War I with Hans. A skilled house painter by trade, Hans is horrified by the Nazis' persecution of the Jews, and he brings scrutiny to himself by painting over anti-Semitic slurs on Jewish-owned homes and businesses. Max's best friend. Rosa has a tough face, but actually has a kind and accepting identity. We were able to immediately sympathise and warm up to him as one of the first things we learned of him was about the Jesse Owens incident when he ran around with his painted black skin. Liesel meets Rudy in the beginning of the book as just some neighbor, but quickly becomes his best friend.

Walter and Max began as fighting partners growing up, but soon became friends. In the early stages of the Holocaust, Walter helps Max hide from the Nazis and arranges for Max to stay at Hans Hubermann's. Ilsa gives Liesel a blank book and encourages her to write, and not to live the rest of her life in despair. At a makeshift hospital, he sees his brother Robert die. Rudy said it was to soothe a crying child if they were caught in the act, which showed he still has a caring trait, but it also became a representation of his innocence. Erik saves Hans' life by volunteering him for a writing assignment on the day he and everyone else in his regiment are killed in battle. Liesel's best friend. Ultimately, Liesel learns the power of words to influence humans to act towards both good and evil as she experiences the beauty and the brutality of humanity.

Over the course of the novel, she befriends Max, the Jew who arrives to hide from the Nazis in the Hubermanns' basement, and falls in love with Rudy Steiner, her best friend.

The Book Thief study guide contains a biography of Markus Zusak, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. I see their ugly and their beauty, and I wonder how the same can be both” (Zusak, 491). As Liesel comes to realize, by giving her daughter away, Paula saves her from persecution. Rudy Steiner, a German boy living during the Holocaust.

One of six Steiner children, Rudy is gallant and impetuous -- he is best known for painting his face black and running around a track imitating Jesse Owens.

Their friendship grows very deep, and Liesel reads to Max every night when he falls comatose. One of six Steiner children, Rudy is gallant and impetuous -- he is best known for painting his face black and running around a track imitating Jesse Owens. Death is the narrator. Rudy Steiner: "Insane or not, Rudy was always destined to be Liesel's best friend." Rudy's father, a tailor who does not hate the Jews, but was somewhat relieved when the Jewish tailors competing with him were driven out of town. Summarize with key details and support with textual evidence. An older boy who introduces Liesel and Rudy to the gang of thieves when Arthur Berg was their leader. Rudy Steiner exhibits the trait kindness in the end of the book.

A last image of innocence for the boy with the yellow hair. Hitler’s Birthday, 1940: Explain the ‘shiver’ that arrives through the window. Chazelle, Damien ed. Death is "haunted" by humans and unable to reconcile humanity's capacity for evil with humanity's capacity for good. I’ve made many mistakes in my life, but not joining the Nazi Party isn’t one of them.

After the war, Alex, who has lost his entire family in a bombing raid, reopens his store and is kept company by Liesel. One of Frau Holtzapfel's sons, Michael served in the German Army in the Battle of Stalingrad, where his hand was severely wounded. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Liesel and Rudy knock him off his bicycle and rob him. It is November 1940 and Max is 24. They are in love, but unable to express it, which upholds their innocent identities. Papa looked up. Going to the bombing shelter, Rudy brought the teddy bear in his red tool box which can be a little ironic.

The narrator, Death, recognized the irony by saying, “The consequence of this is that I’m always finding humans at their best and worst.

Rudy seems like Hitler 's "Aryan ideal" – he is blonde, blue-eyed, and an exceptional… read analysis of Rudy Steiner

When Rudy decided he had enough of getting mistreated from either bullies or the Nazi Army (when they took his father away from him), he was set on a mission to take something back. Introduced by Death as "The Book Thief," Liesel is nine at the beginning of the novel, when her younger brother dies and she is given up by her mother to live with Hans and Rosa Hubermann in the small town of Molching. When we are first introduced to him, Rudy was very young and playful. Also unlike Arthur, Viktor is very domineering and cruel to the others; he savagely beats Rudy for his insolence.

It’s a reflection on adulthood, and the responsibility of caring for others as well. A classmate of Liesel's. Rudy was to resort to stealing food and thus became a criminal. Death's duty is to carry away the souls of the recently departed, which it has apparently done for millenia. Rosa constantly calls Hans Saukerl, though it is not an insult, for them it is a term of endearment. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account.

He saw it happen to Hans Hubermann who got whipped. It was shown first through his lack of knowledge, second through realization of his beliefs and lastly, through his actions based on his beliefs. But, when it came down to it, "The Man" by Aloe Blacc just seemed to fit him the best. Alex refuses to let Rudy be inducted into an Army training academy and is punished with conscription.

This innocence was represented through the contrast of two totally different concepts coming together, whether that is through English soldier and the German citizen or a matter of life and death. While he understands that people are in worse situations, the people who are fortunate to be blessed with their prosperity and carefree lifestyle never give back. He'd make Otto fall and take his food basket when he was on the ground that was meant for priests. He has yellow hair, blue eyes, sharp teeth, he's bony, and he's thin. Max survives the camp, however, and reunites with Liesel shortly after the war's end. "He placed the smiling teddy bear cautiously onto the pilot's shoulder," (Zusak 490). A neighbor of the Hubermanns who has feuded with Rosa for a long time, spitting on the Hubermanns' door on a daily basis. A classmate of Liesel's who delivers food to the church every week. Rudy and Liesel’s relationship is a major aspect of the theme innocence, and helps create Rudy’s identity throughout the novel. When Hans goes off to war, Rosa would sit up at night and hold Hans’ accordion to her chest and pray. Later, on a truck, he demands that Hans switch seats with him; when the truck crashes, Reinhold is dead. Death describes Rosa as a good woman for a crisis: she maintains order in the household through difficult times, but her spirit is steadily beat down by several the events in the novel, e.g. Liesel's silver-eyed foster father. Nonetheless, an uninformed Rudy Steiner did it and became Owens’ legacy within the small town of Molching. His affections for Liesel strengthen their friendship as they go on their many adventures. Rudy’s innocence and its evolution are shown mainly by contrasting two ideas in The Book Thief. Another soldier, Michael Holtzapfel, tells Rosa that he heard that Hans Jr. is still alive, but no other indication is given about Hans Junior's ultimate fate. Also, Rudy’s love for Liesel also shows their innocence. A shop owner who catches Rudy for trying to steal a potato and threatens to call the police, but lets him go when he is convinced of how poor Rudy is. One of Frau Holtzapfel's sons. In its line of work, Death tries to focus on colors as a way of distracting itself from the survivors of those who have died. A 23-year-old member of Hans' Air Raid Special Unit. A squat woman who makes some money doing laundry for wealthy neighbors, Rosa has a fiery attitude and frequently employs profanity, especially towards those whom she loves. Frau Holtzapfel agrees to stop this practice if Liesel will read to her on a regular basis. We were able to immediately sympathise and warm up to him as one of the first things we learned of him was about the Jesse Owens incident when he ran around with his painted black skin.

Despite being a small guy, Rudy is determined to play football for Notre Dame. In the beginning of the book, Rudy was a mischievous character.

Rudy is a young boy who's a little older than Liesel.

This occurred in Nazi Germany, so this opposed many of the ideas that much of Germany stood for. It’s very heartbreaking in the end of the novel when Rudy’s innocence is shown even in his death, as he was sleeping with his youngest sister.


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