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The series first aired on February 20, 1995, and the shorts were promoted as World Premiere Toons. The Toon-In was simulcast on Cartoon Network, TBS Superstation, and TNT. For awhile he enjoys the free franks until beating the record becomes too much even for him. 2020All Rights Reserved.

in 1996. From 2000 to 2003, The Cartoon Cartoon Show featured new episodes and reruns of the full-series Cartoon Cartoons, interspersed with premieres and reruns of the Cartoon Cartoon pilot shorts (some of which were retconned WAC! A flea named Flick has a personal agenda with a local performer, a poodle named Shake, in an anachronistic. Sent by Zen and his Space Council, Maktar's mission is to conquer Earth. Cartoon Hillbilly Doctor.

Kitty Bobo wants to prove that he's cool by getting a cell phone. On the Dexter's Laboratory episode, "Chubby Cheese", an animatronic Paw Rugg is seen playing the xylophone during Chubby's song.

Pizza Boy must deliver a pizza from his dad Kocoum to. Pfish (a shark) and Chip (a short-tempered lynx) attempt to stop the squeaky-laughing Mad Bomber while the Chief naps.

Do you love Hillbilly Blue, or do you think it is the worst cartoon ever?

: No. The episode "Woodpecked" is available on the DVD Saturday Morning Cartoons 1960's vol. A rat named O. Ratz and his fly companion, Dave D. Fly, try to find a place to stay for the night during winter in the city. Courage the Cowardly Dog (spun off from the Oscar-nominated short The Chicken from Outer Space) followed as the final spin-off in 1999. The Hillbilly Bears is an animated television series produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions which aired as a segment on The Atom Ant/Secret Squirrel Show from October 2, 1965 to September 7, 1967. They did not compete against one another. The Powerpuff Girls fight to stop Fuzzy Lumpkins' plot to turn everything into meat. Classic duo George and Junior attempt to fix a lightbulb an angry pigeon keeps breaking. "You were the one who wanted to colonize another planet. Two pilots entitled King Crab: Space Crustacean and Thrillseeker, respectively dated 1999 and 2000, was also retconned into The Cartoon Cartoon Show anthology. After venturing away from Harley Gators watch, Hard Luck Duck is a hungry fox's target to be cooked. Country banjo player.

Sumo the Japanese fighting bear is on his way to the circus when he falls out of the truck when it hits a bump. Meanwhile, Melvin's mother aids a criminal after being unable to meet with her son. In addition, the Cow and Chicken short I Am Weasel eventually was also spun off into a separate series: in all, six cartoon series were ultimately launched by the What a Cartoon! As a result, the worm becomes paranoid and angered at the human race, seeking revenge. A construction crew is attempting to evict Maw and Paw Rugg out of their house so they can put in a new highway; however, the Ruggs are content to stay right where they are. various nationalities, race, and gender. The shorts were produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions; by the end of the run, a Cartoon Network Studios production tag was added to some shorts to signal they were original to the network. Cartoons (2008), The Meth Minute 39 (Channel Frederator, 2008),[18] The Cartoonstitute (Cartoon Network, 2009/unfinished), Too Cool!

When Luther tries to turn it in to the city museum for ten million dollars, he finds out just how harsh the consequences are. Paw and Maw Rugg appeared in Yogi's Treasure Hunt. Each "Looney Tunes length" (7 minutes) short would debut, by itself, as a stand-alone cartoon on Cartoon Network.

Yuckie Duck works as a paramedic, but does more harm than good to his patients. He must remember that if it says "Don't Touch", don't touch. A boy named Kenny, and his pet chimpanzee, Chimpy, must watch Professor XXXL's disease laboratory while he's away. She manages to make it onto the school bus without being photographed, but her "freaky" family grabs the camera and jumps on the family multi-seater bicycle for a mortifying chase to catch up with her. ", "I love the way it blurs the boundary between inside and out. A woodpecker is disturbing Maw's beauty rest; Paw and Shag try to get rid of it, but it outwits them at every turn.

Please send us a quick note with your additions or corrections to this page, and we will make the corrections as soon as possible! [6], Many of its crew members later went on to write and direct for Dexter's Laboratory, Johnny Bravo, Cow and Chicken, I Am Weasel, and The Powerpuff Girls, including those named above. You can watch this episode today on your computer. Grandpa wants to shoot some Hoppers not knowing that Paw has just ended the feud with them. [23] Nevertheless, J. G. Quintel's Regular Show short and Peter Browngardt's Secret Mountain Fort Awesome were greenlit to become full series. Part 17", "Blog History of Frederator's original cartoon shorts. The two pilots were later compiled into The Cartoon Cartoon Show, while both shorts eventually garnered their own series, Mike, Lu & Og in 1999 and Codename: Kids Next Door in 2002. When he's finished Maw makes Paw play a Robin Hood game with Shag even though he is very tired. This results in Paw shooting on the wall with his gun the sentence "I luv you Maw". "William Hanna; Innovator in Television Cartooning With Joseph Barbera", "SHOWS FOR YOUNGSTERS AND THEIR PARENTS TOO : Cartoon Network stars a hen from outer space; 'Human Animal' explores our needs on TLC", "SHOWS FOR YOUNGSTERS AND THEIR PARENTS TOO : Lions of Botswana roam TBS; 'Old Yeller' comes home to Disney; in orbit with Nick's 'Space Cases, "What a Cartoon! In 1998, Sam Register, who was Cartoon Network's vice president at the time, took over What a Cartoon!, and two years later, turned them into The Cartoon Cartoon Show. The Corps launched a prolonged Guerrilla mailing campaign, targeting animation heavyweights and critics leading up to the launch of World Premiere Toons. She runs off when the Ruggs get home with an idea for a movie. Please help support BCDB with a donation or a subscription to the website.Be sure to note your username in your donation and we will remove all ads on the site!

Crawdad Eustace is fed-up with being treated as food and goes with possum pal Mordechai on a cross-country trip to New Orleans. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to be receiving many important calls, thereby reducing his cool factor, so he begins to fake incoming calls. This cartoon follows the wild world of Trevor Braithwaite whose doodles dance right off the page. Johnny Bravo tries to score with a zookeeper girl by capturing a runaway gorilla. High Res: 1892x2000 (unwatermarked) Tags: Maw sends Paw and Shag to hunt for a rabbit for dinner. [6] The show's initial premieres for each short preceded Cartoon Network's Sunday night movie block, Mr. Spim's Cartoon Theatre. ended its run in 1997, Fred Seibert left Hanna-Barbera in 1997 to launch Frederator Studios. Sexy Brunette Cowgirl. Maw tries to wake up Paw from his between-naps rest period so he can go to the store for her; then music producers offer Paw a lifetime music contract after hearing him play the guitar in the store. Its plot follows the mishaps of a clumsy water-phobic cactus who helps save her family from a deadly drought at Cyclone Ranch. In 2006, the programming was expanded to also include non-Cartoon Cartoons that were regularly shown on the network, such as Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Camp Lazlo, My Gym Partner's a Monkey, and Squirrel Boy.

", "Thanks, Chuck, I admire your NASCARness also. and spin-offs were the final original productions released by Hanna-Barbera. Aliens capture Paw and take him back to their planet for observation. Starting with WAC! Cartoons (Cartoon Hangover, 2016). [8] It has been rumored that John Kricfalusi was slated to direct several new What a Cartoon! [10], Inspired by Seibert's interest in the modern rock posters of Frank Kozik, each of the shows' creators worked with the internal Hanna-Barbera Creative Corps Creative Director Bill Burnett, and Senior Art Director Jesse Stagg to craft a series of high quality, limited edition, fluorescent art posters. Playing next. A greedy guy named Luther discovers the Paradox Pearl, which brings him good luck, but not without consequences.

2. ", "All of our menu items have a tobacco-juice base. shorts. H00615-94032, Larry and Steve / Created, Written & Directed by Seth MacFarlane", "What a Cartoon!

Maw sends Paw down to the creek to take a bath, even though he just took one last year and does not think he needs another one; but when he gets to the creek he finds it has gone dry due to a pesky beaver that has built a dam. After What a Cartoon!

This cartoon follows the misadventures of an eccentric old woman who tries to replace her long lost children by dressing up her cat and dog in human clothes.


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