victor mclaglen siblings

Victor Mclaglen grew up in a big family. American actress, Kristen Johnston height, weight. They had one daughter: Phoebe Gladys Matthews. However, much to his chagrin, he was stationed at Windsor Castle with the Life Guards and was later forced to leave the army when his true age was discovered. [1] He was known as a character actor, particularly in Westerns, and made seven films with John Ford and John Wayne.McLaglen won the Academy Award for Best Actor in 1935 for his role in The Informer..

He died at the age of 72 because of heart attack. His father Andrew later became the Titular Bishop of Claremont, Cape Town, in South Africa, but never went back over there as the poverty in London was where he felt he ought to be to help. The audience were watching a silent film but it did not stop them from complaining about the bad language! Victor Andrew de Bier Everleigh McLaglen (10 December 1886 – 7 November 1959) was a British-American film actor. Victor Mclaglen was physically active in his teens; he was much stronger than his peers. Of course, Victor Mclaglen worked out a lot to look so ripped. American actress, Even strong men like Oscar De La Hoya has weaknesses, Carly Simon’s height, weight.

Four years later, he moved to Canada, where he earned a living as a wrestler and heavyweight boxer, with several notable wins in the ring. He participated in First World War and is considered as its veteran. 1919 - 48 Rustic Newton Including Nonantum Or North Village, Newton, Massachusetts, USA, Dec 10 1886 - Royal Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom, Nov 7 1959 - Newport Beach, United States, Dec 10 1886 - Stepney, East London, England, Nov 7 1959 - Newport Beach, California, United States, Andries Andrew Carel Albertus Andrew Charles McLaglen, Lillian Lily Marion Lillie McLaglen, 1886 Nov Dec - Mile End Road, London, England, United Kingdom, 1959 this is over seventy years after birth! Victor Mclaglen was physically active in his teens; he was much stronger than his peers.

Son of Andrew Charles McLaglen and Lillian Marian McLaglen

McLaglen was born in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

Victor Mclaglen used to be impressively strong, his stature was perfect and it seemed that he consisted of bones and muscles only. He took part in a number of fights on the ring and won many of them, including the fight against Jack Johnson, a heavyweight champion. Copyright Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

He had 8 siblings: Victor Mclaglen, Arthur Robert Hoffman McLaglen and 6 other siblings. He was an immediate success in "The Call of theRoad" (1920), and this film was shown at The Abbeydale Picture House in Sheffield,;UK when the Picture house opened in 1920 and then again 95 years later, in 2015, which was the same venue that it received it's premier! Victor Mclaglen starred in a number of great films like “The Captain Hates the Sea”, “Under Two Flags”, “Around the World in 80 Days” and many others. After participating in World War I Victor settled in England and started his acting career. It is hard to tell now, where the star was born. Victor McLaglen ... Other siblings included Frederick, Sydney, Lewis, and a sister, Lily. Then he moved to Canada and then started career of a boxer there. Later in Canada he continued to work on farms and as a Prize Winning Boxer, and as gold prospector in Australia. Before WW1 his ambition was to become the World Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the world, and as a professional boxer he once lasted six rounds against Jack Johnson, the world champion, in 1908. Father of Andrew Victor Mclaglen and Private Instead he became a regimental boxing champion before his family found him and brought him home. Born in Mile End Road London on December 11, 1886, the eldest of a clergyman's eight sons, and a sister, he joined the Life Guards in 1900 pretending to be 18 and in the hope of serving in the Boer War, but he was in fact not sent out of England. One of his most famous fights was against Heavyweight Champion Jack Johnson, in a 6 round exhibition bout. Date of Death: 7 November, 1959 (Aged: 72), Weight: Unknown, but approximately 90 kg (198 pounds). Born in Mile End Road London on December 11, 1886, the eldest of a clergyman's eight sons, and a sister, he joined the Life Guards in 1900 pretending to be 18 and in the hope of serving in the Boer War, but he was in fact not sent out of England.

Arthur also made many other sculptures and another one was of his brother Victor who had won the Oscar for Best Actor in 1935 for his part in the John Ford film, "The Informer", So Arthur made a sculpture of "Gippo", the part Victor played.

Victor Mclaglen grew up in a big family. Four of his brothers also became actors: Arthur, an actor and sculptor, and Clifford, Cyril and Kenneth. All Rights Reserved. He was acting together with John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara , Ward Bond, Harry Carey and Ben Johnson amongst many other friends and fellow actors including his brother Cyril McLaglen.

The great sports enthusiast, he had spent $40, 000 to build a stadium in the suburb of Los Angeles.


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