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The following men served as president of the VFA between its establishment in 1877 and its merger with the VSFL in 1994. The East Melbourne Cricket Club was formed by former Scotch College boys in about 1857 as the Abbotsford Cricket Club, but changed its name to East Melbourne Cricket Club a few years later as part of a successful bid to play at the East Melbourne Cricket Ground. [68], VFL Radio is produced by BPM Media who broadcast live at least one game a week during the regular season plus each day of the finals series. This included Laurie Nash, Bob Pratt and Ron Todd, who were in the primes of their careers and were considered amongst the best players in the country. The captains on each side toss for choice of goal; the side losing the toss has the kick-off from the centre point between the goals. The day on which the replay was held was actually reserved for a possible Grand Final. 2.

The league evolved from the former Victorian Football Association (VFA), and has been known by its current name since 1996. The VFA/VFL operated a seconds or reserves competition from the 1920s, initially emerging from the Victorian Junior Football Association. Wharehousemen More information on the features that make Australian Rules distinctive, is found under the heading: "Features of the Game" (below).

The order-off rule was dispensed with after two seasons. From 1877 until 1887, the premiership was a title given to the best performing team, determined largely by press consensus. I would certainly have preferred to see the representatives of the grand old Melbourne win ... purely upon their superior prowess as players. However, whichever scoring method had been used, the result would have been the same. The following eight clubs as Senior Clubs:Albert Park, Carlton, Carlton Imperials, East Melbourne, Hotham, Melbourne, St Kilda, and University. Stanga - you've got 54 who am I missing, or what have I got wrong? Clubs competing against each other in 1890 were: Albert Park Imperial, Burwood, Camberwell, Crescent, Cromwell, Edlington, Hanover, Kew Juniors, Lewisham, Lyndhurst, Moray Juniors, Moonee Ponds 2nds, North Melbourne, Pembrooke, South Park, South Yarra Grosvenor, Star of Camberwell, Wakefield, Weinberg and Woodstock. [35], In 1981, new VFA president Alan Wickes attempted to rectify the decline with further expansion: the VFA expanded further into the outer suburbs to twenty-four teams in 1983, adding Springvale, Moorabbin, Kilsyth and Berwick, and Wickes had a vision of expanding to thirty teams with an additional lower division which could affiliate more directly with the top tiers of suburban football; but (with the exception of Springvale), the new second division teams did little to reinvigorate the competition, and the clubs rejected any further expansion.[36]. When the East Melbourne Football Club disbanded, the East Melbourne Cricket Club enticed the Essendon Football Club over to the East Melbourne ground. The regional senior clubs struggled to be financially viable in the statewide competition, with Traralgon and Murray lasting only two and three years respectively. The stab kick (or stab pass) was devised in the early days of the 20th century, probably by Collingwood players during a 1902 tour of Tasmania, where weak opposition teams led Collingwood players to experiment. The Victorian Football Association was the top Victorian competition in Australian rules football from 1877 until 1896, and has been the second-tier Victorian competition since. At the time, the VFL was looking at national expansion (ultimately becoming the Australian Football League in 1990) and Andersen's executive committee believed that the VFA could fill a new role as top state level league in Victoria when this happened; however, it believed that the VFA would need to be rationalised to a competition of twelve financially stable teams for this to occur. [12][page needed], The North Melbourne Football Club was formed in 1869 but before the start of the 1876 season the club amalgamated with Albert Park, one of the first non-geographical amalgamations. The ball, while still in play, must under no circumstances, be thrown.

You’re going to have 35 on an (AFL) list. Of course, this didn't happen and Rugby League's offside rule was seen as the major reason why the talks broke down.[41].

Charles Leski Auctions' catalogue of their public auction No.316 (conducted on 12/13 December 2007); Charles Leski Auctions' list of prices realised. [24] The Footballer provides readers with an insight into the early days of the game. Despite the rationalisation to its twelve strongest teams and improved television coverage, the financial position of the competition and the vast majority of its clubs remained perilous into the early 1990s, and it was clear that the VFA was no longer a viable independent body in the long term. The VSFL intended that each statewide under-18s team would be affiliated with a VFL club, so embarked upon a period of expansion to represent the four under-18s teams from country Victoria, as well as Tasmania (which was represented in the competition for a period of time). [58], Attendances are small by AFL standards, and generally less than the SANFL and WAFL, with an average of between 500 and 1,000 in attendance.
Except where umpires appointed, opposing captain to adjudicate. The following played starring roles for Essendon during this golden era: J. Anderson, S. Angwin, W. Ball,[h] Colin Campbell, Alf Carter, W. E. Chadwick, A. Christian, L. Clarke, Don Coleman, Bill Crebin, Alec Dick (captain), Bill Finlay, Bill Fleming, Charlie "Tracker" Forbes, H. Furrell, Barney Grecian, Alex "Joker" Hall, Rev. The 1859 rules made provision for marking but they were usually taken on the chest or, sometimes, on the shoulder or with the hands outstretched but with the feet still firmly on the ground. This was not really a finals system and was only tried for one season. An additional reserves affiliation option, under which AFL clubs were allowed to spread their reserves players across all of the league's VFL clubs rather than into a single aligned club, will be introduced from the 2021 season.[47]. Royal Park In 1954 3AK began broadcasting VFA games, albeit only for a season or two. Their only loss in 1900 was by 5 points to Williamstown. Wills, a renowned cricketer, was secretary of the MCC at the time. Rule 6 of the rules drawn up in 1859 state that the ball should be bounced every 10 or 20 yards (9.14 to 18.29 metres). The match of the week and most finals continued to be televised live in Melbourne by the ABC until 2014,[50] and since 2015 by the Seven Network as a lead-in to its AFL coverage. The VFA was formed in 1877 and is the second-oldest Australian rules football league, replacing the loose affiliation of clubs that had been the hallmark of the early years of the game.

[85] Following the 2017 season, the competition was reconfigured to affiliate teams more closely with AFL clubs. It includes the results of all matches and a full and comprehensive listing of all contemporary teams, Senior, Public School, Junior, Minor, Country and School Clubs. Of course, rules continued (and still continue) to evolve.


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