dbz kai ocean dub
[5] The dub was mentioned again in Episode 28 by actor Paul Dobson, who stated Ocean Productions was responsible for it.[6]. Though the dub has never been officially announced, various leaks through actors, crew members, government agencies and individuals outside of its production, have confirmed its existence. While there are some Calgary (Blue Water) actors on the cast, the bulk of it should be the Vancouver cast (Ocean). ", Lee Tockar on Twitter: "After nearly 2 years I'm finally able 2 announce that I M playing Frieza in the new Ocean group version of Dragon Ball Kai coming out soon!! [9] He had played Tien and Oob in the Blue Water dubs of Dragon Ball and GT. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [11][12][13] Steele later responded to emails about the Kai track, saying it was produced sometime in 2009 and that he was not sure if it was the final version. [3][4] Morrow had previously played Goku in the final batch of episodes in the Canadian Z dub. [Notes 2] There it was revealed that David Steele, a prolific session musician in Vancouver, was the performer behind it.

Opening to Alternate/Ocean English Dub of “Dragon Ball Kai”? Video Post-Production:

I heart Gohan! Scott McNeil confirms no Buu arc so far in Ocean Kai. His comment was the first indication this production would use talent from both Vancouver, British Columbia and Calgary, Alberta - the cities that individually played host to the earlier Canadian Dragon Ball dubs. Dragon Ball Z Kai (Ocean Dub) Please enable JavaScript to pass antispam protection!Here are the instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser http://www.enable-javascript.com.Antispam by CleanTalk. Temporarily replaced but got to do lots more. Comment 2427, List of CRTC Canadian Program Recognition Numbers, Brian Drummond on Twitter: "Beats me...Maybe we made it solely for some crazy rich #DBZ superfan's private collection. [21] This was the first time Dragon Ball Kai had been publicly acknowledged by any branch of the company. As far as I know, the Ocean group dub is going to have this really shitty music (some of which I have heard) and a whole host of added sound effects such as "doinks" and "boinks" and even in one scene, where Bulma simply turns her head in a conversation you hear a "whoosh" sound ala a bad martial arts movie. [11][12][13] Steele later responded to emails about the Kai track, saying it was produced sometime in 2009 and that he was not sure if it was the final version.

When CSC Media's Kix channel broadcast the Funimation dub of. In the early 2000s, European Dragon Ball distributor AB Groupe was believed to have paid Ocean to continue production on Z, as well to create new dubs for Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball GT through its Calgary, Alberta-based sister company, Blue Water Studios. In 2013, actor Scott McNeil stated during a Q&A session at a convention that the dub of Kai had "finished" and that they had not started recording for the Final Chapters portion of the show. It's believed the specifics of that are incorrect, as the first block of Kai consists of 98 episodes and their work on the series has never aired in the U.S.[18][19] The two musicians had previously created music for the AB Groupe Z production.


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