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As a result, only designs 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8 and 9 were open for discussion. She didn’t like the chin on design 9: it was “too large” and the “wrong shape.” She found design 6 had a “lot of character, weathering in the face”, but did not get an “immediate likeness” from design 8. Ron serves on the board of The Quincy Jones Foundation Music Consortium, The Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation, and has produced campaigns for other organizations including Music Rising, The NARAS Foundation, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, and the Kidspace Children's Museum. Role: Art Director / Designer Creative Director: Ron Taft Photography: Ron Taft Art Director: Andy Choi. He also pointed out that design 6 was “the splitting image” of one of the paintings from the source materials. Sorry, full access to our website is available to Only! This design worked extremely well in appealing to a variety of recording artists, producers and musicians inasmuch as numerous recipients have commented on how they had framed the poster for their homes and studios—exactly the result we were looking for.

Vulgar and/or abusive comments will not be tolerated. We created an advertising campaign for this tounge-in-cheek underwear brand that included print ads, posters, party invites, packaging and a microsite. Donald Scarinci was second, and simply stated that he felt that the CFA was “right on the money” in recommending design 10, as it presented a “more accurate presidential” view of Taft, a “big guy” before and after his term in office. He said he favored design 3 “slightly.”, Michael Olson saw design 3 to depict Wilson “younger than his presidency,” and found it in “direct competition” with design 6, but commented that the shading in design 6 was “not complimentary.”, Mike Ross noted that Wilson was our “most professorial” president, and saw in design 5 a sense of energy as Wilson appears to be “judging the world.”, Donald Scarinci noted Wilson’s head was “tilted down” in design 2, and that design 6 was “more professorial.”. The committee members cast their votes as follows, with their official recommendation for design candidate 1. It was challenging to design a piece that has a contemporary feel while maintaining classical, timeless overtones. Dr. Doreen Bolger felt that design 1 had the best combination, “capturing his appearance as a large man,” and saw a “glazed or vacant” look in the eyes of designs 5 and 10. Chairman Gary Marks felt that the image in design 4 “just isn’t Taft,” and thought the eyes in design 5 looked “a little vacant,” whereas design 1 showed “something going on behind the eyes.”. award design and casting / art direction: Ron Taft / client: Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation. Become a Member today and get benefits listed below. He suggested moving the glasses from design 3 onto design 6. Representing the Mint were Kaarina Budow, Don Everhart, Andy Fishburn, Greg Weinman, and Ron Harrigal. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 1987 Vinyl release of Canciones De Mi Padre on Discogs. Filed Under: Coin Design, Columns, Presidential Dollars, United States Mint, US Coins, Your email address will not be published. Arthur Houghton was “left flat” by design 5, but it was better than the other images.

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logo for cereal brand / client: Danilo Torro .

Heidi Wastweet was asked to start the discussion for each set, as her trained eye as a sculptor provides the other committee members with a professional viewpoint from the aspect of going from design to actual coin. Required fields are marked *. Kaarina Budow noted that the Commission of Fine Arts has recommended design 10.

Typography Design Ron Taft & Marian Bantjes Copywriter Ron Taft. His many disciplines emanate from his advertising agency, television network, and film studio background with vast experience in both the corporate and retail sectors. Michael Brown felt that design 6 would “coin well” and be easy to identify as Wilson.

The discussion of the previous two designs for William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt can be found here. The fourth set of designs were for President Woodrow Wilson. Ron Taft - Board of Advisors Ron Taft is an internationally renowned Brand Innovator and Media Arts professional with a passionate and in-depth knowledge of strategic brand marketing, advertising, interactive media, emerging technologies, design and visua Erik Jansen simply said that to him, it was a choice between designs 1 and 5, and that he preferred design 1, but ended with a request for his fellow members to “look at how they coin up” in the final analysis.

Dr Doreen Bolger liked the profile views in designs 2 and 5, and liked design 6 very much. © 2020 Graphis Institute,a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization  He felt that design 3 would “coin up nicely,” quipping that “cubism comes to the Golden Dollar.” He saw design 5 depicting a “bewildered man, not a strong president.” He did not care for design 6. Create a limited edition art print as a holiday gift that commemorates a donation made tothe Grammy In The Schools Foundation on behalf of United Recording's valued clients.Only 100 were printed. As a result, only designs 1, 4, 5, 6 and 10 were open for discussion. Ron Bracco is on Facebook. banner icons / client: SBC stadium SF. Erik Jansen, much like Michael Brown before him, found design 1 to be of a “young man,” but saw a “thinking man” in design 2. On September 27, 2011, the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC) met in Washington, D.C. to review and discuss the obverse designs for the 2013 Presidential Dollars. Kaarina Budow noted that the Commission of Fine Arts has recommended design 2. © 2020 Graphis Inc. Dr. Michael Bugeja favorite designs were 1 and 10, but the shoulders were too narrow in design 10, but “there is some character in his eyes.”. She said that she did not have a strong favorite: designs 1 and 4 were nice drawings, whereas design 5 was “lacking information for the scupltor,” and “flat.” She found design 6 to be interesting, “because it is stylized,” but thought the nose was a bit narrow.


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