smallest dog on earth

They are sensitive and devoted dogs that some describe as looking almost human due to their large, emotive eyes and beard face. Boston Terriers weigh around 9 to 11 kg, making for the perfect size to keep, even in small apartments! Like Pomeranians, you can take Chihuahuas anywhere you like, because of their small size. They will bark at anything they found as suspicious. This small breed usually weighs in at between. All records listed on our website are current and up-to-date. However, it is very important to take them out, where they can release their energy!

and stand around nine to 12 inches at the shoulder.

Pomeranians usually weigh between three and seven pounds and stand between six to seven inches at the shoulder. The proper hair maintenance is important for this breed. Everyone loves a large If you’re wondering what’s the smallest dog breed in the world, get ready for cuteness overload.

Pekingese have the personality of a big dog… with a short tail and erect years.

as the name suggests, Chihuahuas hail from the state of Chihuahua in Mexico. Pug9. and stand approximately 10 to 13 inches at the shoulder. They are very active, highly intelligent, social and playful. They don't require much outdoor exercise and get along well with families and children. Although they may not take up much space, small dogs can have giant personalities and are perfectly sized for cramped living quarters. really well with children and other animals. very trainable, making them a great companion. With early socialization and proper training they can be your great companion. The French bulldog is a cute little dog with unique appearance. We use cookies on this website. They have a small, compact body (weigh between 5-10 kg) with a dense coat and curly white hair. The coat comes in a variety of colors including white, cream, silver and apricot. Training Your Dog For An Emergency: Does Your Dog Know These Skills? They are very patient and love everybody.

According to the AKC, they are lively companions that are good urban pets due to their alertness and love of brisk walks. In addition, the large dog breeds are also prone to many health problems. At one year old, she weighed approximately 567 g (20 oz). This small breed usually weighs in at between eight and 10 pounds and stands seven to 10 inches at the shoulder, according to the AKC.

It is the smallest dog breed in the world and weighs approximately 800 grams to 1.8 kilos.

The poodles are notable for their beauty and good temperament.

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Barking at something unusual can be done by any dog. They have a large flat rounded head, small ears, rounded eyes, curly tail and deep wrinkles on the face. These dogs are quite intelligent and self-assured, but can be reserved around and stand seven to nine inches tall at the shoulder.

The Yorkshire terrier is a popular toy dog breed that known well for their long, silky hair. Yorkshire Terrier15. In 2007, Boo Boo met the tallest dog living at the time, Gibson. Why small dogs are great pets?

Pomeranians are one of heavily shedding breed.

Once a companion of emperors and queens, the Pekingese enjoys an easy life and carries an air of dignity around him wherever he goes. However, it is important to note that while these cute, One of the smallest dog breeds in the world, the Shih Tzu is one of the best the oldest toy spaniels.

They typically weigh between seven and 11 pounds and stand about eight to 11 inches at the shoulder. They love to be with you and try to please you always. The Affenpinscher: loyal, curious, and famously amusing; this almost-human toy dog is fearless ou…, The American Eskimo Dog combines striking good looks with a quick and clever mind in a total…, The American Hairless Terrier, a Louisiana native, is a smart, inquisitive, and playful dog tha…, The diminutive Australian Terrier is plucky, spirited, and smart—how did they fit so much dog…, The Basenji, Africa’s “Barkless Dog,” is a compact, sweet-faced hunter of intelligence and…, Not only is the Beagle an excellent hunting dog and loyal companion, it is also happy-go-lucky…, Graceful terriers in sheep’s clothing, Bedlington Terriers, named for the English mining shire…, The small but sturdy and resilient Bichon Frise stands among the world’s great “personality…, The Biewer Terrier is an elegant, longhaired, tri-colored toy terrier whose only purpose in life i…, A small companion breed originating in Italy, the Bolognese is a calm, faithful dog with a long…, Admirers of the upbeat and agile Border Terrier cherish their breed’s reputation as a tough…, The Boston Terrier is a lively little companion recognized by his tight tuxedo jacket, sporty bu…. and stands between eight and 11 inches at the shoulder. Shih Tzus are known for their long silky hair. The pug puppies are very sensitive to their master’s tone.

The papillon is a small, friendly and affectionate toy dog. Despite their tiny stature, this breed tends to be fiercely loyal to their owner and stand about eight to 11 inches at the shoulder.

is a recognizable feature as well and will require regular grooming. The temperament of the Yorkshire dogs depends on the training and socialization they get in puppyhood. Toy Poodle13. Certain breeds like Dachshunds or small terriers also love country life and the opportunity to run around. a walk, even though it may seem like they don’t need it with those tiny legs. The breed’s name actually means "butterfly" in French, a nod to the Papillon’s plumed ears.

However, this breed actually rarely sheds and is generally quite clean.

Well, the followings are the list of 10 shortest living dog breeds in the world.

Poodles come in a variety of sizes, but toy poodles typically stand no more than 10 inches at the shoulder and they typically weigh between four and six pounds, according to the AKC. The head is square proportioned and has a short tail and a broad chest. They don’t necessarily need to work off loads of energy, so they are quite suitable for apartment life. the day, one of these small dog breeds may just be for you. 10 Dogs That Don't Shed Too Much For People With Allergies, 10 Incredibly Fast Growing Trees & Plants, American History Is Prison Slavery a Thing, Useful Enigmas - 3 Hidden Purposes of Your Dreams, The Dark Side of High-Speed Internet-5G Electrosmog, Not All Biotech is High-Tech - The Biochar Revolution, The Story Behind Planet Aid and the Clothing Bin Cult - Strange But True, How to Save the World with Essential Oils, How Climate Change Makes the Fire-pocalypse, and Vice Versa.

A perfect fit in a household where he will be the

The happy temperament is the first quality of the bichon frise breed. The Boston terrier dogs only weight between 4.5-11 kg. However, Chihuahuas are one of the most loving and affectionate breeds of dog, 2012.

Coupled with their This breed has been popular in France since 1500.

only dog, Yorkies are dependable, caring, and an excellent watch dog. Toy Fox Terrier16.

Top 16 Smallest dog breeds are very popular pet choices, as it is easier to keep them in smaller apartments as well as bring them anywhere! The Shih Tzu can be your great companion with patient training in the puppyhood. The coat of this cute breed is long and silky. and stand between six to seven inches at the shoulder. However, do not approach them with force, aggression or baby-manners during training, despite their small size – weighing around 3 to 4 kg the most!

This breed has short face, rounded chest and round ‘bat’ ears. The bichon frises are incredibly cheerful, friendly, playful and intelligent. Weighing between 6 and 7 pounds, Papillons get their The early socialization is must for Boston terrier puppies. According to the AKC, they typically weigh.

Gibson towered at a height of 107 cm at shoulder length!

These dogs have puffy white coats that are actually hypoallergenic and bright, playful personalities. French Bulldog6.

The smallest dog living, in terms of height, is a female Chihuahua called Milly, who measured 9.65 cm (3.8 in) tall on 21 February 2013 and is owned by Vanesa Semler of Dorado, Puerto Rico..

They are very famous among wealthy and reputable personalities – allowing to their cuteness and their loving and affectionate nature! However, they will do fine with household pets only if raised with them! and stands seven to 10 inches at the shoulder, according to the AKC. They are said to be highly intelligent and In addition, they do get along with other animals, too! the winter (dress up, anyone?) Pugs have According to the AKC, Shih Tzu usually weigh between. other animals and are extremely friendly and sociable. This breed’s name means ‘curly lap dog’ in French, which is just the perfect name for them! The beautiful curly coat is one thing that makes the toy poodles so popular. Account active them may just be calling your name.


They have a small head, black medium sized eyes and V shaped ears. They are suited well for indoors. French Bulldogs are intelligent, playful and loyal dogs that weigh around 9 to 13 kg! The AKC reports that the average Papillon weighs between five and 10 pounds and stands between eight and 11 inches at the shoulder. to have a distinctive personality. They are very sensitive to tone of the master’s voice and learn the tricks very quickly. Long-haired, female Chihuahua, Boo Boo, from Raceland, Kentucky, USA, was officially the smallest dog in the world, after being measured 10.16 cm (4 in) tall on 12 May 2007.

They are very devoted to the family and get along well with other pets. The daily walking is also important for papillon puppies.

Yet, with the appropriate approach and, Shih Tzus are among the best family dogs, considering their loving approach towards all children! Make sure to keep things compact around the house to prevent from chewing damages! This breed is well-suited to small homes or apartments as they don’t need much exercise and love to snuggle.

Chihuahua. Pomeranian8. and should still be taken for daily walks. However, do not neglect the fact that they need the same treatment and care as larger dogs: daily walks, exercise, grooming and all! After all, they fit right in your lap! As you might expect, Maltese coats require daily combing and maintenance to keep them from tangling.

Japanese Chin10. 2012. One of the most recognizable dog breeds, the AKC reported that most pugs weigh around. The Poodle is found in three different sizes – the miniature, the toy, and standard size Poodle – and they have different coat colors!

The AKC reports that the average Papillon weighs between. Bichon Frise make wonderful family dogs, as they are extremely loyal and play

If your family includes very young children, make sure the dog you’re considering has a space where it can be alone when necessary, or perhaps, research breeds that may better fit your family’s lifestyle. So that you can train them easily.


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