pet galah for sale
A big selection of birds. First, this place is a godsend since there aren’t that many places in the city that cater to those with pet birds. Hansen and Melanie are the “Bird guys of VA”; they know birds!

He’s well-stocked with supplies and always has lot of birds. We got our baby birdie and he is such a nice companion to my family. Search Pets All breeds. There are birds and bird supplies also. There are so many different kinds of birds to choose from. This was amazing, since I really didn’t know what I was doing. We had an amazing experience with Hansen over the phone.

Galah cockatoos have rose feathers on the breast and on their wings with a pink head and chest. Stores like this are disappearing. A very nice place to get your feathered friend(s), Everything about this site is perfect. Check out the video below for our huge range of Bird Cages. Please be warned and read the information below. Infected birds usually die up to a year after showing clinical symptoms of the disease. $200 for both, sold as a pair, cage included. Check it out! This breeder is extremely knowledgeable and never seem annoyed by my plethora of questions about my baby Moluccan.

Male is 1 and nine months, Female is 2. with large cage...Galah Cockatoo, California » Hayward, She is very beautiful, full breed gas, gold and black And, the prices are good. 20 hours ago. I will go out of my way to shop here at any time. (I recently moved to the area) Beautiful, Well kept Birdies of all sizes. We just bought a galah cockatoo from them and Hansen, the bird guy, was incredibly helpful. We highly recommend Hansen Parrots to everyone looking for a feathered friend. Feather picking not attributed to a medical cause is an obsessive-compulsive disorder in which a Galah picks at, plucks out or chews on its feathers. After nearly 6 months of making my own food and trying new food, I finally had the pleasure of discussing my issues with the owner. Bird and Parrot classifieds.

I had recently adopted a 6 month old Galah Cockatoo from here. I trust Hansen Parrots, their advice, expertise and highly recommend you do the same. We will definitely be frequent customers at this friendly pet store!

The cheapest offer starts at $ 10.

I got my lovely 4 month old galah cockatoo at Hansen Parrots. Given my experiences, some of the reviews here are a little perplexing. Hansen has always been extremely helpful and the selection or colorful birds is all we would ask for and want. They can develop additional issues of biting and screaming. We raised them in our home but can't keep t..Conure, Massachusetts » Beverly, He is the sweetest bird you'll ever meet, I am too busy with school and work to give him ..Galah Cockatoo, California » Newcastle, We have a beautiful baby galah cockatoo.

While they are among the smaller cockatoo species, rose-breasted cockatoos still need plenty of space to live in. Hansen taught us all about the best way to handle and care for our new family member. Perfect food and custom service. They have very beautiful rose breasted cockatoo chicks and we are more than happy for grabbing one of the amazing chicks that had been hand fed, weaned, sexed, and vaccinated. We went home a sweet little galah cockatoo. Thank you for your interest in Victorian Bird Company. Nice selection of food & treats, supplies are within my budget, so i’m definitely going to be a frequent visitor here. He was very knowledgeable of all of the birds that he carried and was able to recommend food! Gave me tips on how to train my little feathered friend. Please be warned and read the information below. We were warmly greeted by the sweet owner! Probably the best parrot breeder out there! Not so big you can’t get lost in it. A friend of mine told me about this website and i decided to call them up to purchase a baby galah cockatoo. Staff is very helpful and seems as they really like their job. They have a lifespan of approximately 40-50 years depending on nutrition and care. Nice guy and willing to give advice. You can tell he is looking at his store from a buyer’s perspective and tries to get it right from every angle.

They never try to sell me things I don’t need and don’t mind when i just come to browse with a friend to show off my favorite local pet store. The owner wants to serve the neighborhood and will do everything to help you get a bird. Highly recommend this store or just checking it out if your in the area. We just bought a galah cockatoo from them and Hansen, the bird guy, was incredibly helpful. Have been a great customer since they started selling birds. This is a truly fantastic pet store. She gave me valuable advice while still listen to the diet I had been giving/trying on this new birdie.

They are 100% reliable. She is 10 months old, a very friendly parrot, lo..Galah Cockatoo, Iowa » Liberty, Male and Female, Galah Cockatoo. I gladly spend my dollars every week here and would recommend this store to anyone that wants to give their pet the very best, while enjoying awesome human company at the same time! Competitive prices and very friendly service.

I had the pleasure of meeting Hansen for the first time today, June 6. Hansen is friendly and very generous in sharing his bird knowledge with his Customers.

I will be back, so happy Hansen Parrots is here. They didn’t pressure me into buying anything expensive. I discovered this wonderful pet site a few weeks ago when I started searching for a pet bird. (much better price than PetCo/PetSmart), they have a wide range of exotic birds to pick from, they give careful care for the birds, and know what is best for them. Hunter, New South Wales After all, birds of the same feather, keeps together! They had everything we needed and a great selection, and we have already called in to ask for advice and gotten great responses. Home / Cockatoo Parrot Specie GALAH (ROSE BREASTED) COCKATOO. The minimum cage size for a rose-breasted cockatoo is 4 ft. x 4 ft. x 4 ft. Hansen is the most helpful person I have ever encountered in a retail setting. The service was great and surprisingly fast! There’s a bird here for everyone. Very friendly with anyone she talks and just wants to be..Galah Cockatoo, North Carolina » Greensboro, I have absolutely beautiful Breeding pairs of Exotic birds for sale: Update of what’s l....Galah Cockatoo, Mississippi » New Hebron, He’s a black with white maltipoo . We were so grateful receiving our paired Galah Cockatoos from Hansen Parrots and my family and i want to say a huge thank you to the amazing staff at the aviary in Virginia. His about 2 years old, and tame and loves to..Galah Cockatoo, Georgia » Atlanta, Galah Cockatoo For Sale in California (7), Galah Cockatoo For Sale in North Carolina (2), Galah Cockatoo For Sale in New Hampshire (1), Galah Cockatoo For Sale in Pennsylvania (1), Beautiful 4 month old GSD PUPPY NAME XENA (zenah). Are you from Melbourne and looking to own a Galah for a pet? What more could I ask for? I 110% support this establishment and the advice that they give. They were so sweet and adorable! Plus!! Everyone here is so welcoming, helpful and knowledgable. If we have convinced you that a Galah is not the right bird for you we would love to recommend many different types of hand reared or tamed baby pet parrots.

Hand raised galah for sale. Pets & Animals. Everybody fell in love with the baby when she arrived, and the credit goes out to Hansen Parrots for raising such an intelligent bird. For inquiries, please fill out the form below and one of our staff will get in touch with you. I have been coming here for several years to get everything for my pet birds. So glad that I meet Hansen. A password will be sent to your email address. Very rare to see someone like Hansen Parrots these days. Awesome neighborhood shop. Very organised and responsive to questions, Melanie attended to us and she did a great job to get our bird prepared and shipped to us in DC. He also told him to feel free to call him if ever he had any questions. Hand Raised Galah's for Sale and care. They are doing well. We felt very comfortable in here, we will be back regularly to buy goodies! The staff is awesome. I try to buy what I need for my pet bird here so I can support them and they have a frequent buyers card which is always a plus! She had inflamed mouth and a digestive system that was not settling. Login / Register. Overall this store is a nice alternative to big box pet stores and much friendlier than another store I’ve tried in the area. Galah are about 25-30 cm (10-12 inches) in length and weighs about 280-320 grams. Our babies are very sociable, active, playful and interact very well with everyone. Explore 8 listings for Hand raised galah for sale at best prices. Galahs are naturally destructive and noisy. 99.99% of these birds sold in Australian markets are trapped from the wild and 50-60% of them including cockatoos and corellas carry a serious incurable disease called ‘Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease’ (PBFD).


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