kea dhcp relay

This ensures that things will keep chugging when other things start to hit the fan. We use the "proxy" option in IOS XR to enable DHCPv6 server + relay so that we can use relay option interface-id insert received in order to insert our Prefix Delegation blocks into the routing table. As I stated further up, it's recommended to delegate a /48. It should contain at least one upper and lower case letter, number, and a special character. Here's the configuration you need - and don't worry, I'll walk you through it. The isc-dhcp-relay package in VyOS 1.2.0+rolling(s) is 4.3.1 - Some of these very issues/bugs in ISC dhcrelay have been fixed in newer releases of the 4.3.x code. Encrypted DNS - where are we now? I expect anyone reading this is in a position where they are pretty familiar with the fundamentals of DHCPv6, so I won't go into a lot of detail about the timers. Each of these have configuration files which you can find at /usr/local/etc/kea/.

Next we must ensure that the Kea Control Agent API is listening on the correct IP addresses, just as you configured for the HA hook.

software packages: BIND 9, ISC DHCP, and Kea DHCP.

Head on over to the ISC Downloads website, and copy the link to the latest .tar.gz archive. As IPv4 availability becomes more and more of a problem, IPv6 starts to become more and more of a necessity. For the purposes of this article, I will be spinning up two Virtual Machines on Vultr running CentOS 7 and Kea 1.6.1, the latest version available at the time of me writing this article. Standard DHCP Options Defined in ISC DHCP and Kea. If it doesn't, the HA hook is not installed. They are JSON files, making them easy to work with both in code and in the editor of your choice (although they do have an API, so avoid automating with the configuration files directly!).

This value is in seconds.

In my case, this happens to be kea-1.6.1.tar.gz. This part of the configuration tells Kea where to save its log file, the severity to log (ranging from INFO to DEBUG), and the debugging level (if you chose DEBUG). The simplest way to verify that Kea's HA hook is in action is to check the logs. One thing I do want to mention though is that you can generally be pretty generous with these timers, since you probably have enough IPv6 space to let people sit on it for a while. Congratulations, Kea is now ready to be configured! The first property is the prefix to use, followed by the prefix length.

Internet Systems Consortium, Inc. PO Box 360 Newmarket, NH 03857 USA.


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