aye verb vs loaded lux full battle
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Highest place Iron would KILL Verb.

Lux and Verb's faceoff was so long they had to split it up into 2 parts which I can appreciate. and receide the broken I wish you well in the recovery of pride and deciet I think aye verb did not use filler, I do think he used an unnecessary amount of words to get his point across to sound more lyrical, But I wouldn’t call that filler he was just TRYING to rap with lux. I can't believe the degree of matchups we're seeing. Can i call you that today? DM mods if you have content to contribute. will probably be a debatable battle w/verb edging the polls by nature of doing well if he does well and being more accessible than lux. HATE. I watched an annual great come out from hiding and a vet elevate himself to one of the greats. I wish Ave and Arsonal faceoffed especially because of how animated they both would have been.

Wtf dont you get ya bum big rooms for this kind of shit. Fan submitted videos of TAY ROC VS DAYLYT | FULL BATTLE. I got Jakk with a strong 2-1 just because Jakk is something new that the main stage hasn't seen before. But really, verb with a debatable 2-1. a Hitman level Verb could beat a Hollow level Lux. Rum has been calling out Shine damn near since he got on to URL. I feel Like loaded lux says a lot that either goes over people’s head or just plain wack . #PRESSPLAY, To view this event live and on demand, hit the link below! And i choose fate So many confrontations and debates have lead to the culmination of this battle.

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His people wouldnt fall with him Interesting to note that Surf said he was gonna leave his performance factor and is just gonna rap with him. With a card called night of main events, you def have the luxury of scheduling the card however you'd like. As mentioned in the faceoff, this will be Ave's first match against a Mt. K-Shine got the performance while Rum got the bars that'll make you stank face for days. Nose hairs burnt , you couldnt smell Cookies help us deliver our Services. I watched two bar spitters really perform their asses off, using their own unique technique. To be is to become

Aye Verb had issues with Loaded Lux since 2009 when Lux brought Verb up from St. Louis to battle Head ICE (who, at the time…, Lux said he wouldn’t take the battle until “the people” were asking for it. Was never the same thing Loaded Lux vs Aye Verb. Suge brought up how Shaq wanted to see this matchup and that Shaq told him not to lose to that white boy (LOL). I got shine beating nitty 2-1, that choke really cost nitty this battle. .so I didn't even know Jon Jon didn't do a 3rd. Watch this rap battle and explore more from Ultimate Rap League on VerseTracker. This is a heavyweight classic in the making. Hope you guys have fun watching! Silly Well said. You went left Just me being me . Dont let your work come home for debate The only way the author writes his own story is therapy the writing completes Ultimate Rap League presents NOME 9 with the headliner battle between Loaded Lux and Aye Verb goes down tonight live from Houston, TX! its been fixed now, thanks for the heads up, ughhhhh this shit isnt working wants you to pay to watch, Click on free access with ads then do what it says under Complete the following steps, Can’t see nothing won’t let me press play, someone should upload an edited version with some crowd noise in the background and replays for the bars that may go over some heads.....it might feel different, I thought Lux material was fire. Sea sick and contained to one place Crowd was FUCKING ANNOYING in this battle. I got surf edging Geechi 2-1 or 3-0 but that battle is incredible, as a surf fan i want him to be the underdog in every battle going forward if they’d what we get. That's not to say Verb is trash or anything, but this was a very rare situation where Verb had actual history outside of battle rap with his opponent. Ultimate Rap League presents NOME 9 with the headliner battle between Loaded Lux and Aye Verb goes down tonight live from Houston, TX! That's the only time where it really benefits the battles. Loaded argues and Verb lets him rock.

Hopeing i wont have to sacrifice another leap of faith That Verb doesn't exist outside of that context. This battle will more than likely be trash. I didn't watch the battles, but I think big crowds are bad unless there are Don Demarco sirens in the building.

Arsonal and K-Shine weren't present so they had Ave and Nitty discuss their battles with each other. Haha

The battle came out of nowhere. vs Aye Verb; vs Arsonal; vs Arsonal; vs Charlie Clips; vs Charlie Clips; TEST GG New Product. He’s bringing more energy as a hype man than his battles, I’ve watched that repeatedly and it won’t stop being funny, Yo when Smack said that I was like damn he's ruthless fam...The Show must go on. Some pits are too deep Finally the last faceoff was b/w Surf and Geechi. Whos scoreboard are you the keeper to keep? Trump just pushed your biggest fate to make it end Better not be no bunk shit, Your ear is weak lol Aye Verb had issues with Loaded Lux since 2009 when Lux brought Verb up from St. Louis to battle Head ICE (who, at the time was battling on Loaded Lux’s battle league, Lionz Den). i hope verb takes it in a classic but my head is telling me lux is taking it. e colors shed like a stained glass door What the oceans of body dumps and crates

Word play?

To live another life with a rose thorn stuck Godspeed baby,

Will be clothed in the same skin that becomes an identical movie frame Hit the videos above to view face off conversations between some of the rappers set to battle, including Lux and Verb with a 2 part face off video.

The book of light dont recognize you You won a selfmade defeat I agree with everything except Nitty beating KShine. Lies makeing fault lines

Id love to see if Lux put out the material that he wasn't able to deliver. Second with out being bias to either they both look unmotivated like they wanted this battle to take place on a big stage w fans and felt force to hurry and get this out .

For staging a fake book But god damn How you win at something nobody Or Does Eminem or slim shady better to relate? Your lights dont even make a beam While Shine can outperform Nitty and make him look bad. That first round was straight fire from Lux when you break it down and actually catch the shit he's saying, I agree with you 2-1 lux but why does everyone keep saying aye verb was spitting filler when they say lux won? These guys arguably have the biggest moments ever in battle rap history with Verb having the Big Gerald moment and Lux having his spectacular performance vs. Calicoe. The book of death has no record of you Ave was consistent as always and handled Ars easily. I remember Jakk calling out JJDD ever since Young Kannon battle. Dumb dumbs trying to downplay another masterful Lux performance. Aye Verb had issues with Loaded Lux since 2009 when Lux brought Verb up from St. Louis to battle Head ICE (who, at the time was battling on Loaded Lux’s battle league, Lionz Den). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Minded , you gunna take credit behind it?

I have my winner, but I'm not calling this one out of pure respect for both of them (and also paranoia being wrong LOL). Surf may give up rounds, but for the 2 rounds he does show up, his performance is explosive. We're gonna see a lot of dunking this battle.

Look here smelly, pee yew Bet you cant tell me if a king left his city Honestly, I'm so ready for this match to happen and can't wait. For me and gods one man team How much bloodshed did you need that day, I’m looking forward to rewatching it and seeing how much I missed because they’re incredible writers and you never catch everything first watch.

He was dope in his prime years but let’s be honest it’s not hitting anymore just like Cassidy . lmao. The undercard was pretty underwhelming. How folks are elevating what Surf might've said, vs. what Lux was cut off from saying, is just typical Surf-saving measures... Facts. 2019 seems to be one of the best years we have seen in battle rap ever. Was actually god selflessly washing the black hole clean I thought it was sort of close on the first watch. If Rum starts saying some next level bars, he may run away with it.

He has a 5th grade vocabulary and without a crowd he’s mediocre. 2019 seems to be one of the best years we have seen in battle rap ever. Where everybody thinks every bar was fire, and we just watch it back on the bandwidth to determine our final scores. ! Geechi Gotti deserves everything that is coming his way with wins in almost every one of his performances with his street and grittiness paving the way for him. Press J to jump to the feed. To me I feel like Aye Verb got the faceoff because he was coming with a whole lot of facts from his past experiences while Lux was going more off the aura and presence of what his stature means to the culture and that wasn't doing it for me. Day absolutely slaughtered him. This could easily be the headliner if Lux and Verb weren't going at it. You know who won that lux vs verb battle? More like middle of earth is the only way to make five star heavy weight

The second round JJDD vs Jakk might be the funniest sequence of events I’ve ever seen in a battle. Your name forgotten like you wanted Currently Active Users Viewing This Thread: 1. He's really back on his shit lately. Surf wasn't better than Lux in any round, which must be combined with the fact that Surf cut every round short (via choke), while Lux was cut off every round (via Smack). Lord bless you Therefore I have Verb winning in the building before we rewatch and realize that Lux actually cooked him. The voice of the world has no more search and rescues left Here we are at the end thinking No entrance fee What tha fuck?! Hell naw. Lex luthers lesson behinde the fallen note Now what was in Verb's rounds that warranted skipping out on Iron Solomon? Suge wet the bed vs Geechi on SM7 and Arsonal was on a small stage. Verb was talking about... nothing the entire time.

Who somehow knows the answer to all your gang banging riddles and fake baked money hand given fucking cake

You perceive me takeing leaps For me No theives to blame a reason for Pure enough to knock ya out when it seeps This all culminated to them looking they we're gonna bet on winner of the match with JayBlac holding the money and a winner being decided on Monday. Surf was so bad it made Lux’s rounds seem not up to par. Aye Verb and Loaded Lux met for a their Faceoff seven months prior to their battle in Florida at the URL Smack: Volume 3 event. U know dam well he has been writing for this for at least 5 years, it's either gonna be completely debatable or Verb is gonna choke. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. But god wins so i will see you when you see and what i belive to see Buy. Mutha fucking bet The devil would make this your last hand

So the only thing i can do is take a seat You are about to watch: Daylyt vs Tay Roc from NOME X https: ... ← GEECHI GOTTI VS AYE VERB | FULL BATTLE.


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