blue whale niche

Convinced that the conservation of species is contingent on a better understanding by the general public, she has been passionate about popularizing science for over 15 years. beluga whale. But for this feeding technique to pay off, the necessary resources had to be available. July 16, 2020. The blue whale is an extremely large marine mammal, with a long, torpedo-shaped body.

“Krill can be superabundant, but only within certain isolated regions […]. © 2019 - 2020 GREMM - All rights reserved. A Blue Whale that just took a big mouthful of krill and water.

Thus, “lunge feeders” have every interest in having a larger mouth to engulf more prey.

But this gigantism has been achieved at the expense of manoeuvrability. We can only hope so. Theoreticly by the travelling rules you should just … Big, giant, massive, immense, enormous whale! All photos used are royalty-free, and credits are included in the Alt tag of each image. They have blue-gray colored skin, with a slightly lighter colored underside; they have two pectoral fins, a small dorsal fin on their backs, and a large fluke. Her strengths: a dual degree in biology and journalism, an insatiable curiosity, a child-like love for the animal world, and the patience necessary to draft texts that are both clear and precise. But to nourish a bigger body, the animals need more food, and so on and so forth. Thanks to their streamlined profile, their ventral grooves and the expandable floor of their mouth, rorquals can attack schools of small fish or krill, prey that are inaccessible to balaenids such as the right whale or the bowhead. Logically, this seasonal concentration of prey favoured the engulfment technique favoured by whales. Unlike other baleen whales that feed by skimming the water surface, rorquals have developed a technique known as “lunge feeding”. A. Goldbogen, D. E. Cade Et al., Why whales are big but not bigger: Physiological drivers and ecological limits in the age of ocean giants. Home; About; Habitat; Niche; Threats; Efforts; Links; Role in environment: Niche.

The combination of this feeding technique with the appearance of upwelling was the magic formula behind the evolution of whales to their present-day size, concludes the research team led by Jeremy Goldbogen. In a Scientific American article, biologist Eric M. Keen puts several pieces of the puzzle together and emphasizes one particular characteristic of the world’s largest creature: its hyperspecialization. Groups generally migrate according to age, and sex, with the youngest animals migrating last. The Blue Whale can be found in numerous places around the world because they migrate when the ocean temperatures change, too hot or too cold. Beluga whales are a great indicator of the health of marine ecosystems because they hold a large role in the food chain of marine animals. (Scientific American, 31/07/2020).

A number of factors have contributed to gigantism in blue whales © NOAA, The “lunge feeding” technique developed by whales requires a large mouth © Daniel Grenier, The Ice Age contributed to the development of upwelling phenomena, which concentrates prey in dense schools. At this time, the formation of ice caps in winter was conducive to oceanic upwellings that bring huge quantities of nutrients to the surface, thereby creating areas of high prey density. They have blue-gray colored skin, with a slightly lighter colored underside; they have two pectoral fins, a small dorsal fin on their backs, and a large fluke. Faced with a decline in krill-rich waters (due to climate change or overfishing, for example) and the lack of accessibility of these areas (due in particular to shipping or the presence of fishing gear), is the blue whale’s gigantism a sustainable strategy?


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