ck2 hellenic reform
Old religion followers will be heretics with a -25 penalty to relations to members of the reformed faith. Pagans may fight back in the name of the old gods, and even seek to eliminate the monotheists from Europe. The selection of Leadership style determines the type of religious head. Aztec religion has no special mechanics, having the usual set of Offensive Pagan mechanics. Restore the Temple at Luxor and bring glory to Amun-Ra! Also, as tech advances, rival feudal realms can take advantage to construct better buildings for greater economic and military power.

When hellenic is reformed it is allowed to raid by default, so yep, you can raid other religions. Ancestor Worship decision available. They can easily convert provinces by pillaging every holding in a province. +10% Attack for all units. (AI rulers are likely to accept the reformed religion if cynical, same dynasty as the reformer, or under control of a reformed ruler.) Reforming a pagan faith establishes a formal religious hierarchy and scripture - adapting elements of the Abrahamic faiths in order to more effectively oppose them. Levy size bonus from unreformed Aztec faith will be lost. Sacrificing prisoners unlocks special traits, actions, and a bloodline that grants Prestige for sacrifices as well. Such penalties usually function to prevent any rival faith from taking their lands in spite of being relatively weak and of a rival faith that normally could be easily holy warred. In early start dates Kiev is vulnerable to Tengri nomads (it borders the Magyars), so you may find that fabricating a claim to conquer Rugen is an easier way to get your third holy site. Large nomadic realms continue to grow in strength as long as the khans continuously increase the number of empty holding slots they control. In game terms, reformed pagans no longer face the restrictions on crown authority, succession, independence wars and conversion that other pagans do. Holy sites: Nishapur, Bost, Cairo, Kabul, and Multan. Feudal unreformed pagans typically use gavelkind succession. In fact, if they have high moral authority, and have damaged rival religions' moral authority with their conquests and stolen holy sites, or control unreformed pagan lands, they will soon be flooded with notices of conversions of territories that are held by their vassals, who will put forth serious effort to convert their lands to their new faith. If allowed to spread their religion, they will in time ask the ruler to convert. Other pagan faiths have different modifiers. With , reformers can decide doctrines for the reformed faith.

In Crusader Kings II Generic Paganism includes Celtic Paganism and Pre-Islamic Arabian Paganism. Best doctrines for reformed hellenic?

Retinue size +30% But, aside from Germanic/Zun, they are identical, except for slightly different flavor text and Slavic "Jarilo" event. However, invaders can negate the attrition by quickly building a fort in each province they enter, or by having Military Organization 4 in their capital. Autonomous leadership also enables four branches: With the new reformation system, some synergies occur which present new abilities or opportunities to characters of this specific reformed religion. The other side of the coin is that peace is seen as unbecoming. Most pagan faiths permit female temple holders regardless of gender law; exceptions are noted below. Deciding to go pagan, if the moral authority of your non-heretic religion is very low, Using the decision to "paganify" the world using the, Creating an alternate character of the given religion with the, June 2013: first releases from superskierpat and jonseverinsson, with 3 religions (Brythonic Druidism, Gaelic Paganism, Hellenic polytheism), 2013-2014 (alpha): alpha with new features from superskierpat, including merge of the two Celtic religions into one, and compatibility patches with vanilla releases. Agnatic law is enforced, open succession law is unlocked. AI rulers will only convert same-group provinces Crusader Kings II Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Because a majority of Tengri land belong to nomads, they have no temples in most of their holy sites, forcing the player to build them. Prisoners of different religions can be sacrificed for Piety. Holy sites: Balkh, Gilgit, Lhasa, Purang and Khotan. If there is levy size & attack bonus from unreformed religion, it is lost. These doctrines are tied to the reformer's religion. Hellenic Paganism, as of Holy Fury (Patch 3.0), can now be revived as a religion. Please help with verifying or updating older sections of this article.At least some were last verified for version 3.0. Intermarry Eastern group, Zoroastrian group. (There is one exception. Hellenic is unique in that it needs to reformed before you can raid with it. With Monks and Mystics, Zunists characters may join the Hermetic Society. Sky Burials. The Slavic faith is almost gone in the 1066 starting date, and the faith disappears from the world entirely by 1200. Notes: 1. All Units Defensive +60% Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Morale +40% Germanic pagans do especially well since they get free ships, can navigate rivers, and are close to prime raiding targets. Lastly, pagans may, by decision, convert to the religion of a spouse or concubine of a different faith. But later, feudal realms grow their income more quickly, while raiding becomes less feasible as targets consolidate. It can be played by either: Starting with an historical character (with a reasonable culture, see revival sections), and wait for the event chain to attempt the restoration of the old faith. Home territory: Note that Germanic pagans have as a holy site the county of Braunschweig, and taking that county will trigger the Catholic crusades (as well as the formation of every Catholic Holy Order but the Knights Templar) at the time that you take Braunschweig, so long as the year is 900 and the province is Christian. choosing Polygamy for Hellenism, which has no access to concubinage or choosing the Children of Perun doctrine to make use of major Russian rivers to transport armies). Aztec religion only appears in-game if Sunset Invasion DLC is in use. It originated in ancient Greece and with the conquests of Alexander the Great and the Roman Empire, it would go on to become the dominant religion in the Mediterranean world until the rise of the Abrahamic religions, especially Christianity. Its holy sites are scattered around the map but are mostly controlled by right religion, even in 1066 starting date. Ck2 Hellenic Reform Due attention is paid to the recent reform of education at all levels. Diviner read signs before a war to try to improve troop morale. Possibility for a woman to take consorts is disallowed even if other traits should unlock it. For feudal pagans, reforming makes it possible to raise crown authority to any level. Finding one of the few Hellenic characters, and having them educate your child or granting them a title: This page was last edited on 18 October 2020, at 01:50. Ilmen in 769 already holds Novgorod as its capital, is a decently strong start, and has the advantage of being able to flip to Russian culture once the faith is reformed, allowing the acquisition of the "Russkaya Pravda" achievement. Last edited by Poseiδon; Nov 15, 2018 @ 11:41am #13. However, other rulers will have a choice.

While three of the faith's holy sites are in Scandinavia, the other two are in mainland Europe and often held by strong Christian rulers. Reforming the religion will cause a schism in the pagan faith.

Those who stick with the old ways are considered heretics by the reformed faith, and may be targeted by holy wars. That's what I did in my Byzantine run to see the new mechanics. Either find one of the few characters that have it as their religion, either a few generated courtiers from Monemvasia in start date 769, or from Incitatus, the immortal horse rival. This attrition only applies in provinces of the same religion as their ruler, so Germanic pagans won't lower their enemies' supply limits in Slavic territory. "Offensive" pagans get a bonus to their levy size (+30% levy size for Germanic, for example). The resulting empty holding slots further strengthens the horde.

Witcher 3; AoE 2; M2TW; DS3; XCOM 2; Imperator: Rome; Spore; AoM; AoE 3; Starbound; The Forest ; AoE; L4D2; Victoria 2; KOTOR I & II; Factorio; SCUM; 7DTD; CK2;; CK2 Console Commands; Religion IDs; Crusader Kings 2 Religion IDs. With Holy Fury, the Hellenic and Bön faiths can be reformed. However, a religion can only have one "unit modifier", so offensive pagans will lose levy size and other bonuses if they select a reformation feature that adds a competing "unit modifier". Full status of woman law is enforced. AI rulers are less likely to start wars, plots and factions. Women can take up to 3 consorts. Expect frequent raids and wars between realms that accept the new faith and those that reject it. Ship maintenance reduced to 10%. This page was last edited on 12 May 2020, at 20:16.

3. With tribal mechanics, pagans cannot raise Tribal Organization very high without having severe relations penalty for tribal Unreformed Pagan vassals (-30 opinion with Absolute). Rurik Rurikid, Petty King of Holmgarðr in 867, is the historical founder of the Russian Empire. Traits inherited from unreformed religion. Suomenusko retains a sizable number of provinces throughout the game and it is very easy to put the fear of Ukko to other religions, whether you start in 769, 867 or 1066. Germanic pagans do not have to reform to create the Jomsvikings; instead, they must control Stettin, Wolgast, Rügen or Werle.).

Since the dawn of history, both Europe and the Middle East has been been home to countless Pagan religions and cults unrelated to the Abrahamic faiths. Sacrifice action (unless Peaceful). Haruspicy and Astrology effects.

No female temple holders. Bloodthirsty Gods effects.

Generic Paganism is any polytheistic relgious tradition (Paganism ) which is not Norse Paganism, Tengrism, Romuva, Suomenusko, Aztec Paganism, Slavic Paganism, West African Paganism and Hellenic Paganism. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. If you have tribal government, it is recommended to choose either Agnatic Clans or Enatic Clans doctrine to avoid Gavelkind succession law. If that was the case, simply raising levies, toggling looter and waiting will remove the prestige penalty.


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