how much did the cast of euphoria make

Years later, she lies to Nate about being a virgin and they begin a relationship. Might be going nowhere in life but has a smile so genuine it’s not depressing. Both Maddy and Nate deny that he hurt her, but Maddy's mother presses charges. It isn’t safe, so I don’t think they wanna get too much hope in our minds and then have to push it longer. Kelvin Harrison Jr., who starred in the 2019 film Waves , also confirmed in May 2020 that he was cast … “To the entire cast and Sam you are truly a group I am in complete awe of,” he wrote on Instagram. Not all of Euphoria’s problematic scenes can be so concisely explained away. Season two could also explore the stories of some of the lesser-seen characters like Lexi, BB, and Ashtray. Rue and Jules argue after Jules reveals her plans to meet "Tyler" alone at night. [24] On March 27, 2018, it was announced that Augustine Frizzell would direct the pilot episode and serve as co-executive producer. Later, at home, Cassie realizes her period is late. “I wasn’t talking about it for a while but we’re in Quarantine, YOLO. And I’m not sure what that looks like.”.

Can make a bad situation worse. Rue worries about Jules, who is drinking heavily. McKay spends time with Cassie and accuses her of being too libidinous. The series received nominations for the British Academy Television Award for Best International Programme, and the TCA Award for Outstanding Achievement in Drama. “I wanted to make a show about the anxiety of being young and the insecurities and unsureness of relationships, but I wanted to do it in a way that I felt we hadn’t seen before,” he explains. There’s so many aspects of her storyline and life that different girls and people can relate to, whether it’s a broken home, alcoholic parents, relationships with boys, slut-shaming…she’s still trying to figure out who she is as a person, and I think that as time goes on you’ll slowly see Cassie figure herself out – or figure herself out less.”. “It’s really hard to depict a drug addict without an audience feeling judgmental towards them but [Zendaya] brings a humour, a warmth and a fragility,” adds Levinson. “I got worked up about having to be so raw; it was a struggle to get to a place where I felt OK about being that emotional in front of 200 extras,” she admits. 5. Zendaya revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night (August 20) that a possible “bridge episode” could be on the way, whilst the cast and crew wait for filming to resume. Yup! “It feels a bit try-hard but also fully justified in exploring how young people are dealing with the everyday realities of addiction, peer pressure, sexuality and gender,” Hilton adds. Ron Leshem and Daphna Levin, who created the show, were later brought in to work on it’s 2019 American adaptation.

Can’t read a room. Rue apologizes to Lexi for having been a bad friend. [43], Ben Travers of IndieWire praised the show's authenticity and how HBO "grounds itself in stark reality." There’s the question of how her character Rue would feature in the next batch of episodes, though. Who doesn't love being #1? Levinson told THR he doesn’t have a set number of seasons in mind and noted there are always ways to expand the show, be that new characters or new plots. ‘Euphoria’ season two – release date, cast, trailers, and everything we know so far .


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