eastern sierra 4x4
amzn_assoc_region = "US"; This Grant will help to enrich those OHV activities via organized routes with associated maps and signs. Recent Rains: Dirt roads conditions can change with each season, as the earth's erosion continues. Bob Hollander - 3/24/17, I see this as a backdoor and possibly illegal attempt to expand the pilot Adventure Trails project into USFS lands, notably the Buttermilk area. think of taking a road marked 'closed'. Many routes without a name, just a number. Many back roads are immpassable in winter months and are gated closed, so call the local rangers ahead of time if you expect snow or a good winter storm.

The more vehicles we have, the more damage we will have, even it is a small percentage of users who don't follow the rules. Some not paved. Maybe someday we can setup something to have the Santa Cruz Bicycles Factory race team which I'm apart of to come help build trails and maintain them with you guys.

To find out more about membership in the association and our clubs, visit this link this link, Click on any of the column heads to sort - Use the search box in the upper right-hand corner to search, © 1959-2020 California Four Wheel Drive Association | (916) 381-8300 |, Redding, Anderson, Cottonwood, Palo Cedro, Red Bluff areas, Visalia, Tulare, Woodlake, Exeter, Farmersville, Rancho Cucamonga & High desert (Apple Valley & Hesperia), Orange, Riverside and Los Angeles counties. It's time to use that We should encourage visitors to our area...not discourage. Great Areas Beginners should not speed on dirt roads, especially on long straight aways. This road is heavily used, without shoulders, and visibility is often poor.

The only local OHV-related activities that should be supported by grants at this time are increased enforcement, education, and stewardship (closing and restoring illegal routes). This program will create a place for deep disrespect to the first people of this country. … A.T. fended off a lawsuit from CBD three years ago by agreeing that no new roads will be added to the seven before the end of the Pilot Program, which has now been extended to 2020. And it only takes a few to make permanent scars on arid land, not to mention the destruction of plant and animal habitat. Most really good primitive

camping areas are located on these dirt side roads. Patrick Woods - 3/28/17, The Adventure Trails proposal of mapping and signing 3 OHV loop trails in the Tungsten/Buttermilks area is a problem because the biggest loop, on the Buttermilk Rd., is mostly not legal for OHV use. Cell Phone Coverage: Remote areas of California and most forest back roads have NO SIGNAL (digital or analog). journey | That would be a terrible road to encourage/allow OHV use on because it already gets alot of climbing, camping and hiking use. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; side spot. This Grant will help to enrich those OHV activities via organized routes with associated maps and signs. Soft Sand: Don't stop in soft sand.

Dips & slight bumps & turns can be dangerous at a high rate of speed. The pre contact areas of the eastern sierras is Modoc Land. You end up cursing the giant RV w/ senior driver in front, instead of taking in the real beauty. It will provide excellent value to recreational opportunities in the region.

Straddle a deep rut in the road. (The driver facing downhill has the greater amount of control when in reverse, cuz they don't have the gravity to deal with). Neither of the two law enforcement requests address it.

Always remember to Tread Lightly, so we can continue to have access to OUR public lands. I see two constants in every grant request from our County. It opens areas of scenic, historical and geologic interest to those unable to access these places without motorized aid. Thank You. SUV or 4x4 may be required for some roads. I was at the open house a couple of weeks ago 3/16. Steven Adler - 3/13/17, This is a very worthwhile project and should be funded. A patch of snow on a dirt road in spring/summer may look harmless, but there is guaranteed thick mud underneath. National Forest USDA maps show dirt roads, lakes, creeks & campgrounds; Benchmark California Atlas is a great overview for the entire state & Tom Harrison makes waterproof back roads maps for popular California destinations. Please approve this much needed Grant. The outdoor toilet over in Poleta air also a great thing, this grant should help assure its future viability & continued maintenance.

But motorized vehicle recreation is the only form of recreation that is absolutely incompatible with any other. And signage may be helpful. So it's not even clear what they are proposing. Standing still helps the connection if you find one. It is bad enough that the Military will once more be on our land destroying it in the name of the US army. More signs/maps will help alleviate this important issue & help make the areas better for all.

Can't be thankful enough.

The areas here are vast and personnel few-the agencies are badly underfunded and unable to protect and maintain our public lands. Mike Johnston - 3/9/17, OHV activities are a significant part of the tourism that supports the economy in the Eastern Sierra. The Eastern Sierra 4X4 club was called to aid in the recovery of a s... tuck RV. A significant influx of OHV's is only going to scare away our tourists who count on the Eastern Sierra for its serenity and a chance to commune with nature.

Proceed foward with caution. new Sport Utility Vehicle for what it's made for & a perfect classic | Thank you Raul Hidalgo - 3/9/17, I believe that this grant will help enhance the existing roads and trails in the Tungsten Hills and the Buttermilk areas. Backroad travel leads to a full menu of Eastern Sierra locations. Thank you--Sharon Connor - 3/30/17, Address: 1725 23rd Street, Suite 200, Sacramento, CA 95816, Public Information Inquiries: (916) 324-4442, 2008 Soil Conservation Standard & Guidelines, 2016/2017 Public Comments to Preliminary Applications. Many backcountry roads can be accessed by passenger cars, but use wise judgment when entering unfamiliar territory. Without these projects, our trails would fall into disrepair and become unsustainable. Thank you for making these grants available for these projects. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual"; Thousand of miles of California backroads are awaiting your vehicle. in National Forest or BLM land. sitemap | The concern is that the centerpiece of A.T.s request is Buttermilk Road. A.T. would have the people living in Owens Valley, and yourselves, the grant readers, believe that the whole idea of the signage, maps and educational materials they are asking you to finance was to convert Owens Valley OHV use into an organized, safe, sustainable, and law abiding activity. way to really get away from the crowds.

amzn_assoc_linkid = "740a7bd3285f6e265014a23d3c6fb32e"; Allowing illegal activity on the main access to the entire Buttermilk area calls into question not only their application, but other applications as well. Please respect the private lands along these roads & help keep the cattle in their place. Drive with lights on, even in the day time.

CBD is keeping a close eye on the situation. Lori Young - 3/9/17, Having recreated in the Eastern Sierras for over 25 years prior to moving here,10 years ago, I feel that it is in the best interest of all involved , that management and maintenance of the off road opportunities be left to the local jurisdiction.


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