life is feudal terraforming tricks
Hi there folks, welcome to another tutorial for Life is Feudal.

Once each tile is at the same height, the tile is still not 'level'. Once you have tunneled/mined a substance, it can be poured on the ground and shoveled like regular soil. Flattening will usually require you to have 30 units of soil, except when the flattening will result in you picking up soil. The action works by copying the height of the tile the player is standing to the tile that is being flattened, which means that the player will either lower or raise the ground first before the tile will be flattened. This page was last modified on 24 September 2014, at 17:07.

It is required that the player must have at least 30 skill points before the action appears. Terraform land around your settlement to enable construction of larger buildings. Strategy Guide/Tips/Tricks [] At lvl 30 Terraforming, you can use a command call "Flatten". This page was last edited on 8 September 2020, at 00:38. At lvl 30 Terraforming, you can use a command call "Flatten". I detail which skill you need at what level and give you a few tricks to make terraforming a lot less of a bane on the game (Sometimes you will burn out from the game from purely terraforming)I hope you enjoy this video and I hope you now understand how to terraform and how to set yourself up with flat ground that will allow you to create buildings and crafting stations.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Remember to Like, comment and Sub away if ye feel like it! Terraforming terrain to raise, lower and flatten can be very confusing for both new and experienced players. rock, marble, granite, ore) can not be lowered. Each tile in the Observe mode within the grid has a number representing their height (above sea level) and these numbers are color-coded to denote the height difference between the other tiles within the grid. To avoid this: Terrain can be modified by either lowering or raising the tile by 0.1 from its height. Flattened slopes are planes but not necessarily level planes. in terraforming abilities. Thanks for watching, check out the links below to keep up to date with my latest videos, streams or info!End of video Music Produced by JM Ochestrations:His Youtube: SoundCloud: - - - - - lads,Mr Feudal. For soil/clay/ore/... ---- Looking at a tile, if any of the 8 surrounding tiles becomes more than 2 meters lower or higher than the respective tile, 0.1 meters of substance of that tile will be transferred to the lower or higher tile. Observe allows the player to view the terrain height in an 11 x 11 grid. Continuing to flatten the target tile will raise or lower the plane (think of it rising or lowering the far side of the tile. Note that since the common points of adjacent tiles are in fact the same point on the map they are the same heights, and modifying a point on one tile can affect the adjacent tile. Level 100: Resulting beams have a bit more durability. Once you hit an ore vein, use you Mining skill to carefully extract the ore. You need a branch to start … One may also terraform coastal waters to make them deeper and more likely to attract fish The first step in terraforming a plot is to gather all the resources. Flatten ground with an upward slope or Flatten ground with a downward slope will eventually transform the target tile to a plane., Press C to go to first person view!!! You need 60 Terraforming to actually start digging tunnels. In mathematical terms flattened ground is a plane, and Flatten ground will eventually make the target tile a level plane. When the player enters Observe mode the camera goes above facing downward.

TIP: Observe mode is extremely hindered by trees, buildings, etc. The material taken off or poured on the ground also affect the texture of the tile an example would be unscathed fertile soils are textured as green grasslands in the world, but if a player decides pour a fertile soil on top it the texture will be shown as brown.

You can usually pick up ("lower ground level") what you have dropped (An exception is paving, which takes 30 units of rock, but lowering gives you only 15 back).

Level 90: Can harden mine walls (build supporting beams) can inspect tunnel cells for possible caveins. Life is Feudal | Terraforming Tutorial | Tips and Tricks - YouTube Terraforming is a way of transforming land to make it more hospitable for construction of Buildings. If the players leaves the 11 x 11 grid, Observe mode will be cancelled. Keep track of how many spaces it is, as this will determin if the ore is in front, behind or below you. Flatten ground will adjust these 9 points so they eventually will all match the height of the tile upon which you are currently standing. Life is Feudal Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. The player can also flatten the terrain in an upward or downward slope where these tiles are sloped in a specific direction based where the player is facing, but only a few structures can be built. When the player enters Observe mode the camera goes above facing downward. Some areas of the tile may be slanted, or a pile of dirt in the middle, hole in the middle, etc. Once each tile is at the same height, the tile is still not 'level'. This may change some of the adjacent tiles, as the common side points change in height. It will only change the common points and not the other points of the adjacent tiles, unless the slope in the adjacent tile(s) become too great. Step 2) FLATTEN the area This takes you OUT of the "overhead" (through the trees, etc) view. If the players leaves the 11 x 11 grid, Observe mode will be cancelled. Content is available under Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike unless otherwise noted. When lowering terrain the players gains a chunk of material removed from the ground while it costs 1 chunk of material in raising the ground. Observe allows the player to view the terrain height in an 11 x 11 grid. Use over 10 000 units of different substances (soil, rocks, ore, clay etc.) You can only pour other substances on top of them to raise ground level, or tunnel through them. Flattening the terrain lets the player flatten tiles to a specific height and allows some structures to be built on top of it. The 4 corner points will remain the same height unless the slope in the adjacent tile(s) become too great (as described in the "fall off" mechanics described above). Players cannot interact with other objects and cannot see other players that are not in the immediate vicinity of the player. Pave Roads to … In this video I explain how to Terraforming. This has the effect of changing the whole sides of the target tile once they are straight lines, causing the sides of the adjacent tiles to change as well, up to a certain limit, after which it will no longer will have any effect. - Best Remote Learning School, For Kids Age 5-14. Raise ground level and Lower ground level will raise or lower the center point as well as the middle points of the 4 sides of the target tile. Tips and Tricks of Tunneling 101 Step 1) Prospect your ore, find a suitable place to plant your mine. Terraforming is a Crafting Skill in the MMO Life is Feudal (LiF) as well as Life is Feudal: Your Own (LiFYO). Players cannot interact with other objects and cannot see other players that are not in the immediate vicinity of the player. These materials are not wasted.

The height shown in Observer is basically the height of the center point, but the other 8 points of a tile may actually be different unless the tile itself is level, flattened ground.

This is for new players or for common players who may not has grasped the understanding of how to terraform. When a tile is NOT level, it will have a white overlay with little dots showing the grade of the ground. When a tile is perfectly level the 'flatten' command disappears from your menu and the observe screen shows a dark green overlay instead of white. The Terraforming -> Observe command is VERY helpful for this. To understand the mechanics it helps to think of each tile as a grid of 9 points: the four corners, the center of each side, and the center of the tile.


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