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But the lengths that the show goes too to frame him in such a way, removes all sense of intentness from the character. (unintelligible) But....NO ONE CAN KILL ME, NOBODY!!! Which is yet another hack writing crutch, and one that doesn't come out nearly as well as the bonk on the head, but we'll get more into that later. It was posted to both YouTube and Benthesage.com on July 14th, 2016. Sage: And besides, quality of content has little to do with cult status. (It then cuts to the opening sequence and then to Sage in his usual spot.).

I'm begging you to save her, she's our daughter. First Half Of The Nineteenth Century, pre-Unification German Staten.

Sage (VO): If not for that: at least one has to laugh at the shear audacity of the anime, trying so goddamned hard to justify themselves having a bunch of kids slaughtered.

Curious about the people living in the village, he goes to get a closer look at their houses and ultimately hits his head, leaving him dazed on the ground. She's groggy and lost thanks to her head wound, and her Nyuu personality taking over is like "a drunken man" with very little sense of where she is. You know the one.). Lucy has been the victim of abuse from pretty much everyone in her life and....well.... (Cut to a scene of Lucy callously decapitating Kisaragi in cold blood). But, because the anime couldn't leave well enough alone. Sage (VO): On one side of the spectrum is Serial Experiments Laine: a beloved anime that was unfairly ignored by the anime buying public, but was rescued by disappearance by Funimation after enough demand from its fans. Especially since it's this guy, (Director Kakuzawa), who's the actual honest-to-god antagonist of the series. Sage: And in the middle? Hence why she was let out in the first place by this guy, son of Director Kakuzawa. Then it cuts to Bennett snickering like a five year old at the sheer absurdity of it all). All the more shocking when they both become drenched in blood. Tomoo: You must be some kind of monster, cause you're totally not a human! She got new prosthetic limbs, (thanks to Kurama) and now she can propel herself using her vectors. And in both times: the only reason why she didn't kill them, was because an outside force prevented her from following through. Itsudatte My Santa Ending 1 (Kimikara Onegai), https://ecchi-anime.fandom.com/wiki/Elfen_Lied?oldid=4041. Due to this dangerous power, they have been captured and isolated in laboratories by the government. I won't allow it! (Cut to a clip of Troll 2 as an example of that very notion).

For example: Cowboy Bebop has legions of dedicated fans and near universal critic appraisal, but it's status as one of the most well-regarded anime outside of the otaku culture, robs it of a cult status. He likes to kill people. You have (brings up DVD) Elfen Lied. Bennett manages to get up, clearly hurt and in pain thinking he's alright....But the camera then cuts to Woolie behind him with a pool cue, ready to strike. Sage: But unlike Mayu, Nana actually has some thematic presence in the story. Elfen Lied - Opening HD. Chris: Elfen Lied Abridged was not funny! They bludgeon Lucy's puppy to death. Killing people. Sage: I don't know about you guys, but if I was a kid, and I knew about a girl about my age that had pink hair and horns....I would think that would be the coolest shit in the universe! Channel Awesome is a FANDOM TV Community. I'll do my best for you papa! Sage: But this presents a problem: If your (Finger quotes) "Heroine" is a murdering butcher half the time, how do you keep the audience from wanting her to be captured and/or put down? Sage: Which, to be fair, wasn't entirely unfounded. These kids should be glad that John Wick wasn't even around when this show was first made.). Eduard Mörike Hugo Wolf And all creative decisions are often made for the sake of themselves, rather than what will prove to be profitable. Linkara then throws his bat on the ground, realizing the trouble he's going to be in if anyone found out what went on as the others do too.). You meant take off his coat so she could use it to cover herself. (It then shows the memetic clip of Bando turning around at that question, and back handing the poor woman to the floor before staring at her).

Write the second section of your page here. Sage: Now I know what you're all thinking: "How in the world is the anime going to try to justify Lucy killing all these kids?" Make nearly everyone else around her the most irredeemable fucksticks in the history of fucksticks. Thing is: Diclonius born from humans are sterile, so they can't reproduce themselves, save for Lucy. Nor will it be the last). (Clip shows the aftermath of Lucy's massacre at the orphanage of pretty much everyone dismembered and the room covered in blood and broken glass). The hammer drops, the guy flinching in fear as it's revealed the chamber is empty. Are we born evil? But again, evil fucking bastard here. Sage (VO): Over the course of the show, she reverts back and forth from Lucy to Nyu, like if Forrest Gump yo-yoed between himself and Leatherface. That I was locked away in that dark room. Papa, does it look good on me?! (The door opens as Curtis is holding it open and encouraging the others to get out, Chris staying behind and hitting Bennett one last time, eliciting a groan of pain as he high-tails it out of there with the door closing behind. Not the first time the anime delves into subjects and topics far beyond its writing grasps to make itself seem more "shocking and mature". Sage: So with all of that said: how do you apply that to anime?

She sang the same song during her attempted destruction of all human life in revenge for Kurama's shooting of Kouta. Jeffery Dahmer's bastards!? (Another Monolgue, showing clips from Dragon Ball Z, Attack on Titan, Rebirth of Evangelion, and Cowboy Bebop). Sage: It's unnecessary really. Sage: So I can certainly see the appeal of Elfen Lied from an aesthetic point of view.

But also extreme happiness and, dare I say love. (The explanation briefly cuts to a clip from The Majestic before going back to the show). Kirk Lazarus: You went full retard man. (Bando then pulls the trigger on his handgun as the hammer slowly cocks back, and pointed at one of his men. Bennett explores the themes and ideas behind the show and why … Sage (VO): This here is Bando. He's just some poor fucktard with horns. We were looking forward to her so much, and now she's the only child I can ever have. Sage (VO): I mean, you can't say it isn't effective.

It's like if Happy Tree Friends were played completely straight: Though in Elfen Lied's case, sometimes it circles back to parody. There's already too much in my life that I regret, I want to put a stop to the bloodshed. (Bando then punches Mayu in the face. (A typical dream sequence wipe with accompanying harp sound effect plays as it flashes back to Bennett entering a private room at the convention center. You're the pure one I've been-, (Lucy interrupts his villain motive rant by promptly giving him the Headless Horseman special).

(It then cuts to the aftermath of another famous and lampooned scene of the show, one where Lucy brutally tears apart Nana limb from limb slowly, showing her reduced to nothing more than a torso with a still attached head.). Lucy's inner thoughts: It's so simple.... (The bandages fall off to reveal an exact copy of Lucy's face). Sage (VO): The main focus of the show, is Lucy/Nyu's relationship with Kouta, and their history that Kota has internally repressed. Mariko: Oh I see. Using the abuse she's experienced, as justification for her bloodlust. Pretty much every single kid here is beyond awful, again, going back to what I mentioned about irredeemable fucksticks. And sometimes the only way to get away with it, is to contextualize it with something that's even worse. Whether you love it or hate it, everyone has the same experience after they watch it: like they were put through the wringer and left to dry in the cold. (Kota fails to find a proper response to that awkward question as it cuts back to Sage, who has the same reaction). Sage (VO): There's Mayu, another runaway that Kouta and Yuka quasi adopt into their household who escaped a life where her stepdad sexually abused her.... Sage (VO): But as soon as she's adopted by Kouta and Yuka, she's immediately better, and all signs point to her living a perfectly well-adjusted life.

Not only is that delicate Aria used to contrast the violence, but the set design and environments are peaceful and feature old-world beautiful architecture. Besides. Sage: Him, I remind you, being her cousin. Usually, violent anime shies away from the overly drawn large eyes and the more stylized aspects of anime, opting for a more gritty or subdued design. In a phrase, it's, "The Feels: The Anime". That the characters are drawn the way they are, again, contrast the brutality that surrounds them. On the other side is Mad Bull 34: an outrageously violent shit-show that just had to be seen to be believed, and was rescued from disappearance by Discotek Media.... probably on a dare. But, Elfen Lied: Too many kids getting butchered. No matter who you try to impregnate, they're only going to give birth to sterile Diclonius, and if you're genetic history is any indication, all you're gonna have are watered down Diclonius that don't have any vectors. And more to the point, why do you think YOU can make more Diclonius if you think Lucy is dead? I-I-it's amazing. Sage (VO): I like that instead of having every Diclonius be a sadistic monster, there's one who is equally dangerous, but only seems to want to help, even though she shares a similar past with Lucy. Ecchi anime Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. (Sage clears his throat as a screencap of the kissing cousins moment appears in the upper right corner). I forgot! You'd say come out. Now this all hinges on one of the most tritely written plot devices ever conceived. Although his genes have been watered down through the generations. Lucy's inner thoughts: All you have to do is remake the world. (Another monologue now showing clips from Blue Velvet, Dirty Flamingoes, and Battlefield Earth). (Cut to a montage showing clips from Brazil and True Romance). In the Japanese version, she is voiced by Sanae Kobayashi. Even the characters are overly expressive, even bordering on Moe in certain respects. (A clip is then shown of Nyu sitting on the floor and grunting as the two look worried), (Then it cuts to the anime showing us that she, indeed, pissed on the floor. Look no further than Dragon Ball, Attack on Titan, and Neon Genesis Evangelion for proof positive of this. ), (Woolie breaks the pool cue across Bennett's shoulder and throws it to the ground. Sage (VO): Seems that Lucy was kept under lock and key and away from prying eyes, but was let out under mysterious circumstances. Well, you gotta further divide the subculture. But then, why would you have your goons and conscripted Diclonius kill her? The anime is pretty cheap and roughshod, and there's obvious cut corners every which way. Never go full retard. I'm ready for real people! The series spanned 13 episodes and was followed by a single original video animation on 21 April 2005. Sage: If there was one, major overriding theme of Elfen Lied, it's the age old argument of nature vs nurture. Obviously, I don't count myself among them but why is there one in the first place? (Please bear in mind, this section is subjective.). Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. But still kids all the same. Kouta then later finds her after she's turned back into Nyu.


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