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you asked for it (; 21-DAY LEG TRANSFORM CHALLENGE – starting right now!

I receive lots of questions about my thoughts on workout programs besides my own! I love stretching, and you shouldn’t skip stretching after your workouts. However, this workout does include a lot of squats and lunges, so I’d be careful if you don’t want bigger quads (which are part of your thighs!). Your email address will not be published. For example, your computer’s IP address. She said it took her a long time to build her butt!

Learn how your comment data is processed. :). RELATED POST: WHY I DON’T LIFT HEAVY WEIGHT ANYMORE. Thanks!

There are three main body types (although you can be a mix of two! But if you’re more like me (and can see bulky muscles developing after just two weeks of squats! Yes, I want to receive emails - Rachael Attard's weekly newsletter and special promotions. :). :).

But, if you don’t want to get too bulky, then you should not do lower-body resistance training every day. However, it isn’t the best way for most women to achieve leaner legs. However, if you’re an ectomorph who is struggling to build muscle tone, you can try doing more resistance training than this. Each of these moves targets your lower body heavily, especially your quads (the muscles at the front of your thighs). Here’s a quick review on the three body types: If you are an endomorph or a mesomorph and are wanting to tone your legs without making them bigger or bulkier, I do not recommend workouts that include squats, lunges, and burpees. Necessary cookies for the website to function. But I wouldn’t expect it to help you make your legs leaner and slimmer. If you have any other programs you’d like me to review, let me know in the comments. Doing squats, lunges, and burpees will make your legs larger.

Low-intensity cardio and eating a healthy diet are very important for slimming down the fat in your thighs, especially if you are an endomorph or mesomorph.

Emi’s program is excellent if you are wanting to build strength or develop more muscle in your legs. This is a common request I hear from women too! Since you tend to put on muscle relatively quickly, these exercises will make you bulkier than you want! I typically recommend that most girls do resistance training 3-4 times a week. Instead, I suggest you focus on cardio (mainly walking) and full-body resistance training. She has a LOT of squats, lunges, and burpees, so I don’t really think she designed it specifically for slimming down your thighs. For example, on day one you do her 15 min Inner + Outer Thigh & Calves video and the 10 min Stretch to Slim Calves video. You said that you are between a mesomorph and endomorph body type. If you are doing my program, you probably want leaner legs, but Emi’s program will probably give you stronger yet larger legs. For example, where you complete an online form on our website. She includes some workouts that are meant for thinner legs, but even those include squats and lunges. Almost every single one of the workouts includes squats, burpees, lunges, or a combination of all three. That’s a great way to burn calories and build muscle. ), this program will cause your legs to get bigger. P.S.

But, to be fair to Emi, she rarely mentions slimming thighs down. For women who are wanting to slim down their legs specifically, this probably isn’t the best program for you. If you want to try a butt-focused workout that doesn’t work your quads, try this one. LINK IN BIO why you guys are gonna like this one 1.

Instead, I’d try following these guidelines on how to slim down your calves.

Your body repairs these tears, and this is how your muscles become stronger and bigger. However, if your goal is to lose fat, power walking is going to be your best friend! Doing both programs at the same time is not a good idea.

Finding a program that is right for your goals can be challenging, but it is worth it! Your email address will not be published. I think there are two types of people who will really benefit from and love Emi Wong’s program: RELATED POST: THE FEMALE GUIDE ON HOW TO GET LEAN AND TONED WITHOUT GETTING BULKY, 15 days inner thigh burn challenge tag a friend who’s been watching too much netflix to try no matter time to start than now we all gna be the fittesttt by the end of all of this *full version on youtube* #EmiTransform 15天瘦大腿內側挑戰 全片已上傳到YouTube 煲劇之餘每天10至20分鐘 疫情過後一齊fit哂, A post shared by emi 艾米 (@emiwong_) on Apr 10, 2020 at 5:56am PDT. But body preferences are subjective.

But I’m actually not sure it is possible to slim your calves this way. In my experience, bodyweight resistance training works the best if you want to look lean and toned without gaining too much muscle. In general terms, this data can be divided into three categories: ), and two of the three types can gain muscle very easily! Some bodyweight resistance training can help tone your legs without adding bulk. However, if you’re hoping for smaller, slimmer legs, keep in mind that for most girls, this program probably won’t work. Week 2 is very similar to the first week. Copyright (c) 2020 Rachael Attard. Emi also says in this video that her workouts will help you get legs like Kendall Jenner. Girls with endomorph and mesomorph body types who don’t mind gaining a bit more lower body muscle and who also want to develop more muscle tone in their legs and butt. Rest days and stretching are important, and I’m so glad she included this! Emi is an excellent example of an ectomorph girl that can get toned and build beautiful lean muscles. I will definitely bring up your suggestion to her <3. You don’t need to do that much resistance training all at once. It includes lots of squats and lunges, and there one whole session dedicated to burpees! Which program is better – Emi Wong’s or Chloe Ting’s. In order for us to operate our business and provide our services to you, sometimes it is necessary that we collect and process your personal data.


:), New Workout Video up on YouTube! All of them are very lower-body focused. OK, this question comes up a lot.

You don’t need to do it more than that. I would also like you to comment on coffee lam’s workout. She also includes plenty of squats and lunges but she also has low to moderate intensity cardio in her program.

• Information about how you use our website or our services. Also, Emi includes a rest day with a stretching video. As always, thank you for asking me about Emi’s program and inspiring this article. Rachael hasn't done a review on Jon Benton workouts yet. RELATED POST: HOW TO GET LEAN LEGS – WHY YOU NEED CARDIO FOR FAT LOSS. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. 10 minutes 2. no jumping 3. it’s hella fun and one of my faves in my weekly routine .


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