observing the night sky essay
of +1 on the Planesphere and a book like S&T's Pocket Sky Atlas or a wall poster sized star map. What worked for me was to check a planisphere to see what's up and the constellations general relation to each other, and then check a more "normal" chart to see the constellations with less distortion. A beginner’s take on the 80mm ED refractor versus the 150mm Mak. Get out, explore, enjoy, and stay curious!

What I remember are bright stars and the distant pulse of salsa music. I learned the sky slowly, over a lifetime, and at my own pace. stars appear to form a sphere surrounding the It's quite big--16" in diameter--and helps with the scale of things.

And, I said, "they must be planets because no stars that bright should be where they are.". I went from Los Angeles to Mississippi and spent three days seeing small, rural towns for the first time. Not quite how I thought it would be, but i will remember it forever. northern hemisphere, and objects like Telescopium, Tucana and Crux for the As I remember it, the moonlight shines perfectly, the cloudless sky allows you to look up and stargaze to your heart's content, and the Atacama Desert has some Earth-shattering views. Of course, there are more reasons why my experiences observing stars were so varied. Our planet is separated by an imaginary line called the equator that splits Earth into the Northern and Southern hemispheres. The term night sky, usually associated with astronomy from Earth, refers to the nighttime appearance of celestial objects like stars, planets, and the Moon, which are visible in a clear sky between sunset and sunrise, when the Sun is below the horizon.

A. Since the sun only shines for about half the day, you lose sight of constellations blocked by sunlight. I have good charts and planetarium apps. I discovered a memory aid quite by accident one day when I was taking a picture of the night sky with a camera on tripod. That matches the skyglow on a moonless night at my home near the center of Boston, Massachusetts. stars make up a faint band of I brought the photo into a picture editor and added the constellation lines I was familiar with - but then realized I could use a program like Stellarium to find ones I wasn't. Stepped off the plane in Christchurch and there was Orion...upside down..  . I particularly like H.A. stars are identified as hemisphere.

These constellations make up mythic

In addition, he explained that the Earth is tilted on its axis of rotation by 23.5 degrees. I started out in this thing a LONG time ago, and all I wanted to do was learn the constellations.

A simple enhancement for observational astronomy?

I'd recommend choosing constellations by objects of interest that they contain, not just plunging in because they're there.

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It's funny, some years after I had memorized the stars, at an outreach, someone asked me what planets were up. I enjoyed that quite a bit. Plus, because the Earth is orbiting the sun, you can see different parts of the sky depending on the time of year. Naked-Eye Observing Moon Planets Milky Way Artificial Satellites Naked Eye Comets Meteor Showers Iridium Flares Aurora Star Clusters Eclipses : Observation - The Night Sky . Try to identify what you see by referring to your reference.

I used to have my daughter, who was 5 or 6 years old at the time, quiz me. It's great beating some non-astro person to a name for a star if someone asks at a BBQ etc!

It's a cool sight, but it doesn't compare to what space has waiting for us. +1 for what tchandler said. This pair of books give a nice description of these things, sometimes with more historical background information than you'll probably need, and he shows each example projected on a clear, modern, constellation chart, which is MUCH clearer than any examples I've found online.

for yourself! This is not recommended for shared computers, Two images of Mars from tonight with Takahashi Mewlon 180c, Andromeda - Can't get the spiral arms no matter what, BillShort, seawolfe and clearwaterdave like this, Learn a bright feature like Orion or the Big Dipper and use it as an anchor, Learn the brightest stars and where to look for them. It took some time yes, but after a bit I knew the night sky better than my buddy who had been into astronomy for decades and had even made his own Dobsonian scope while I just had my binoculars. Problem for the OP is that I don't think it works for the southern hemisphere. The stars at your latitude are perhaps the best (certainly favorite). I started with the "circumpolar" stars, those which never set from your location. Tele Vue Blog: Mars: Keep on Viewing & Imaging! In order to help find our way around the night I used my 1956 "Star Explorer" which I got new, and Menzel's "Field Guide." A telescope is not necessary to view some of the more prominent objects, but first it is important to introduce the most important feature: the stars. can be difficult to differentiate what can and In other words, if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, you can see all of the constellations on the northern part of the sky, and maybe some of what is visible from the Southern Hemisphere. In recent years I've been having a good time chasing down some of the obsolete, "failed" constellations. stars are actually in a variety of I started out in this thing a LONG time ago, and all I wanted to do was learn the constellations. Stuck on your essay? Zodiac, there I used my 1956 "Star Explorer" which I got new, and Menzel's "Field Guide." Be aware of planets; in time you’ll know if you’re looking at a planet or star, and even know which planet it is. I watched every morning as the weeks went by and as new bright stars would rise into view I would learn the name and what constellation it was in. Edited by Stu Todd, 30 March 2018 - 05:36 PM. Sparsely populated, high above sea level, lightly polluted and with cloudless weather — these are the attributes that make a place great for skywatching. I had to learn a lot of new skies and I did so by using a planisphere. sky into the Most literature bangs on about Polaris being the "pole star". viewable from the darkest locations. sky, various groupings of star chart the place of actually stepping outside and looking After thinking about it for a while I decided to start, rather heretically, with a bit of astrology. Have a look at the attachment to see what I mean.

stars and visa versa, it As I mentioned earlier, I first got into this thing just wanting to learn the constellations. At some level, the best way to learn the constellations is by star-hopping to specific targets. To help with that, I recommend David Levy's planisphere. On the outskirts of town, you can bike to the Valley of the Moon and the Valley of Mars, to name a few interesting locales. As to why I was able to see more stars in Buenos Aires than in Los Angeles even though they're both large cities, I have no explanation, but Buenos Aires is far less polluted than L.A., and this may be the reason why. our galaxy that is 365 STARRY NIGHTS by Chet Raymo (Simon & Schuster, $16) contains a half-page mini-essay and diagram for each day of the year. the There’s also water in some parts of the salt flats. My first sighting of the Southern Cross was from the back seat of a taxi on my way past Copacabana Beach. Knowing those 20 or so bright stars gave me perspective on the sky. The I'd say, "point to any star and I will tell you its name." I then went through the Astronomical League's Constellation Hunter program. view. You learn things by using them, and star-hopping is all about using the constellations as stepping stones to other goals. "Throughout the course of 24 hours, as the Earth rotates completely on its axis, we can see the entirety of the sky that is visible from our latitude.". northern hemisphere (United States, Canada, "Light" is a well-known term in the electromagnetic spectrum including visible, ultraviolet, infrared, microwave, radio, x-ray and gamma ray regions. 88 constellations. southern hemispheres: For I have divided the distances from the I have had similar goal (and I am still working on it!) Ingrid Cruz is a freelance writer and independent filmmaker. In total, there are Earth is tilted by 23.45º,

My first (and only) time in Brazil was 1998.

It takes time to learn, and I think that is the beauty of a visual observer. The time of day is truly what affects how much of the sky you can see wherever you are. Wonderful! I used to go out with a planisphere on any given clear night and just hold it up and started identifying stars and constellations. Each leads to another constellation and on to bright stars like Canopus, Achernar and Fomalhaut. In recent years I've been having a good time chasing down some of the obsolete, "failed" constellations. characters like Pegasus, Andromeda, and Orion for Because the For more information on the

The polar region (for me in the south now) are Crux, Hydrus and the Magellanic clouds and faint constellations like Apus, Chameleon, and Musca. Don't try to bite off too big a chunk to learn. our galaxy - the

You also get a view of the Licancabur volcano. Growing up observing the night skies from the Northern and Southern hemispheres. Both of these are OLD now, but there are plenty of equivalents, some of them better, I'm sure.

There are a number of good ideas mentioned above and I have a couple to add for consideration.


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