why should school start early essay
Also, it's a proven fact that teenagers need between 8.5 and nine hours of sleep each night. Beep.

In a study conducted in a Virginian middle school which started school 1 hour later at 8:15 instead of 7:15, the students had a 2.2 percentile increase in math, and a 1.5 percentile increase in reading on average (Resmovits). “His grades are higher, his concentration has been better. Most high doh schools start at an average of 7:59 in the morning.

School days are not supposed to start before 8:30 a.m. for middle and high schoolers. Keeping in mind Westmount’s self-pace program makes it possible to continue a subject after a full semester; some students may have to do so unwillingly. And some even earlier! I had to wake up at 6:00 a.m. so that I had enough time to shower before school. According to a study done in 2008 in The Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine (car) crash rates fell by 16.5%, Beep. Poor sleep is linked to reliance on unhealthy products.

58% of teenagers car accident fatalities were drivers.

How many times has this happened to you; it’s six thirty on a Tuesday morning and your alarm has already gone off twice, you’re still lying in bed and your bus will come in twenty minutes. This is a struggle that many kids have to face every day.

The first reason why a later school time at Westmount is a bad idea is due to the stress it will cause the students. Most high schools start at an average of 7:59 in the morning. Our school day should begin at 9′ o clock in the morning. Say school starts at 10:15 and ends at 5:15. In just minutes the first school bell will ring and I haven’t even gotten 7 hours of sleep. To accommodate for teen's sleep necessity,, high schools should start later in the morning than they do presently.

Some people argue that children should start start their education as young as possible while others want to give them time to develop ahead of attending school. Later... ...teens don’t like going to school that early in the morning. A later start time for Brunswick High School would be extremely beneficial to the students that go through the school. First period already? Teens need more sleep. Schools should start later so students would get more sleep at home and it would prevent them from sleeping in class, so the students would have more motivation and students’ academic grades would increase. 58% of teenagers car accident fatalities were drivers. I agree with this source, starting schools later could enhance student’s school performance academically and athletically. Teachers reported that students were more alert during the first two periods of the day and that attendance improved by five percent.

It is not practical for high school classes to begin at seven-thirty in the morning. The kids today are not getting enough sleep due to either having to do homework assigned by the teachers or, 21% of teen motor vehicle accidents are caused by drowsy driving.

• we concentrate more The truth is that we can’t budget all of our activities, sports and homework into one day and still get nine hours of sleep. Research implies that teens should, least once a week 28 percent of High School students fall asleep in school, either doing homework or arriving late because they slept in too late” (“Survey:Teens”). Another positive effect of starting schools later is that students will be more attentive, Why school should start later?

"With teenagers' busy schedules today, the first activity to give way is usually sleep" (Kaufman).

more sleep, not only we will benefit of this privilege, but even This will benefit my essay by forward explaining why school should start later in the morning and why doing this will be better for the students’. Research implies that teens should, out of my bed and get ready. Whether you feel school should start later in the morning, or should not, you need to figure out why, and the reasons and benefits (or negatives) in your own mind, first of all.

• it stimulates our creativity • reduces hyperactivity and bad moods

Have you ever wondered how much your life could improve if High school start a time that us unwise for teens being awake.

Should School Start Later?

This essay will discuss the advantages and pitfalls of starting one‘s education at a very early age.

“If you think it 's too hard to return schools to healthier house, here’s a sampling of schools in 45 stated that have done it already or are doing it in the, top of that, many schools start much earlier than the time recommended by sleep researchers and pediatricians, 8:30am. Our writers will create an original "Why School should Start Later" essay for you. • increases happiness The lack of sleep that teenagers are obtaining is becoming a very serious issue for students because it is affecting their lives in a very negative way. • and it helps our brains to memorize things better and She hopped into her old beat up car and drove until she was down the street from her high school when she got into a horrible car crash.


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