sun ephemeris 2020
It was generated using the JPL DE405 planetary and lunar ephemerides. All calculations are by Fred Espenak, and he assumes full responsibility for their accuracy. Su 12 13:22:38 22AR33 16SG14 01AR16 07GE04 08AQ28 25CP37 01AQ16 05TA46 19PI39 24CP57 02CN50

Su 17 15:40:37 26TA33 23PI16 10GE23 21GE34 02PI36 27CP14 01AQ56 07TA46 20PI36 24CP53 00CN59 We seek out comfort and familiarity today with a Cancer Moon. Sa 04 06:52:19 13CP04 21AR49 09CP08 18AQ05 00SG24 07CP22 21CP45 02TA40 16PI20 22CP29 08CN05 Mo 07 05:04:55 15SG20 02VI22 08SG05 19SC10 18AR27 27CP21 28CP58 07TA20 18PI11 23CP26 20GE11 Ephemerides are also used to design the celestial navigation software which helps with spacecraft navigation and can work as a backup option for the global positioning system (GPS).

Sa 02 14:41:29 12TA03 26LE42 08TA39 19GE31 22AQ19 26CP59 01AQ53 06TA55 20PI15 24CP59 01CN47 Photo Index | As a low-precision alternative suitable fo… These aspects remind us of the need to find the right balance between our personal and public lives or between play and discipline. Calendar event Booking. 06novOverview of the DayNovember 6, 2020Daily Overview(Overview of the Day: friday) EST Event Type :Daily Overview. We 29 20:28:26 06LE21 25SC41 17CN53 21GE40 16AR51 20CP30 28CP03 10TA34 20PI38 23CP25 27GE07 Tu 14 07:31:45 23CP15 05VI59 25CP22 00PI16 07SG09 09CP39 22CP56 02TA39 16PI34 22CP49 07CN33 Th 17 23:45:34 24VI34 18VI06 16LI49 11LE49 27AR46 17CP26 25CP28 10TA16 19PI25 22CP34 24GE28 Ford. It comes across as a tabulated journal, which gives away the position of natural and artificial objects in the sky at a given point in time. When Mercury is in Scorpio, our thoughts and communications are more probing and intense.

You are welcome to reproduce the data below for non-profit purposes , providing you credit Continue placing the other planetary glyphs on the chart based on the signs they are in. The ability to sway or persuade can be enhanced. ... - Sun square (90°) Pholus - Sun square (90°) Pallas + Moon sextile (60°) Saturn - Moon square (90°) North Node - Moon square (90°) Pholus - Mercury opposition (180°) Uranus The Photographer's Ephemeris 3D. does not make any warranty as to the suitability of this ephemeris data for any purpose. Website designed by click here. Sa 28 12:23:30 07AR46 17TA06 10PI22 23TA44 28CP02 23CP53 00AQ25 04TA57 19PI08 24CP47 03CN38

Here, “quality over quantity” applies.

15nov12:07 amNew Moon on November 15, 2020in Scorpio12:07 am EST Event Type :Lunations, The Moon is New in Scorpio on November 15, 2020, at 12:07 AM EST.


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