baseball on the tabletop
In a recent survey conducted by Siena College of 801 residents of my home state of New York, those asked to name the greatest athlete in New York State history named... (drum roll please)... Derek Jeter! 01 Apr 2004 - Tabletop Baseball Games website started on Geocities. Recent publishers of note who are actively producing statistical baseball games include: Replay Baseball, Dynasty Baseball, Ball Park Baseball, Time Travel Baseball(resurrected by Downey Games), Statis Pro Advanced and Dice Baseball. Rules complexity and/or too many charts to obtain a result make my brain explode. Videos of Tabletop Baseball Games such as Strat-o-Matic, Apba, History Maker Baseball, Payoff Pitch Some allow the addition of player photos and pictures of the stadiums.

The sets being produced for Statis Pro Baseball are from James Yonushonis with compatible cards to the present season and most notably Derrick Beckner producing his Advanced Statis Pro Baseball card sets and charts.

Columns ‘1’ and ‘2’ were mostly for strike-outs and outfield fielding plays. The ATAS set on individual cards proved to be popular and was picked up by Avalon Hill as Superstar Baseball when Time, Inc. sold their sports games. Jump for steals vs. automatic? The use of a trademarked name on this site should not be construed as a sponsorship of the trademark holder nor should mentioning the name of a product without indicating its trademark status be construed as a challenge to such status. ASBwas our introduction to using math for gaming…I still remember that Babe Ruth had 182 degrees of getting on-base and using a protractor to make the calculation.

Welcome to Tabletop Baseball Games.

The 47th Element This has been a long time coming. Baseball on the Table-top - Part III Games of the 70's. For detailed examples of play go to : There was no such distinction for pitchers ratings other than whether they were righties or lefties. First of all is a love for the subject. Looking in the rear view mirror, we know how last season went for the home team. Column ‘5’ was for walks and column ‘6’ was for power. Throwing arm for C and OF? The original Replay game (now referred to as “Classic Replay”) met its demise at the hands of MLB royalty issues in 1991. Jeff has also released a set of classic teams from the 60’s to 80’s, the entire 1926 season, Negro League teams and some specialty sets including the gang from the Peanuts comics.

All written material is Copyright © 1986-2020 by Gamers Alliance and/or HM Levy, all rights reserved. In Statis Pro, fielders have a clutch rating that can turn an out into a hit or vice versa. An occasional outside chart was needed to resolve base-runner advancement on outs, bunting, hit & run and for fielding ratings. I’ve been having a blast applying most of what I’ve experienced in game mechanics over the past 20 years of adult board games to statistical baseball games.

Money is a factor too. Here you will find information about several of the more popular Tabletop Baseball Games (Baseball Board Games), with an emphasis on the various Avalon Hill Baseball games such as Statis Pro Baseball and Superstar! All-Star Baseballwas my first exposure to statistical baseball games as a 10 year old.

Website News: The nine criteria are not equally weighted…but since I’m the judge and jury here, I will assign each a % weight in parentheses adding up to 100.


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