warframe sentinel tier list

But other than Crushing groups of enemies and Shield Polarizing my teammates and the Cryopod, I really don't do much else.

Owner of the only ultimate that is blind to all situations. Disclaimer: the advice below contains generalisations.

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Vortex to suck enemies and drops into small collection area and Tesla to find those pesky hidden/invisible enemies), Saryn (Mid-High way to God Tier because of Miasma), Ember (Solidly High Tier with Ring of Fire and World on Fire damage and range), Frost (Mid-High way to God Tier thanks to Frost Globe duration and effects and Avalanche damage and range).

His attacks and everything about him spell out my emotional feelings about the world and how deep and sophisticated I am. It really shows how the Warframe "endgame" looks like. Yes, we have access to all the Frames (Reactor'd and Forma'd) and we've hard-tested them in many situations.

Stop trying to pidgeon-hole every frame into one particular situation. I used carrier p, after its change i dont know what to bring.

Djinn or Diriga, if you need for some reason a Sentinel with high targetting range Rhino can still solo any boss that is out there soooo easily, why would you consider him as low-tier frame? Solution: Serious rework. Her pull together with a high leveled melee weapon enables her to act as a sort of tank towards heavies, she can single them out, pull them close (and prone them) and then hack away at them. Carrier for (sentinel) survivability and bullet hose weapons. So, please, DE, find out why the other frames aren't as good as Vauban! I have played all 13 frames, and played Excaliber Prime and soon hopefully will get the parts for Frost Prime. Good to Excellent in one area, but lacking in others that are important for control in various other situations.

I disagree with this list because as others have pointed out, this list is seen through the goggles of someone whose got a very narrow definition of usefulness as it relates to high tier defense missions. Making his BP's a reward for Alert Missions make obtaining him a longtime term.

It doesn't have much hp/shields (same as taxon) but the prime is a bit better. I think it mostly comes down with some of the powers needing reworks.

Such a temporary buff for friendlies would make this power very interesting and perfectly justifiable given its current cost. Especially Mag. No need for any serious reworks, just a little tweak or buff here and there. Just a note, I do have every warframe except Nyx. And it's still amazing, so is Mind Control. My main warframe was and always will be Loki.

Helios (prime) is good for filling up the codex, which in turn is good if you like running tests in the simulacrum. They're beyond underpowered compare to the other frames. Okay, it's that time of the year again, time to discuss Warframe Tier List and give some feedback on "How do we fix Low Tier Frames". Iron Skin is also effectively 800+ extra shield with CC immunity. Pull is situational at best, and I generally don't equip it. Helios for free scans or fooling around with Deconstructor for damage dealing. Primary: hold fire to charge for an even greater effect. If anything, I think whenever you're using Ash, this song should play constantly.

Secondary: fires projectiles semi-automatically with high accuracy; area-of-effect explosion on impact. Excalibur was close to get to the High Tier but his blind is just too short.

Solution: Stronger first spell, more aoe/chain lightning effect. I would like to see a better balance between all warframes. I have played all frames except Trinity (she's done cooking today) but I have grouped extensively with her.

I'm pretty sure that the Mid Tier could use a little tweaks. He's alright as he is right now, although the jump pad thingy (forgot the name) is useless. Volt <3 a very best warframe.

Like Nyx's Absorb, Volt's Overload, Rhino's loss of tankiness, and Mag's, well... Mag's everything. Rebecca, I think that Mag's uselessness is overlooked by far too long. I mean, she's the one you would see as the noob-newbie unless you saw them with a Sentinel and a Dread.

Other bands who would be good would be Kamelot, Linken Park, System of the Down, Marylin Manson, and a few others. I mean if she gets a reworked and buffed, I'm all in for it but I seriously don't think she's underpowered of considered to be useless. I'd consider bumping Frost into God Tier (I'm reluctant to use that term too, seeing as I wouldn't consider any frames godmode by any stretch, just over-performing) if we were taking it purely from a defense mission standpoint (I feel that outside of Snow Globe, Frost doesn't bring a whole lot to the table... but Snow Globe itself is massively important in many defense missions), but otherwise I wouldn't really make any changes. Hmm, I am interested in what the rest of the community thinks of this list.

How could this happen?

Mid Tier frames tend to be specialists in their abilities. I have played every single frame to 30 multiple times (with the exception of Mag; once is enough) in every type of mission possible (4 clanmates in a similar situation), and I would 90% agree with the OP save a few minor changes (ie.

Vauban's so good you don't even need to make use of Bastille and Vortex, just attach some teslas to yourself and become a walking voltage generator of death.

Destroys Corpus even better then the Volt. But calling her a "Low Tier Frame" is blasphemy. There is no currently existing content that fits this description. His BP's drop in Tier 3 Void Missions which means: Hope and be lucky to get a Void Tier 3 key from Wave Defenses / Login rewards / Random mission rewards and then hope and be lucky to get a Frost Part BP from that Tier 3 missions.

At moment, is the warframe that need less changes in my opinion.

I think his Tesla could use a deployment cap, but it would have to be sufficient to not completely destroy the skill (IE 2-3 Teslas would be seriously lackluster whereas 10 is too many imo). Plus mag is fun ;w; Disagree with Rhino's placement, as well as Vauban's.


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