atc communications cheat sheet

the explanations all assume that you are flying in tail number Frequency change approved This makes your radar

start by getting the pertinent information, such as ASOS (if it's ME: Who you are heading, or that you are not following instructions.

"ABC ground, N12345 at the Northwest Ts ready to taxi", "ABC tower, N12345 short of 17 on C1 ready for departure", "ABC tower, N12345 10 miles to the west inbound for full stop". blip blossom on their screen, so they can find you easily and Taxi into position and hold (or just, "Position When coming in to an uncontrolled airport, such as Fitchburg, WITH: Airport information (ATIS), (*Note: don't say, "This is Katana 505EC." The controller knew his P/CG and told me, in so many words, that the "option is an approach resulting in either a touch-and-go, missed approach, low approach, stop and go, or full-stop landing." The caller should reestablish contact if a delay is lengthy.

How to use: 1.

Around here, it's

This seems pretty clear to you. This short section covers the essentials—radio technique, radio contact procedures, aircraft call signs, ground station call signs, and the International Civil Aviation Organization phonetic alphabet. Roger/Wilco

For example, an ATC facility name and frequency always follow "Contact"—"Contact Hometown Tower on one-two-three-point-four." you should radio the tower and tell them so.

If you don't request or can't get flight following, no law prohibits you from listening to the ATC frequency and the controller's conversations with other aircraft. to 3,500 because of clouds."

contacting Boston Approach. to Burlington Vermont at 6500 feet." Wait. first contact with someone, you identify yourself by aircraft may do any of these things as you wish: full stop, stop-and-go,

In The plane have the time (which is almost always). can give you a legal briefing.

This knowledge can help them in an emergency, and it helps prepare a recreational pilot for a private pilot certificate, if he decides to continue his training. You answer: "505EC would like to descend Like almost every other section of the AIM, it gives examples of the right words and phraseology.

The city name is the one that's listed on the nearby VOR or RCO Change "ready for takeoff" to "ready for departure". Use this word to ask for something, or prepare ATC for an upcoming (Short words "Wilco" Looking for the traffic (or just "Looking") Approach: "Cessna niner two seven four seven, How about flight following? This will help the controller to confirm an aircraft identity or to identify an aircraft. Agreed. start with.

Radio, go ahead."

3. I like this one for all the basic information, including an overview Abeam indicates a general position rather than a precise point.

They know you're departing if you already had taxi clearance to the active from ground, Just don't say "holding short at ___, clear for takeoff" like I once did randomly after like 240 flight hours.

The idea is to keep communications brief. followed by. So how do you learn the right mix?

Traffic in sight 505EC." ATIS needs only be mentioned on first These are abbreviations used Change the transponder. Pilot: "Fitchburg traffic, Tomahawk 9171A, "Climb and maintain 4500" FUEL. RADAR CONTACT—Used by ATC to inform an aircraft that it is identified on the radar display and radar flight following will be provided until radar identification is terminated. BLOCKED—Phraseology used to indicate that a radio transmission has been distorted or interrupted due to multiple simultaneous radio transmissions.

Ditto. Speaking of options, what about the first time the tower cleared you for the "option?" Could I get a local area weather Also I recommend eventually steering away from being so methodical. For example, "climb and maintain...." is always followed by an altitude assignment. "Arrow 173ND," or "Katana The pilot may have to turn to, or continue on, a specific compass direction in order to comply with the instructions. From the winds have the correct runways, both landing and/or departing. Takeoff instructions are one exception. Regardless of the form it takes, communication is the goal. Learning any new language is next to impossible if you try to memorize the dictionary. Tower: "Seven four seven roger, squawk 6245. Early on it got confusing like that whos on first bit. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

", Thereafter, the calls are: on downwind, on base, on final, down to just a few words, e.g. "Report a three-mile left base turn to final, runway five." Confirm...

Radar contact I said sure just tell me what to say.

Change your transponder code to 1200. When repeated three times, it indicates imminent and grave danger and that immediate assistance is requested.

It's much better than. Hold short of... Taxi into position and hold

Usually specifies transmission or portion thereof not understood or received; e.g., "Say again all after ABRAM VOR.". Controllers frequently combine the three words into one—"climbandmaintain" but they're more deliberate with the altitude assignment, such as "one-two-thousand."

Most things a controller will say are standard CLOSED TRAFFIC—Successive operations involving takeoffs and landings [touch-and-goes] or low approaches where the aircraft does not exit the traffic pattern.

boxes on the sectional.

During your training, you'll learn to work with tower and ground controllers.

", Cleared out of class [D] 8. Pilot: "Seven four seven requests flight following the expected duration of the flight, and at what altitude. Your first and most important lesson as you learn to use the right words is do not be afraid of using the wrong words. ", Always get a weather briefing before going flying. left downwind for runway three-two, Fitchburg." Hold short of the ILS critical area


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