how to play 2 player in pure pool
My biggest issue with this game is that they force you to listen to smooth jazz and bar chatter.Why can't I just mute that shit and just hear the action on the table?Also, people tend to go AFK during their shot and it's taking forever to match with new players. The game ends if you miss a pot or scratch. Potting is optional but it is used mainly for getting out of snookers.Snooker - There is no way to hit the target ball in a straight line so you must use a bank shot to hit it.Open Table - Any ball can be potted except the 8 ball during 8 ball.

If it is the first game in a match, a coin should be tossed to decide who gets to choose whether to break. This FAQ/Walkthrough is the sole copyright of Andrea "Azul Fria" Castillo aka Ice Queen Zero (or IQ-0) and cannot be put on other sites or posted without my given permission nor can it be reproduced w/o proper consent.

*5 for one star*7 for two stars*9 for three starsAccumulator (opponent: Tyler Holt - Pro)*With the game*Win with at least 60 points*Win with at least 70 pointsCHALLENGE – Speed Pot: Clear the table of balls in the fastest time possible *2:00 for three stars*2:20 for two stars*2:40 for one star9-Ball (opponent: Finn Kelly - Pro)*Win the game*Win a game potting only into corner pockets*Pot a ball using a bank shot9-Ball (opponent: Tyler Holt - Pro)*Win the game*Pot 2 balls in the side pockets consecutively*Win a 5-frame match without losing a round, CHALLENGE – Checkpoint: Pot as many balls before the time runs out*7 for one star*8 for two stars*9 for three starsCHALLENGE – Royal Rumble*1:40 for three stars*2:00 for two stars*2:20 for one star9-Ball (opponent: Tyler Holt - Pro)*Win the game*Pot 3 in a row*Pot 2 or more balls in one shotAccumulator (opponent: Finn Kelly - Pro)*Win the game*Win with at least 70 points*Win with at least 80 pointsCHALLENGE – Speed Pot: Clear the table of balls in the fastest time possible *0:50 for three stars*1:00 for two*1:10 for oneCHALLENGE – Perfect Potter: Pot as many balls consecutively without missing*8 for one star*10 for two stars12 for three stars9-Ball (opponent: Isabella Sanchez - Pro)*Win the game*Pot a ball further than 240cm from the cue ball*Win a game leaving 6 or 7 balls on the table. On the main menu screen, you can choose to play against the computer (Player 1 Vs Computer) or a friend (Player 1 Vs Player 2) in both 8 Ball and Straight Pool. However, pool matches are often played over a number of games, so for example, in a best of nine frame match, the first player to reach five frames would be declared the winner.

Killer (opponent: Tyler Holt - Pro)*Win the game*Win with 2 lives remaining*Win with 3 lives remaining CHALLENGE – Checkpoint: Pot as many balls before the time runs out*10 for one star*12 for two stars*14 for three stars US 8-Ball (opponent: Joshua King - Master)*Win the game*Pot in 5 in a row*Win a game with every shot over 70% power CHALLENGE – Perfect Potter: Pot as many balls consecutively without missing.

The order of the balls should be random apart from the black 8-ball, which should be placed in the middle of the third row. Not sure what happens on a tie. A player pots all of their designated balls and then legally pockets the 8 ball into their nominated pocket.


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