tactile learning style essay

the result was 10 of students were agree and other ten were disagree. I have a personal learning style!

4- Physical needs( time ,intake ,mobility ,and perceptual). Nurses play vital roles in health care organizations. Upon doing the assignment I felt that I already knew the results I would obtain due to the fact that I did the same assignment my sophomore year of college. If so, there is a good chance your child has tactile learning style. If your child has a tactile style, he may not be able to “keep his hands to himself.”. They spend their free time to watch TV.

Am I good at memorizing lists, definitions, or math formulas easily? Essay on Learning: The process of learning continues throughout life. I want to say listing to someone not mean passive, so those learner who agree are auditory .

If you are short on time and want to jump ahead to the list of tactile learning activities for teaching, please do! The next statement was ” when someone tells me how to do something in class, I learn it better”. I make my analysis to get the result and to know which style is common between ADU students my questionnaires were about the different learning style( visual, auditory, kinthies) . They “feel” smooth. But there, Name: Ngan Thu Bui The Tactile Learning Style is a common, hands-on learning style where a person prefers using his hands for learning.

So these types of students learn best by hearing, saying and seeing words.

The scholar is Sprenger. Large body movements are called “gross motor” skills. The methods for auditory, learners include repeating difficult words and concepts aloud, discussion between small-group, listening to books on tape, writing oral reports. When they explain something to someone they encourage them to try and talk through the ideas. Does Your Child Fit the Tactile Learning Definition? She wrote different details and different ways in which teachers can teach so that students will remember. The last one is learning is fun. The result was 18 of students were agree and 2 were disagree. Study for free with our range of university lectures!

When a person likes touching things to learn about them, the person probably prefers tactile learning. We used their cuisenaire rods for learning division.

Use textures from raised-line papers, really smooth papers, gel pens, etc. HOW do you effectively teach a Kinesthetic learner? Leadership, My learning styles The result was 16 of students were agree and 4 were disagree. A visual learner learn best by seeing information, in which the learners learn more efficiently by using images, pictures, colors, and maps to organize information and communicate with others. They enjoy music. Contract activity packages are plans which make learning process facilities, when we use the following elements: 1-make a clear statement about students needs, 3-use creative activates for mastering information, 4-disscuss or share your project within small groups of classmates.

Do you have a 2:1 degree or higher?

Thus who agree are auditory. 5- bodily: from the word body, we can say these learners learn best by using body language they constantly walk around. Some people think a tactile learning style involves a lot of movement.

Because auditory learners did not like to read . They have a lot of great manipulatives. My personal learning style is visual.

They do not like a group discussion.

they have book called” Teaching Students Though Their Individual Learning Styles”. The third reason, teacher style play role on the students style.

They take their notice about how people are from their look and dress. The methods for kinesthetic, learners include providing hands on activities, having frequent breaks to allow movement , using role play in the lesson. ,so this indicate not all learners have same ability to sit with group and start to discuss , may those learners who agree they have ability to focus with discussion group. The following statements was “I learn more when I can make a model of something” the result was 15 of students were agree and 5 were disagree.


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