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The high market share may simply reflect a large amount of Russian-speaking people who live or travel in these countries. The home page is more than just a search box. Statista, (last visited November 05, 2020). Account, which includes the following benefits, Global market share of search engines 2010-2020, Search engines ranked by market share in the United Kingdom (UK) as of September 2020, Google: search engine market share in selected countries 2020, Bing's search engine market share monthly in the United Kingdom (UK) 2015-2020. The chart below from StatCounter shows how Yandex’s market share has developed from 2009 to 2019: As you can see, Yandex’s (blue line) market share jumped over Google’s (red line) in 2017 after Google made it possible for Android users to choose Yandex when setting up their devices.

facts. Statista. You need at least a Single Account to use this feature. This means that people go to the site for more purposes than to search the web. Please authenticate by going to "My account" → "Administration". It also offers various other internet-related products and services. Russia is one of the very few countries where Google isn’t the most popular search engine. Find the most relevant information, video, images, and answers from all across the Web. As the fifth most popular search engine worldwide, Yandex is used extensively in its native Russia, where it holds around 60% of the search engine market share. A Pie Chart Shows the Top 5 Russian Search Engines in 2018. At the time of this writing, they have a market capitalization of $12 billion. That being said, doing SEO for Yandex is very similar to doing SEO for other search engines. Not Just a Russian Search Engine, 5 Key Changes to Google Search and Ads in 2019, Checklist: 20 Things to do Before & After Publishing a Blog Post, Ride hailing via Yandex.Taxi (in collaboration with Uber). New, Figures and insights about the advertising and media world, Industry Outlook The name is derived from the phrase “Yet Another iNDEXer.”. Others may choose it to support a Russian company over a foreign one. Facebook: number of monthly active users worldwide 2008-2020, Instagram accounts with the most followers worldwide 2020, Number of apps available in leading app stores 2020, Most popular global mobile messaging apps 2020, Twitter: number of monthly active users 2010-2019, Internet usage in India - statistics & facts, Profit from additional features with an Employee Account. "Which Search Engines Have You Used in The past 4 Weeks?. As a Premium user you get access to the detailed source references and background information about this statistic. Yandex was founded in 1997 by Arkady Volozh (current CEO), Arkady Borkovsky and Ilya Segalovich. RMAA Group truly understand what b2b and b2c companies need to do to win the favor of the Russian audience. Here are several advantages that can explain why Yandex is more popular than Google in Russia.

Here’s what shows when I type in my own site’s name: I’ve tried typing in numerous different search phrases and the results are usually quite good.

In an interview with the Yandex search team on Search Engine Journal, they said that voice search currently accounts for about 20% of searches. However, Yandex is also very popular in many other countries other than Russia. Some sources have Yandex’s market share at over 50%, and most of them agree that Yandex is more popular than Google in Russia. Keep in mind that this figure varies based on the source. Update, Insights into the world's most important technology markets, Advertising & Media Outlook You can use this to upload your sitemap to Yandex, keep track of your performance, see crawling errors, etc. According to Statcounter, they had 48.79% market share in Russia in July 2019, compared to Google’s 47.88% (learn more about market share here). This happened for every search phrase that had “SEO” in it, for example. As a Premium user you get access to background information and details about the release of this statistic. However, sometimes the search results would randomly change to Russian even when I was using the international .com version. These are some of the Yandex SEO ranking factors you can optimize for: Interestingly, links may be less important in Yandex than in Google for certain types of queries. Guided by their entrepreneurial spirit, since 2008 RMAA Group have been helping international b2b and b2c brands to conquer the Russian Market. The displayed data on search engine usage shows results of the Statista Global Consumer Survey conducted in Russia in 2020. ", Statista, Which search engines have you used in the past 4 weeks? Interestingly, Yandex has been banned in Ukraine since 2017, but many people use a VPN to bypass restrictions in order to use it. Are you interested in testing our corporate solutions? This feature is limited to our corporate solutions. The company had an IPO in 2011 and is now publically traded on the NASDAQ in the US, with the ticker symbol YNDX. These 2 giants are followed very far by Mail.Ru search engine with a rate of 2.73%, Pam6nep with a rate of 0.74%, and bing search engine with only 0.26%. It returns a list of blue links and also offers search results with images, videos and news. Interestingly, if you are not happy with Yandex’s results, then there are buttons to search on Google and Bing at the bottom of each search results page. Because Yandex was designed specifically for the Russian language, it gives it a significant advantage in interpreting the different meanings and contexts of search queries in Russian. Bottom Line: Yandex may be better at understanding Russian search queries, and it offers a full ecosystem of services. Quick Analysis with our professional Research Service: Content Marketing & Information Design for your projects: To view this statistic you need a Corporate Google allows users to search the Web for images, news, products, video, and other content. But since Google search engine has entered the Russian market in 2006, then Yandex became the second most popular Russian search engine since 2017. and over 1 Mio. That makes it the world’s 5th biggest search engine after Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Baidu. Bottom Line: Yandex search is the most popular search engine in Russia and the second most popular in many other countries. And in the third place, there is the Mail.Ru search engine who is fighting to stand against by developing its own search algorithm. May 1, 2020. Here is Yandex’s market share in several countries (Statcounter, July 2019): In all of the countries above other than Russia, Yandex is the second most popular search engine after Google. Some Russians may prefer Yandex because they simply don’t trust American companies. You can only download this statistic as a Premium user.

With expertise across all digital, broadcast and media domains, RMAA Group succeeds by helping build their client's businesses and brands in Russia. In, Statista.

What are the first three letters in the word "search" (without quotes)? As soon as this statistic is updated, you will immediately be notified via e-mail.

(May 1, 2020). In Russian, each word can have up to 20 different inflections and nouns have up to 3 different genders, which also affect the other words in a sentence. The most used search engine in Russia since 1997 is Yandex. Which search engines have you used in the past 4 weeks? Yandex has a global market share of 0.55%, making it the 5th largest search engine worldwide. This includes many of the countries in the Commonwealth of Independent States, an organization of many countries that used to be part of the Soviet Union. This is a search engine that was originally started in Russian at, but now has a global English version at Yandex is the biggest search engine in Russia.

RUSSIAN SEARCH : WORLD SEARCH FTP SEARCH MP3/VIDEO Make MetaBear My Home Page! Then there’s more info about Yandex’s financials on Stockrow and their investor relations page. Search engines in the United Kingdom (UK), Online search query market share worldwide 2020, by search engine, Successful search click share worldwide 2019, by search engine, Search engines: Market distribution monthly in the United Kingdom (UK) 2015-2020, Search engine usage by brand in the UK 2020, Search engine market shares in the United Kingdom in January 2020, by platform, Accuracy or bias of search engine results in the United Kingdom (UK) 2012-2019, Digital Market Outlook: digital advertising revenue in the UK 2017-2024, by format, Digital Market Outlook: search ad revenue as share of GDP in the UK 2016-2022, Digital Market Outlook: search ad revenue in the UK 2017-2024, Digital Market Outlook: search advertising revenue in the UK 2017-2024, by device, Digital Market Outlook: search ad revenue per internet user UK 2017-2024, Digital Market Outlook: search ad revenue change UK 2018-2024, by device, UK: market share held by mobile online search engines 2014-2020, by month, Leading mobile search engines in the United Kingdom June 2020, by market share, Google's market share monthly in the United Kingdom (UK) 2015-2020, Google's market share of mobile search in the United Kingdom (UK) 2015-2020, Bing's mobile search market share monthly in the United Kingdom (UK) 2014-2020, Yahoo! Chart. It provides a very similar service to Google, and you can search websites, images, videos, and news in a user-friendly layout. In April 2019, Russian internet users are almost completely divided between two search engines which are Google and Yandex. Add to Bookmarks!. There isn’t much reason to use Google’s services when you have these effective services that are optimized for Russian.


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