sarah iannarone phd

},false) In the 2020 primary, Iannarone came in second with 51,849 votes (23.8%), after Incumbent Ted Wheeler, who received 107,241 votes (49.3%). There has also been a small group, usually of 200 people or fewer, who have gathered late each night outside the Justice Center, federal courthouse, and Portland police precinct and union buildings. They want people who know their community in their community,” she said. Iannarone's comments were made during the show's taping on Thursday. “As a candidate, I look forward to winning an election and becoming the next mayor and putting my different ideas into practice,” she said. Look at the fact that we're not having school shootings,’” she said, adding: “Why would we go back?”. I’m sorry that Mr. Bailey does not use Google.

People talk a lot about defund the police. Educator, political candidate, restaurateur, "Sarah Iannarone Is an Unknown Quantity in the Portland Mayor's Race", "Portland Mayoral Candidates: Sarah Iannarone", "Sarah Iannarone's 2020 Mayoral Campaign", "Portland, Oregon, Mayor Ted Wheeler Faces Challenges From The Left In May Election", "Do We Need a New Theory and Name for "Bike Lanes"? So that’s one part of where we can start immediately. The Oregonian: What’s your response to the election violation complaint recently filed by Jules Bailey, who finished second in the 2016 mayoral race? They were calling for state and federal officials to really consider that. And I have consistently said that violence is wrong no matter who does it. On Straight Talk, Iannarone defended the tweet and the tone. The Oregonian: Protesters and community leaders have made several demands over the last few months, particularly rerouting $50 million from the Portland police budget directly to the city’s Black and Brown communities. Portland mayoral candidate Sarah Iannarone wants to see a Portland with fewer cars on the streets and less traffic incidents involving pedestrians and cyclists. And it has to do with how do we engage each other in a democracy and how do we come together in a participatory model of governance that makes people feel included, that makes sure that we’re making decisions that reflect the health and well-being of all Portlanders, not just a vocal minority. }); Now he and Iannarone, who finished second, are competing in a runoff for the mayor’s seat. eventCategory: event.slot.getSlotElementId(), Her professional experience includes working as an educator, in urban policy and best practices, and as a small business founder, owner, and operator. “Voters are tired of tacky political games when our city is in crisis,” he wrote. The local media said ‘Sarah hires local Black Lives Matter activist to power her campaign.’ And now look how that’s helping me, that he’s able to bring his expertise in that activist space to help me navigate the complexity there. I’m offering a progressive alternative. A lot of this will come on the front of public safety. Appears to legitimately possess empathy, which is the fundamental criterion, transcending ideology. Sarah Iannarone (née Stacy; born c. 1973) is an American community organizer, urban planner, educator, and former restaurateur.She was program administrator at Portland State University, where she did post-graduate work in urban studies. What are you talking about?’ We don’t use that functionality when we’re saying, hey, everybody let’s all get out, we all need to volunteer on Saturday to clean this up. If I just put PhD, then that would have been imprecise and inaccurate. Do you have public safety concerns if you were to limit the amount of police who were to be at these demonstrations? Four years since her last attempt at trying to beat Wheeler, Iannarone wants voters, not a resignation, to decide the city’s next top elected official. We would have a lot greater efficiency, in my opinion, with regard to how we were spending those valuable dollars now and also making sure that we’re having the impact and reaching the community members that we needed to be reaching. Iannarone spoke to The Oregonian/OregonLive in late September in a wide-ranging interview. According to a list kept by the city auditor’s office, the mayor has been the subject of 13 complaints this year. And what are things that you think the city needs to improve on that that you would improve on if you were elected as mayor? Right. And also, if you have a situation where you don’t have police around or responding to a big demonstration, are you concerned of a situation happening like the fatal shooting from a few weeks ago or when a right-wing activist pulled out a gun on protesters downtown? It’s disappointing, but no surprise.".


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