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He paid for the repairs for all the homes involved, and luckily, no one else was hurt.

In 1952, he became the first judge elected  to the newly created South Bay Municipal Court. Christian,” with Jean Hersholt playing the title role. Known for his sharp attire, which often included white slacks and a navy blue blazer, he was a thoughtful, gracious judge who showed great patience in the courtroom. The following year she died after contracting pneumonia at the age of 90. He presided over an estimated 1,000 jury trials before retiring from his Superior Court post, though he continued to work at the court as an arbitrator after his official retirement. I could not find any information about any of her hobbies or interests, but she was an active Democrat all her life. She continued with her film work, mixed in with a few television show roles until 1955 when she played widow Margaret MacDonald on Love That Bob/The Bob Cummings Show. DeCamp continued to take on miscellaneous television roles. She was born in November of 1910 in Arizona. After marrying, the newlyweds lived in Beverly Hills where John might have gotten tired of being called Mr. DeCamp a few too many times. She had also won plaudits for her role in the 1941 drama, “Hold Back the Night,” with Charles  Boyer, which she later described as her favorite film role. Her Rolls-Royce became a familiar sight around town, and she participated in many social and political events. She was the voice of reason when her husband got upset about something, typically having to do with Ann’s boyfriend Donald or her living alone in New York. The couple were married until his death in 1998, and they raised four daughters.

Then, on June 28, 1941, the couple that had first met 13 years earlier were married at Vista Community Church in Beverly Hills. She appeared in 38 films during her career, including The Life of Riley with William Bendix as her spouse. In 2000, she published her memoir, Tigers in My Lap. I remember her as both Ann Marie and Shirley Partridge’s mother. From 1939-1941, she appeared a syndicated soap opera, The Career of Alice Blair. “Rosemary DeCamp,” Internet Movie Database website. The plane just happened to be an experimental one piloted by Howard Hughes. The couple were married until his death in 1998, and they raised four daughters. In the early 1950s, she portrayed Doris Day’s mother in On Moonlight Bay and its sequel, By the Light of the Silvery Moon. He served the longest continuous judgeship in California, logging 56 years on the bench. Upon her death, she was cremated and her ashes returned to her daughter. After the taping, she suffered a stroke, and decided to retire from acting. The Hollywood-by-way-of-Torrance couple had been married for more than 56 years when Shidler died at the age of 86. His family moved to Torrance in 1923, where his father, a doctor, signed on as a company physician for one of …

Torrance Herald, Nov. 6, 1947, Page 1. Mid career Rosemary married a local boy, John Ashton Shidler, a Stanford Law School grad who later became a Torrance Superior Court Judge. He is still the love of my life.”. derricks then were springing up throughout the South Bay landscape, the newly created Torrance Unified School District. This stylish outfit was designed by Joseph Zukin. In 1960, Shidler was appointed as judge to the Los Angeles Superior Court, where he would go on to be elected to four six-year terms.

She continued her film and radio career during the 1940s while commuting back and forth from Torrance to the studios in Hollywood and Culver City. When that soap ended, she accepted her first film role in Cheers for Miss Bishop. Rear seat, from left, mothers Margaret DeCamp and Mina Shidler. At the time, he had served the longest continuous judgeship in California.

A series of strokes and other ailments, including a final bout with pneumonia, led to DeCamp’s death on Feb. 20, 2001 at her Hollywood Riviera home at the age of 90. Meanwhile, DeCamp kept up her acting career while also raising a family that would go on to include four girls: Margaret, Martha, Valerie and Nita. John Ashton Shidler has been in a relationship with Rosemary DeCamp. Her husband worked in an aircraft plant and they had two children. John Shidler was born on May 7, 1911, in Nebraska. John married Rosemary, Shirley Shidler on month day 1941, at age 30 at marriage place, California. She continued accepting roles on a variety of television shows from crime dramas to westerns to Love American Style. Rosemary DeCamp played the American mother in a variety of films and television series. (Credit: Historical Archives Database, Torrance Public Library). Geni requires JavaScript! “We called over to Stanford and asked them to send us five tall, dark and handsomes,” she recalled in a 1989 Daily Breeze article. Please enable JavaScript in your browser's settings to use this part of Geni.

Rosemary began her radio career in 1937 playing the role of Judy Price, a nurse to Dr. Christian on the long-running show, Dr. Christian. John A Shidler in California, County Marriages, 1850-1952 John Ashton Shidler in California Deaths, 1940 - 1997 John A Shidler in U.S. Social Security Death Index (SSDI) John A Shidler …

Her younger brother was 14 years younger than her, so they were both raised almost like only children. She found success quickly in radio. “There are so many memories, but my best memory is John. Shidler, an avid golfer, was out on the links at Alondra Golf Course with friends on Sunday, Aug. 31, 1997, when he was stricken with a fatal heart attack just after 1 p.m. He went on to study at Loyola Law School. I couldn’t have done any of this without him,” she told Daily Breeze columnist John Bogert in a 1997 interview. DeCamp was born on Nov. 14, 1910, in Prescott, Arizona.

The Institute of Family Relations granted her its “Mother of Distinction Award,” because they felt she did “more to glorify American motherhood through her film portrayals than any other woman.”, Everyone’s Favorite Mother: Rosemary DeCamp.

Brother of Private; Private and Private. Her brother Bob was a photographer and play boy and she lived with him, raising her son Chuck and trying to get her brother to settle down. Of her husband, she said, “He reads to me long into the night. They had 4 daughters: Margaret Shidler and 3 other children. In addition to film roles, she found a home on television, acting on “The Life of Riley” with Bill Bendix, and, more famously, as Bob Cummings’ sharp-tongued sister Margaret in “The Bob Cummings Show.”. DeCamp won a role in her first film, playing Minna Fields in “Cheers for Miss Bishop,” winning positive reviews for her performance in a supporting role. Front seat, from left, Rosemary DeCamp (Shidler), youngest daughter Nita, and, at the wheel, Judge John Shidler. 1941 was a memorable year for her for several reasons. Again, she had to deal with a husband who usually needed some mediation with the family. The Shidler family was active in the community. Middle seat, from left: Shidler daughters Valerie, Margaret and Martha. In private life, she was happily married to Judge John Ashton Shidler from 1941 until his death in 1998. Judge Shidler, in the meantime, was becoming one of the most respected jurists in the South Bay. She got a master’s degree from Mills, and taught at the school for a year before leaving to take up an acting career.

Of course, Riley was a bit of a bumbling father and husband, but she loved him and put up with his ineptness. It was also in the 1960s that she was the spokesperson for 20 Mule Team Borax, a laundry detergent.

Rosemary DeCamp first met John Ashton Shidler in 1928, while she was attending Mills College in Oakland, Calif., and he was an undergraduate at Stanford. Many of her pictures were made by Warner Brothers. In 1943, she took the role of Ronald Reagan’s mother in This is the Army. Coincidentally, in 1968 she also played the role of Helen on Petticoat Junction. John Ashton Shidler (28 June 1941 - 31 August 1997) (his death) (4 children) Trivia (10) On July 7, 1946, she and her husband were in their house in Beverly Hills, California, when an aircraft crashed into the roof of the house next door, and its wing cut through the roof of her house and landed in the bedroom, where she and her husband were. John Ashton Shidler, '32, of Redondo Beach, Calif., August 31, at 86, of a heart attack. It was also the year she married John Ashton Shidler, a local judge. (Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images). DeCamp, who had published a book on tape, “Tales From Hollywood,” in 1992, went on to write her memoir, “Tigers in My Lap,” which was published in 2000. She brought up four daughters, who survive her and was a respected copper enamel artist. John had 3 brothers: Frederic P. Shidler and 2 other siblings. Continuing her mother-a-decade role, in the 1970s, she showed up as Shirley Partridge’s mother on The Partridge Family. Publicity photo shows, from left, Jeanne Cagney, Jimmy Cagney as George M. Cohan, his “mother,” Rosemary DeCamp, and Walter Huston from the 1942 film, “Yankee Doodle Dandy.”. It was also the year she married John Ashton Shidler, a local judge. She will always be remembered as a caring mother. Husband of Rosemary DeCamp

(The bride became Rosemary DeCamp Shidler, though we’ll continue to refer to her by her stage and maiden name.). When that soap ended, she accepted her first film role in Cheers for Miss Bishop. He was very lucky, receiving only a few broken bones and cuts and abrasions. John, Ashton Shidler was born on month day 1911, at birth place, Nebraska, to George, Porter Shidler and Mina, Martha Shidler. In July of 1946, she and her husband had a close call. Her father was a mining engineer and the family relocated often for his job. He went on to Stanford, where he graduated after majoring in economic history. The Shidlers raised four daughters: Margaret, Martha, Valerie, and Nita. Palos Verdes Peninsula News, Aug. 20, 1959, Page 11. Son of Dr. George Porter Shidler and Mina Martha Shidler She also kept a hand in local community affairs, and wrote a breezy weekly column for the Palos Verdes Peninsula News from 1959-1960. He was president of his class at Torrance High School, graduating in 1928. In 1989, she filmed an episode of Murder She Wrote.

The wing cut into their roof and landed in their bedroom.

His catchphrase was “What a revoltin’ development this is.”. She worked for a variety of studios. May 7 1911 - York, Nebraska, United States, Aug 31 1997 - Redondo Beach, Los Angeles, California, United States, Dr. George Porter Shidler, Mina Martha Shidler (born Ashton), George Francis Shidler, Frederic Porter Shidler, James Galatin Shidler, Margaret Shidler, Valerie Shidler, Martha Shidler, Nita Shidler, June 28 1941 - Los Angeles, California, United States, Aug 31 1997 - Los Angeles, California, USA, 1930 - Torrance, Los Angeles, California, USA, George F Shidler, Frederic P Shidler, James G Shidler, George F Shidler, Frederick P Shidler, James G Shidler, Redondo Beach, Los Angeles County, California, United States. While at Stanford, he was a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon and the tennis team. She was not Helen Marie though, she was Kate’s sister who came to help take care of the girls when Bea Benardaret who played Kate was ill in real life. Her father was William Val DeCamp, a prominent mining engineer whose many jobs kept the family on the move during Rosemary’s childhood.


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