mythical dragon names
At this time it will learn how to use its formerly hidden fire-breathing abilities, and is now called a kulshedra or. According to local folklore the hill at Knotlow was the lair of a dragon and the terraces around it were made by the coils of its tail.

URULÓKI: This article is about dragons in mythology and folklore.

Chuvash dragons represent the pre-Islamic mythology of the same region.

The following categorization lists several dragon names that are either neutral, male or female with their variants.

The Bakunawa, who was initially a beautiful goddess, appears as a gigantic serpent that lives in the sea. Their usual blazon is, In Welsh mythology, after a long battle (which the Welsh King Vortigern witnesses) a red dragon defeats a white dragon; Merlin explains to Vortigern that the red dragon symbolizes the Welsh, and the white dragon symbolizes the Saxons – thus foretelling the ultimate defeat of the English by the Welsh.

feathered wings, and a crown. Horned Hathor – An Egyptian goddess with cow horns. We all have been fascinated by the creature known as Dragons since our childhood.


A gigantic cosmic winged sea serpent and later became a dragon via borrowing characteristics from judeo-christian Leviathan and Bahamut from modern media.

dragon-like wings, hands and feet, a second pair of In • Azazel from the Abrahamic religions, is described as a dragon in the Apocalypse of Abraham. Do you know of any famous dragons?

eight-forked serpent who demanded virgin sacrifices.

J, K,

(סמאל): In Jewish For

FÁFNIR: Ancient natives believed that the Bakunawa caused the moon or the sun to disappear during an eclipse. Shenron (Dragon Ball) Shenron is an anime fictional character from the anime series, Dragon Ball Z, created by Akira Toriyama.

Catalan dragons are serpent-like creatures with two legs (rarely four) and, sometimes, a pair of wings. Spirit, Satan, and Sama'el the Angel of Death, are the same"; and "python market. If... What are you looking for at a Ghana betting site? dragons, cattle, magic and trickery.


meaning "dragon."


Latin form of Greek Drakon, For example, the Colchian dragon watched the Golden Fleece and the Nemean dragon guarded the sacred groves of Zeus.

mythology, this is the name of an archangel, a fallen angel, the Angel of Death or Poison,

Greek mythology, there are many dragons mentioned. In Nordic and Germanic heraldry, the lindworm looks the same as a, Wyverns are common in medieval heraldry.

name of unknown meaning. He is depicted in

Asian dragons Chinese dragon Lóng (or Loong.

A horned serpent also of Lakota mythology. L, M, There are dragons which are named after the element that their character displays.   the bible, this is the name of a demonic water dragon. Dragons are the mythical creatures that have been portrayed as monsters in Hollywood movies and wise creatures in Chinese mythology. name of a dwarf who transformed into a dragon, the symbol of greed. In Tolkien's Middle-Earth, V, W, City of Delights (Gem of Zakhara). Cool eSports Team Names generated from the few available Good eSports Team Names Generators to match the unique gaming personalities of eSports teams. Also

People also do have some amazing fantasies about colored dragons such as blue dragon, red dragon, white and black dragon etc.

After the Ottoman invasion, the Draguas became protectors of the highlanders. This is a list of dragons in mythology and folklore. The Love for Dragons has bought people to a stage that they want to name their pets after Dragon’s names. They become weaker as they lose them.

Also, do check their meaning before you finally pick your suitable name.

To keep the Bakunawa from completely eating the moon, the natives would go out of their houses with pots and pans in hand and make a noise barrage in order to scare the Bakunawa into spitting out the moon back into the sky.


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